Harry Potter's Set: Romance May Have Gone a Little Further Than Expected

We all enjoyed the Harry Potter saga with its magic, wizards, battles and, of course, some love stories from time to time. So perhaps, you would like to know some hot gossip about the cast that we've recently discovered. You won't believe your eyes! 

Surprisingly for Potterheads, it turns out that the onscreen crushes went beyond the big screen to our real world, and this was even confirmed by one of the actors of the movies. We know you're dying to know more, so the only thing you need to do is to scroll down and find it out!

We know that Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger might have stolen your heart when their romance started to flourish on screen, or we can also talk about Harry and Ginny. They were our favorites!

But what if we consider some major IRL crushing like (are you ready for it?) Neville and Hermione. Do you remember Neville Longbottom? Yes, the chubby and geeky guy that appeared on the movies. 

We are pretty sure you wouldn't recognize Matthew Lewis, the actor who played the character, these days. Well, it's said that a photo speaks louder than words, so look at this image to jog your memory. 

Yeah! That's Neville; he went from a stuttering greasy young boy wielding a wand to a hunky and really handsome muggle or, as Tom Felton described him, he "is now a rippling mass of muscle and virility."

And we couldn't agree more, our dear Draco. Puberty did its job there indeed as Matthew looks super hot now that he is a grown-up. So, we have to say it: God bless puberty, or at least in his case. 

Well, it turns out that Lewis recently had an interview with Seventeen. The actor was talking to the magazine about his show Girlfriends when he spilled the beans about Harry Potter, and guess what? 

He had a hard crush on one of the stars of the movies (no, it was not Daniel Radcliffe). Apparently, this hottie was into Emma Watson, as he stated he "probably had a crush on Emma for a couple of years."

It lasted until he was 13 or 14, but let us disappoint you before you get your hopes up. Mat also revealed that it never became a thing saying, "I mean nothing ever came of it, anyway. It never went anywhere."

Oh! We got excited by the first part of the story! You might wonder whether things turned awkward between Emma and Matthew, but the handsome guy said that they both laugh about it now. 

"She knows about that. It’s not something we’ve not talked about or anything." But the good news is that this was not the only love potion brewing up. It turns out that teen hormones were raging on set.

The Briton explained that a high number of the actors spent most of their time on set and were even tutored there. This, in turn, resulted in the teens having lots of crushes on different people at some point. 

During Valentine's Day, teens would write secret cards to their peers. In the second movie, these cards evolved to love notes and letters flying around. How romantic is that? 

The 29-year-old stated that it was similar to the environment you can get at any high school, but this one developed in a film studio. Now, we wonder what other magic romances we could have missed out on.

And we totally believe him since Emma Watson also confessed to Cosmo that there was a guy on set who caught her eye, and it was neither Daniel nor Rupert. Everybody loves a bad boy, and Emma had hers.

It was none other than the villain Draco who was played by actor Tom Felton. "For the first two movies, I had a huge crush on Tom Felton. He was my first crush. He totally knows," stated Watson. 

We guess Emma really wanted to have a love spell to cast on him because her feelings were never returned. However, the pair talked about it and still laughs at the situation now that they are good friends. 

Felton then claimed during an interview with Seventeen that the interest was not mutual. Seriously; this is so hard to believe because, you know, we are talking about the talented, stunning, and sweet Emma. 

We are even surprised that nobody else fell for her. Oh, wait! There was a couple of guys who did. Guess why Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint must have been so jealous!

They both developed some puppy love for their female co-star at separate moments throughout their filming years. Grint was very open about it during an interview with Telegraph some years ago.

Really, this one should come as no surprise, right? We are talking about a bunch of teenagers growing up on set together, so some kitten love is expected and pretty natural, don't you think?

But have a seat because we are not done yet. There was another actor that had a platonic love on set, and that is Tom Felton. We already know it is definitely not Emma Watson, so who?

During an interview with Bustle, Felton confessed having a big man-crush on Gryffindor's ginger, Mr. Ronald Weasley. This means that Rupert Grint had Felton in a tizzy. 

The 28-year-old actor said, "Rupert and I have always had a thing. Rupert's always had the hots for Draco. Draco's always had the hots for Rupert. I have eternal love for him — as Tom and Rupert."

The bromance solidified when Rupert Grint went to the premiere of Felton's film Rise of The Planet of the Apes in 2011. He showed up donning a hand-drawn that stated: "I <3 Tom Felton," the best public display of affection!

Who would have thought that the magic of love would touch even Harry Potter's cast? Sadly, none of those crushes became a reality, but we would have really enjoyed that; how about you? Speak up your mind in the comment section and share this article with other Potterheads you know. Until next time! 

Sources used: Screen Grant, Cosmopolitan, Bustle, Telegraph, BuzzFeed, Seventeen

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