13 Hugely Anticipated DC Projects That Are Due in 2019 (And 12 That Aren't Just Ready Yet)

DC has now its own streaming service, and comic fans can look forward to more quality comic-book inspired content, and particularly more on the mature side. This sounds great in what has become an under-represented market these days. There are so many actors that we love that starred in both Marvel and DC, but today, let's focus solely on the DC Universe.

There are, however, a list of movies and shows that extend beyond the screen of 2019, which we feel also need recognition. DC will be bringing us the Rock, who will be starring as Black Adam, and Harley Quinn is headlining Birds of Prey to name a few, but take a look at this awesome list and see it for yourself! 

Let's begin with the movies we can expect in 2019

13. Shazam! 

For those who remember Shazam, you'll agree that this hero used to have the same level of name recognition as Superman many years ago. Sadly, this character has become an overlooked gem. Finally, DC is showing signs that they intend on expanding its universe with the addition of complex characters, and Shazam can establish himself once again as one of DC's most famous heroes.

So, if you're a fan of Shazam!, you can expect the movie to star Asher Angel/Zachary Levi as Billy Batson, who will play a young man who becomes a super-powered hero after a wizard grants him these fantastic abilities. All he has to do is say the magic word: Shazam! Of course, we can expect plenty of laughs when it comes to this guy, and we can see him on the big screen on April 5. 

12. Doom Patrol 

Hopefully, you've been one of those fans who has kept up with DC's Titans series and has already been introduced to the Doom Patrol. You can expect a few fresh faces like Robotman, Elasti-Woman, Negative Man, and a few more that will be gathered into the mixture. This team will be on an all-important mission given to them by none other than Cyborg.

What you can expect is a mixture of X-Men and Suicide Squad, but it will definitely be unlike any series preceding it. These characters will be incredibly charming, and each will have their own personal struggles and quirks. It will be more like a family with the odd, fun-loving people that come together and form a unit. 

So, who can we expect to star in this production? Some of the actors involved are Matt Bomer, Brendan Frasier, April Bowlby, and James Bond himself Timothy Dalton. Doom Patrol is one that demands your attention, and the new series is expected to premiere around in 2019 on the DC Universe service.

11. Joker

Finally, this clown-faced Prince Of Crime is getting a solo movie treatment. This time, Todd Phillips is going to be directing the movie. He's been known for his work on The Hangover series and War Dogs, so we can definitely expect a twisted, 70s-inspired film which entails a failed comedian who decides to take drastically new steps in his life. 

The movie is said to be starred by Academy Award nominee Joaquin Phoenix as the wacky, sadistic Joker, Zazie Beetz, and Robert De Niro. This time around, the Joker intends on redefining everyone's ideal psychotic clown in more ways than one. We can expect an R-rating for this one with on-set photos portraying an intense experience. Joker comes out October 4.

10. Swamp Thing 

Here is one that was waiting for its own series and the time has come to finally see the swampy green giant in action! This is going to be an amazing film because James Wan is going to direct it. He is a renowned director and is known for films like Aquaman and The Conjuring. When he's on set, you know you're in for a treat! 

This time, we can expect a live-action interpretation of Alec Holland and his transformation as he forms from an ordinary man to something far more hideous. After coming into contact with a swamp-borne virus, he is considered deceased, but they were very much mistaken! The release date is said to be between late May-August on the DCU app.

9. Young Justice: Outsiders 

Ah! Many of us have been patiently awaiting this team of heroes, and it's been five years with one cancellation, but thankfully they live yet again to brighten our screens. Outsiders serve as the third season of the series and involve two superhero teams. One being The Team, and the other being the Outsiders

Together, they will strive to obstruct metahuman trafficking as a result of events from the previous season. We can expect to see all of the original cast members, and this time around, the stakes are way higher with Darkseid being not too far from the action. Young Justice: Outsiders will premiere on January 4 on DC Universe. We can't wait! 

