15 Marvel Actors Who Crossed The Enemy Lines For Love

As fans of both MCU and DC, we know that there is always a lot of competition going on between the two franchises and sometimes, the actors switch over from the one to the other. This also applies to the romances between the actors whether or not they work for the rival comic book giants. 

Since most of the famous stars work for both Marvel and Disney and other parts of Hollywood, they are bound to end up together at some point and even share a bond. We take a look at some of these actors who managed to take things one step further and see how their relationship would blossom. So, without further ado, let us check out these couples.

15. MCU's Josh Brolin and DC's Diane Lane as seen in character

Here we see the happy couple in real life. Thanos certainly looks a lot calmer out of his usual villain-self role with his Infinity Gauntlet.

14. MCU's Olivia Munn and DC's Chris Pine as seen in character

Here we see the two walking together, well, not too close together, but it's early morning, and they need their cup of coffee. 

13. MCU's Scarlett Johansson and DC's Jared Leto as seen in character

This wacky couple is enjoying a relaxing evening at the bar and not even paying attention to anyone else. He certainly does not look like the Joker when he's out of character. 

12. MCU's Gina Carano and DC's Henry Cavill as seen in character

Well, doesn't he look smart in his bowtie? They certainly make a handsome couple, don't you agree. 

11. MCU's Samantha Mathis and DC's Christian Bale as seen in character

Here we see Christian being his humorous self as always. They really look like a lovely couple.  Let's hope he doesn't go all "psycho"!

10. MCU's Ben Foster and DC's Robin Wright as seen in character

Ben certainly looks like a serious guy, but perhaps the warrior woman he's dating will calm him down a bit. 

9. MCU's Benicio Del Toro  and DC's Alicia Silverstone as seen in character

This team of superhero vs. villain surely looks great together. And they naturally came to some negotiating to avoid battling things out. 

8. MCU's Jennifer Connelly and DC's Billy Crudup as seen in character

They certainly look more relaxed out of character and surprisingly make a pretty good couple. It's amazing what actors look like when offscreen. 

7. MCU's Gwyneth Paltrow and DC's Ben Affleck as seen in character

No leather outfits for him today. At least they look like they're having a great time together, until Gotham calls, then he's off to the Bat-mobile

6. MCU's Chris Evans and DC's Kate Bosworth as seen in character

Well, they certainly make a cute pair. He does look a bit lost without his Captain America outfit and shield though, don't you think? 

5. MCU's Jamie Foxx and DC's Katie Holmes as seen in character

That Cheshire-cat grin looks rather naughty. What on earth Jamie has up his sleeve, we do not know, but he sure is a barrel of laughs, and we are sure Katie agrees. 

4. MCU's Ryan Reynolds and DC's Blake Lively as seen in character

This comical anti-hero must be great fun to be around and dating him would be every girl's dream! They make a cute couple, don't you agree? If he's anything like his character, Deadpool, he's a laugh!

3. MCU's Jennifer Garner and DC's Ben Affleck as seen in character

Ok, so Ben was not too happy with his other relationship, so we hope he's better suited for Jennifer. Otherwise, he'll be driving away in the darkness in his Bat-mobile again.

2. MCU's Ryan Reynolds and DC's Scarlett Johansson as seen in character

And it's Ryan again. Let's hope he behaves because this is one Witch he would not want to mess with. 

1. MCU's Katee Sackhoff and DC's Karl Urban as seen in character

Wow, this couple looks tough both in character and off the big screen. There is no messing with this duo for sure!

What did you think about the couples who ended up together? Did you find it surprising that both Ben and Ryan dated more than one actress from the opposite of the "screen"? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments section below. Remember to share this with all your MCU and DC-loving friends and family. Keep up-to-date with us for more exciting superhero love affairs on who is dating who. 

Source: Geeks On Coffee

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