Wading Through the Rubble Of The Spider-Man Franchise: Spider-man Films From Worst to Best

For fans of the flying-spidey hero, you'll be aware that there have been seven Spider-Man movies since 2002 and seems to be one of the most popular movie properties today, but it did, however, take some time for Hollywood to realize how lucrative he could be. Until recently, our webbed hero only ever ventured on the small screen and was the star of several series and TV films. 

These productions starred Nicholas Hammond, along with numerous acclaimed cartoons, such as the Spider-Man: The Animated Series, although that is in no way hinting that no one ever tried to bring him to the big screen. So, without further ado, let's dive into those big-screen adventures ranked from worst to best with a bit of useful info. 

Let's rewind back a bit

Back in the 80s and 90s, directors Tobe Hooper and James Cameron were frustrated by their failing production companies and the point that Spider-Man's movie rights constantly changed hands. After battling with numerous lawsuits and grueling debates, MGM gave Columbia Pictures the rights to Spider-Man in exchange for James Bond's license.

Between 2002 and 2007, the director Sam Raimi was hired and he went on to produce the Spider-Man Trilogy. When Sony and Raimi parted ways, this came to an end as there were conflicting schedules and creative differences later in the decade. 

In 2012, Sony rebooted the character in Marc Webb's duo, where Andrew Garfield replaced Tobey Maguire as the lead superhero. Once again, Garfield and Webb were soon dropped in 2015 when Sony and Marvel's studios joined forces. Thankfully, the franchise started afresh in 2017, and this time Jon Watts was sitting in the director's seat. 

Today, we've taken the time to look a how bright Spider-Man's silver screen adventures have been, and we are glad to see that Watts is returning for the Spider-Man: Far From Home with Sony currently developing two separate franchises: one of them will focus on Spider-Man's animated form. 

Soon, this webbed-hero would have starred in more films than his fellow superhero icons like Superman and Batman, but as showbiz is a rocky road to success, we know that the production history has been rather challenging, and each of his cinematic exploits has arrived with varying degrees of success.

Starting the countdown for the Spidey-hero

7. 2007 - Spider-Man 3 

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 seems to be a mockery still up till this very day because it is the weakest of the Spidey lot. Set a year after Spider-Man 2, the circumstances looked rather positive for Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker, and the superhero well rounded with a love life in the storyline. 

Sadly, this harmonious balance was shattered by the threat of the New Goblin who was played by James Franco, the Sandman who was played by Thomas Haden Church, and a certain black symbiote from outer space.

6. 2014 - The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released seven years after Spider-Man 3. Notwithstanding this time difference and the backlash that Raimi’s movie received, this movie repeated many fails of Spider-Man 3. Marc Webb’s second attempt at adjusting Spider-Man saw Andrew Garfield’s wall-crawler fight with Electro who was played by Jamie Foxx. 

The corruption spread from Oscorp and Harry Osborn who was played by Dane DeHaan, along with the enigma of his parents’ death. All this was going on while trying to repair his shaky relationship with Gwen Stacy who was played by Emma Stone. It certainly was a busy movie.

5. 2012 - The Amazing Spider-Man 

Even though these versions were not as kindly received as its forerunners, Spider-Man 3 made so much money that plans for two more sequels set in motion. The original cast was booked to return, along with director Sam Raimi, who was distressed in how Spider-Man 3 had turned out and aimed at restoring its tarnished name.

Yet in 2010, Raimi departed the project, stating that he couldn’t produce a quality film within Sony’s stringent production agenda. Both Spider-Man 4's leading man and lady quit shortly after Raimi. Sony then moved forward with a rebooted franchise, now with director Marc Webb, and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man in this rebooted spider-version.

4. 2002 - Spider-Man 

After Blade and X-Men brought a wider recognition base for superheroes, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man arrived and cemented his rightful place in pop culture. The film quickly broke records and became the biggest movie of 2002.

It has been named one of the most revered superhero movies of all time, and even though it may be sixteen years old at this point in time, it’s still clear that this was indeed a successful production. The praise that Spider-Man continues to receive is certainly well-deserved.

3. 2017 - Spider-Man: Homecoming 

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 received a disappointing reception which prompted Sony to rethink its shared universe strategy. Once a decision was made, Sony decided to partner with Marvel Studios in a memorable arrangement to share Spider-Man.

This proved to be a wise choice, and Sony still retains the characters’ film rights and production of every new film. Marvel, however, creatively dictates Spidey’s franchise, and can use him on its own accord. That's definitely good negotiating skills. 

2. 2018 - Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse 

This may only be opening in cinemas this month, but it’s already clear that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is one of the all-time greats. As the ever-growing comic book movie genre broadens, the risk of superhero fatigue may eventually set in. Honestly, there are only so many times we can watch this superhero in action.

Yet, by delving into the previously untapped potential of alternate realities, Sony has defied the odds. Directors Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, and Rodney Rothman have produced an emotional and innovative film that is sure to reinvigorate Spider-Man and the rest of his fellow caped crusaders.

1. 2004 - Spider-Man 2

Now for our number one spotlight, Spider-Man 2 isn’t just the best Spider-Man film; it’s also one of the most renowned superhero movies of all time. Furthermore, the fact that director Sam Raimi managed to improve Spider-Man was no easy task either, but he pulled it off!

Two years after the death of Uncle Ben who was played by Cliff Robertson, Peter Parker who was played by Tobey Maguire, has kept his vow to combat corruption. New York seemed safer, but his personal life was in torn to shreds.

He struggled at college, verged on the point of bankruptcy, and was forced to watch as Mary Jane who was played by Kirsten Dunst, prepared to marry another man. And just when things were at its lowest, Peter’s new mentor, Otto Octavius, became Doctor Octopus. That was an unforgettable version indeed! 

What did you think about the list? Do you agree with the way it was ranked? Which one was your favorite version? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Remember to show your friends and family and keep up-to-date with us for more DC and MCU updates! 

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