8. Stargirl 

If you've noticed, the majority of DC comic book movies and shows center mostly on adults dealing with troubles of superheroism, but now it's time to show a high schooler take on this struggle. Stargirl is about a high school sophomore, named Courtney Whitmore, who inspires those around her to form a crime-fighting squad who eventually become the Justice Society of America. It sounds pretty cool, don't you think? 

We have the pleasure of seeing what this character has in store for us, as Geoff Johns, the original creator of the superhero, will be in full control this time. Stargirl is said to provide fans with something of a different tone and structure in comparison to the all-too-familiar structure of those shows on Arrowverse. We can expect the release in either September or October on DC Universe. 

7. Gotham Season 5 

Here we have the wild, eminently changeable series set in pre-Batman Gotham City which is heading for its fifth season in 2019. Even after the disappointingly low ratings, Fox gave the show an opportunity to finish off its long-developing origin story. Because of this, we are sure in for an action-packed, villain-filled chaotic series with, and no doubt, fragmentary. 

There will be villains like Bane, Harley Quinn, or at least a version of her, and more are foreseen to enter the disorder too, adding their own insanity to the show. This is said to be a grand finale, and we can expect to see the madness on January 3 on Fox. Are you looking forward to seeing this new version? 

6. Harley Quinn 

For those who thought that Harley Quinn's popularity was already at its peak, you are sadly mistaken. Way before her live-action movies were declared, there was the Harley Quinn show. Voiced by The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco, HQ involves Harley and her best friend Poison Ivy as they go on many different, savagely violent escapades.

Bolstering a considerably talented cast and pitch-perfect animation, this show intends to prove to the fans why we love this Ms. Quinzel so much. With gratuitous brutality and an excess of profanity, which will be bleeped out, this should be a very diverse animated show than what fans have been accustomed to. We can expect to see HQ in mid-October on DC Universe.

5. Wonder Woman: Bloodlines 

Diana Prince is back thanks to DC Animation, and the spotlight is shining on her for the first time since 2009, with Wonder Woman: Bloodlines. The lengthy delay between the animated standalone Wonder Woman movies was a result of low initial sales, but thankfully, the character's victory in live-action has gained her another shot.

We don't' really know much information about Bloodlines, but you can expect DC to expose more when its animated films begin releasing next year. The timing is perfect, as Wonder Woman fans have to wait until 2020 for Wonder Woman 1984Bloodlines can keep the hype going until then. It will be released sometime in 2019 to DVD, Blu-ray, and on-demand.

4. Krypton Season 2

This year we got to see Krypton's first season debut, and its earned a renewal by Syfy. The show takes place 200 years before the birth of Superman and involves Seg-El, the grandfather of Kal-El, as he attempts to gain salvation for his family name and maintain the safety of his planet, Krypton, so that Superman may live one day.

Very similar to Gotham, the show expands on recognizable villains like General Zod and Brainiac to keep things engaging when it comes to fans, and with season two's inclusion of Lobo, the stakes just got higher. Superman fans will surely enjoy this series, and we can expect the debut sometime in 2019 on Syfy. 

3. Reign of the Supermen

Reign of the Supermen is a continuation of 2017s The Death of Superman, and sees Metropolis and shows the world's reaction to the passing of their one and only hero, Superman. Now that the flying hero is out of the picture, there are various versions of the hero appearing, eager to take up his cloak.

Reign is a project that should live up to the standard of its forerunner because it comes from the same team as TDoS and has an excellent voice cast. Reign of the Supermen comes out January 29, on DVD, Blu-ray, and on-demand.

2. Batman: Hush

In Batman Hush; we get to see Bruce Wayne fighting against his gravest enemy: himself. Okay, this may sound confusing, but we don't mean that literally. He battles someone that has seemingly stolen his identity and pretends to be him, which forces the real Bruce to take serious action. 

Hush is an animated adaptation of the classic Batman comic which was created by Jeph Loeb. Batman will have to fight against villains like Poison Ivy, Ra's al Ghul, The Joker, and the titular villain Hush. If you've never had the pleasure of reading the original graphic novel, you should definitely check out Hush because it is totally worth it.

