20 Unbelievable Natural Creations That Stun Onlookers

Mother nature keeps amazing us with her creations. There never seems to be a rule on how things happen with her, but we can give her many points for her creativity. Here we have a list of photos where we can see her masterpieces and wonder how they came to be.

1. Here we have three alligators. They are completely black when they should be green or a variant of it; even their eyes are dark colored. How could this happen without photoshop? We are not sure.

2. This is a fossil. To be more exact is a dinosaur's skin that got fossilized. Where did they find it? We do not know, but it is so well preserved. You can see the details.

3. Have you had the opportunity to watch a documentary about blue whales and how they are closed to extinction? Well, in this opportunity, we have a skull of one of these mammals. It washed up shore in Canada.

4. If you had the opportunity to peel an aloe vera leaf, you would know that it is challenging to do so and the result would not be like the picture below. We wonder how this person managed it.

5. We all know about a lizard's ability to grow back parts of its body. However, this animal is growing another foot instead of the tail. Maybe, its body and regenerate capabilities got confused.

6. This is a close up of a trampoline. It is amazingly weird how the rain made these square patterns of water on the surface. We are not sure how this came to be.

7. This fruit looks like a pumpkin, but it is actually a grape. How is this possible? We do not know, except that Mother Nature is simply amazing and capable of many things, like the one below.

8. This is a new breed of sheep. Some have dubbed it the cutest one yet. It is originated from New Zealand. It actually looks like their fur has a black and white pattern. They sure are different.

9. It is impressive how a plant can grow under extreme conditions. Just take a look at the picture below to see a tiny living organism trying to flourish right under the window of this car.

10. An entirely black butterfly is not something we get to see every day. We just have to be thankful that this person stayed perfectly still to take a picture of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

11. This ombré look is something that any girl would like to get done on her hair, but below, we have a cat sporting this natural look. We bet this was not human-made, and we are very envious.

12. Have you ever seen a frozen wave? Well, in this photo, we have precisely that. This was possible in below zero temperature in Lake Baikal. It is absolutely amazing to see it and have it on a picture.

13. We are accustomed to seeing ladybugs in their distinctive red and black colors, but here we have an albino specimen. It is pretty weird to see one that is so different, but we can also say a wonder.

14. If you've had the opportunity of seeing an alligator, you would think that because of their head being horizontal, the rest of its body would be in the same manner. However, that is not entirely true.

15. Some trees have an asphalt pathway near them. So some roots from said trees fight their way to the top and we have a final result like the one below. There are bump-like imperfections on the floor.

16. When the light hits these bowls in just the right way, we have this perfect rainbow inside this part of the house. Ordinary things can become extraordinary with just a simple trick of the sun.

17. Cats are very curious creatures. This characteristic is not just in their personalities, but in their genetics also. Look at how the nose of this cat is two colors, red and black at the same time.

18. This is one of the oldest living organism, the Bristlecone Pine. It is approximately 4,848 years old. Amazing how this kind of things can be found in nature.

19. This fruit is a mystery. It looks like an apple with a watermelon colored pattern. So the question remains, is it a big green apple or an apple-shaped watermelon?

20. This is an entirely black lizard. Something we find interesting since this creature is supposed to be in colors between grey, green, and any degradation of them. We keep being amazed by nature.

21. This is what some called a Narluga. It is a combination between a Narwhal and a Beluga. It is not so rare as there are many sightings of this creature in North Atlantic. A grey dolphin is what we see here!

22. This is another example of how cats have some interesting genetics. For example, this cat has two colors in its fur. So much so, that it is split down the middle. It's like having two in one.

23. Now, look at those eyes! These are the cutest thing ever. You would think that this is a stuffed animal, but in reality, it is a cat. Who could resist its charm once it's looking at you?

24. Now vegetables have faces. Just take a look at the next picture, this eggplant clearly has what resemblance two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. What could be next in the land of wonders?

25. This is a Buddha's hand. It is a very exotic fruit. We find it a bit different and weird at the same time. It is supposed to be a delicatessen and many used it for candy or to be used in baked goods.

Which of these photos did you find most interesting? We bet you thought some of them not to be entirely true, but let us assure you that they are quite real. We would love to read your comments in the section below. Also, don't forget to share it with your friends that are just as curious as you. Until next time!

Sources used: Bright Side

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