33 Outrageous "Avengers" Memes From Around the Web

We love the Avengers! We love the characters and the feisty, sarcastic attitudes that most of them have, not to mention their egos! These heroes will either make you laugh or cry, but today, we're all about laughter and aching tummies. If you need a good cheering up and you absolutely love these superheroes, keep reading because you're in for a special treat with these hilarious memes!  Let's dive straight in to put a smile on your dial. 

33. The face we made when we found out that Steve decided to cut all his beautiful beard off.

32. It's actually hilarious when you come to think about it, and strangely makes sense. 

31. Ah yes, and now it's time for that humorous Iron Man banter. We wonder if he's still hungry.

30. That trickster, Loki is always making silly jokes. This one is rather funny, don't you think? 

29. Poor Tony! We really hope he gets "unstuck" pretty soon to save the world from total destruction. 

28. When Doctor Strange and Tony Stark are together, you can always expect sarcasm. 

 27. Now, this is something we can all relate to! It's certainly is one worth laughing... and crying about. 

26. The final messages we shall ever get to hear from the lips of Stark will be ordering his takeaway dinner. 

25. How could we forget R2D2? Even Stark has found a way to connect with this little robot to contact intelligent life on earth. 

24. Thor looks like he's deep in thought. We think he looks more serious with his hair cut short, don't you agree? 

23. Of course, Deadpool had to pop in and make a round of commentary. 

22. We definitely had a good laugh at this one! This is one of those "so stupid you have to laugh" memes. 

21. Clearly Stark has had enough being away from home, McDonald's, and his loving Miss Pots, that he turns his rage onto the competition.

20. Now, this person was using their thinking-caps when they sent NASA a message, and it's a serious request! We hope they can assist. 

19. This macho guy just loves to get all flustered. The poor man had it right the first time! 

18. Finally, someone decided to send a delivery to poor Stark! Now perhaps he can stop contacting Miss Pots.  

17. Thor has become the new look of rap these days. He's super hardcore and ready to roar.  

16. It certainly does look funny when you think about it, but we guess all villains have to retire someday. 

15. So now we know what Iron Man eats for breakfast! We seriously need some of these to get that super strength.

14. Yes, this was definitely our expression when Strange trusted that evil villain, and he blatantly lied. 

13. Oh dear! What on earth would happen if these two swapped bodies? A disaster, that's what would happen. Even Snape is shocked!

12. Those beloved cameos will always be remembered. Even Cap is getting emotional.

11. Yes! We cannot survive when mom leaves us without beverages and home alone. Too funny! 

10. Great! Now we have that song in our heads. Are you singing it as well? Hey, it's a catchy tune. 

9. Where have you been, Ant-Man? He certainly has a lot of catching up to do. 

8. We can see why he'd be pretty upset, but hey, he's actually a cool character. 

7. Oh my! This one had us rolling on the floor with laughter. 

6. Stark is at it again! But his character from Tropic Thunder is there to encourage him. 

5. Sadly, we are in the capable hands of an ant. Well, and Ant-Man is better than no-man we guess. 

4. Yes, of course, the Joker would butt in and bring in his funny comments. 

3. Stark already got tons of takeaways, but this guy is a serious fan, so he's making sure Tony does not go hungry.

2. We can only hope, but in the end, it remains to be seen. We seriously can't wait for the next Avengers

1. Even Odin noticed that his son has a talent for rhythm and rhyme. Perhaps he's morphing into a Rap-God. 

We hope you enjoyed these memes and got a few good laughs in. Let us know which one was your favorite and if you have any to share with us, comment in the section below. Share this with your friends and family if they love Avengers and enjoy a good giggle, and remember to keep up-to-date with us for more hilarious images. 

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