1. Watchmen

This is one of those excellent movies that we have to watch again. From Zack Snyder's big screen adaptation comes HBO's Watchmen TV series with showrunner Damon Lindelof from Lost, and The Leftovers, which is a score from Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor. We are not yet quite sure as to what it's going to be about this time around. 

Then we have a cast including Regina King, Jean Smart, and Jeremy Irons. So, as you can see, the series is apparently going all out! Although it's been reported that Jeremy Irons is said to play the iconic Watchmen character, Ozymandias, and that would be something we have to see, the series is rumored to be set decades after the time period of the original story.

Now, we take a look at those movies that we eagerly await

12. Batman

Things have certainly changed drastically after learning that Ben Affleck has stepped down after he was initially meant to direct, write, and star in a Batman-certified solo film. Matt Reeves from Cloverfield and Planet of the Apes is said to have stepped in as the new director and screenwriter.

It's currently unclear what direction this film will head in or what vision Reeves has for this production. Rumors have stated it could either be a prequel or even a standalone set after the events of the Justice League. In regards to Affleck's status with the film, he is still set to star. The release date is yet to be announced.

11. Wonder Woman 1984

This much-beloved sequel has been moved all the way to mid-2020, but we still have something to get excited about. The story is the same and is set during the Cold War where Diana and the Soviet Union go through conflictions. Along with that, she is also in combat with a new competent opponent in a vicious presence, named Cheetah.

This time, the setting seems flawless, where the 80s-related media is more intriguing than the 80s themselves. When you add some extra spice from the modern age into the storyline, you have a compelling sequel on your hands. Wonder Woman 1984 comes out on June 5, 2020.

10. Birds of Prey 

We are expecting a whole lot of excitement with this new spin-off, but you may be wondering what there is to get all excited about. The question is, how does Black Canary, who is played by Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Huntress played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie keep the audience in suspense? They team up to take on Ewan McGregor's Black Mask in a brutal, R-rated burst of personality for two hours non-stop, will viewers be hooked?

While we have Joker vs. Harley Quinn on the one hand, and Gotham City Sirens also involving Quinn on the other, it seems that this film may surely stand out from the rest. Director Cathy Yan and Bumblebee screenwriter, Christina Hodson, are fully prepared to produce an action movie that hasn't been seen within any other comic book movie. Birds of Prey comes out February 7, 2020.

9. Suicide Squad 2 

Even with the Joker and Harley Quinn movies on the way, there's still Suicide Squad 2 rolling toward us. Currently back in the development process since Birds of Prey "adopted" many of Suicide Squad 2's initial concepts, the sequel is said to be a reinvention of the creative mind behind Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn.

With the retailing for Suicide Squad being matched to Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy, he appears to be a prominent candidate for the job. It's unclear which members of the Squad will return and which ones will be replaced, but we definitely expect significant changes. Suicide Squad 2's release is to be announced.

8. Cyborg

We'd have expected an announcement of a standalone by now, don't you agree? Seen as this character's appearance in Justice League and strong fan base, thanks to the Teen Titans series, really amped ratings. Sadly, Cyborg has been shoved back to mid-2020.

Although you may feel that he doesn't need one, there have been hints that his cut Justice League scenes were eliminated so they could be utilized in a Cyborg movie. There's a significant amount of Victor Stone's story that has yet to be told, and it merits an audience. We can expect the release on April 3, 2020.

7. The Flash

Talking about characters who are missing chunks out of their stories, we have to ask, where on earth is Barry Allen's movie? The Flash has gone through a series of inventive shifts and divergences but has apparently found its leaders in John Francis Daley and Johnathan Goldstein, who created Game Night.

The project was originally rebranded to be Flashpoint, but there is not much information about that story at the moment. The pair assured a movie similar in nature to the Back to the Future movies. Now, that is something we need to see! The Flash is scheduled to begin production in late 2019.

6. Green Lantern Corps

The Ryan Reynolds-starring Green Lantern film from 2011 may not be so fresh in people's minds, but Green Lantern Corps sounds like a plan determined to earn that respect that Lantern name has lost. Described as "Lethal Weapon in space" by Warner Bros., the film will feature Hal Jordan and John Stewart as the main characters.

Green Lantern Corps was incipiently written by David S. Goyer who created Batman Begins and Man of Steel, but Geoff Johns has recently come on board to rewrite the script. With Johns' expertise on Green Lantern, having written one of the character's best outings back in 2015, things seem to be reassuring. The movie is scheduled to release on July 24, 2020.

5. Black Adam 

If Dwayne is in it, we have to watch it, and considering he has the ability to take over Hollywood, it's incredible to see he may be in a comic book movie. Black Adam is a film that will alleviate this fact. Initially slated to star in David F. Sandberg's Shazam!, WB selected to separate the two, conceding better development of the character. 

When talking about the plot, Black Adam will see the so-called character try to fight his way out of slavery in Khandaq. The film is expected to have a gritty tone as the source material will involve DC heroes as well. Black Adam's production is set for late 2019. Are you ready to see what the Rock is cooking in this film? 

4. Batgirl

Well, we can't have Batman without his counterpart. Both Nightwing and Batwoman are on TV, and the Bat-family has been spreading across the DC brand. Batgirl aims to increase that spread, and we are sure many fans out there will be ever so happy to see it. Regardless of the version they use as the character, Batgirl has a rich history with each interpretation.

The story was initially set to be directed and written by Joss Whedon, but he withdrew from the project in February 2018. At the moment, there is no one in the directing chair, but Christina Hodson who is actually writing Birds of Prey will be the screenwriter. Batgirl's production start is still to be announced. 

3. Booster Gold/Blue Beetle 

There have been rumors of two separate Blue Beetle movies where one will involve Ted Kord and the other, Jaime Reyes, but it seems there's only one with an actual script. The completed script, written by Zack Stentz who worked on X-Men First Class, and Thor, also happens to involve a particular friend of Blue Beetle's, named Booster Gold. The recently Jamie Reyes' vehicle has Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer on board as screenwriter.

Stentz would essentially be focussed around Booster Gold, but the two would frequently be concurrent. Stentz has declared on his Twitter account that he's finished with the script, but it still needs to get the approval from WB. Booster Gold/Blue Beetle's production is TBA, as Blue Beetle's is.

2. Lobo

This demonic-looking alien bounty hunter named Lobo is getting the big screen treatment. So, while his live-action debut on Krypton is in the works, the screenplay for his film is currently being reworked by Jason Fuchs as they aim to make it on a less-demanding budget. Hopefully, that won't cheapen the quality of the film. 

Lobo has undoubtedly gone through some drastic changes since its development started in 2009. It was said to initially have Guy Ritchie and Brad Peyton as the directors, but they didn't seem to pan out. In February 2018, WB began inviting Bay for the job, which may not work out either. So, right now, we aren't sure, and production dates are to be announced.

1. New Gods

There are few who would expect the director of Selma to be the one leading a New Gods film, but Ava DuVernay's enthusiasm for the characters makes her an excellent candidate. She is, after all, the one who pitched the movie to DC Films. Fans also got a flash of them during Justice League's "Who's that Steppenwolf guy?". 

The film is still in its early development stages as it searches for a screenwriter, but DuVernay allegedly intends to adapt Jack Kirby's 1984-85 run of the series. There are only a few other details accessible on the project, but if we find more out, we'll share it with you. There is no date announced yet.

Wow! This certainly was an exciting list, don't you agree? We can't wait for the 2019 releases and are really anxious to know about those new movies waiting in line for us to view on the big screen. Which ones are you eager to watch? Do you have a favorite DC character? Let us know in the comments section below. Remember to share this with your friends and family and keep up-to-date with us for more awesome news on what's in store on the big screen!

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