Justice League Casting Rumors That Would Have Saved The Movie (And Ones That Would Totally Ruin It)

The MCU is so successful that comic book fans were hoping for something similar for DC comics. However, the DCEU has not been successful at all, and that might be because of the casting. Other reasons factor in as well, but the following list shows which actors could have possibly saved the franchise and others who were rumored for some roles, but we are glad that they did not get it.

1. Tom Cruise as Green Lantern – Could be a good idea

Rumors about the star possibly joining the DCEU started months ago, after a list surfaced online claiming that he was in consideration along with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds. While we do not know the integrity of that list, this choice for the upcoming movie Green Lantern Corps could work. However, we have our reservations because Cruise might look too old for the role.

2. Josh Brolin as Batman – This would be awesome

While we love him in the MCU as Thanos, and even a character in Deadpool 2, Brolin would make a brilliant Batman with his experience in the comic book world. We do not think his commitment to Marvel would let him, but who knows what will happen in the future? Ben Affleck is rumored to be out as Batman, so we are hopeful.

3. Grant Gustin as The Flash – We don’t think so

DC seems to have better luck in television and the series on The CW are so loved that would have been great for Warner Bros. to connect those world. Grant Gustin has been playing the role of Barry Allen for three years, and fans wanted him in the films. However, now we know that the movies have nothing to do with the Arrowverse, and we think it’s better this way.

4. Chris Pine as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern – Good idea

Pine might be the only Chris in Hollywood who is not playing a superhero, but we loved him as Diana’s love interest in Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor. During Justice League, we saw a bit of the Green Lantern Corps against Steppenwolf along with the Amazons and Atlanteans, but it would be great to see more, and maybe this actor would fit the role.

5. Matthew Good as Superman – Not the best choice

When the announcement about a new Superman was made, people wondered who would play the iconic role this time, and Goode was one of the actors they had in mind. He worked with Zack Snyder in Watchmen, and we love him Downton Abbey and The Crown, but we do not believe that he would be suited for a superhero movie.

6. Timothy Dalton as Alfred Pennyworth – This is a great idea

Among the many problems regarding Batman V Superman, Jeremy Irons as Alfred was actually a great choice. However, Snyder had been thinking about Timothy Dalton for the role, which means that a former James Bond could have ended up as a butler. This could have added a great nuance to the film with Alfred as someone who has faced bad guys before.

7. Elodie Yung as Wonder Woman – Not a good idea

Yung is better known for Daredevil and The Defenders, so she knows how to play a strong, independent woman. Her experience in the world of superheroes could have given her an advantage, but she might not have worked for Diana Prince. Her experience would not have been good for Wonder Woman, where we got to know a naïve character’s origin.

8. Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Batman – Also a great choice

Most fans hated the fact that Ben Affleck was picked to play Batman. Zack Snyder had actually considered making an adaptation of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns with Morgan after getting to know him in Watchmen. The actor is currently rocking his role as a villain in The Walking Dead and has experience in actions flicks, so he would have been a better choice.

9. Zac Efron as Superman – We do not think so

While we love Zac in his musical roles like High School Musical and The Greatest Showman, he would have been a great Superman. Yes, he could have brought humor to the dark work of Zack Snyder, but his youth left him out of the running. However, we think he might have a future in superheroes movies, so we are hopeful.

10. Idris Elba as Batman – Good choice

Another alternative to Affleck that fans would have enjoyed was this actor. He is no stranger to action movies, as he has played Heimdall in Thor and his work in Luther should also be noted. The DCEU’s Batman would have suited him perfectly because it shows a Bruce Wayne almost fed up with his duty, and Idris could have rocked the role like Michael Keaton back in the day.

11. Alexandra Daddario as Wonder Woman – Awful choice

We love Gal Gadot so much that it seems like no one else is suited for the role of Wonder Woman, but Daddario was actually on the list of choices for Diana. You might remember her from the Percy Jackson franchise and San Andreas, so her experience in action and fantasy would have been an advantage, but her youth would have worked for the part. If only the character were younger, she would have fit.

12. David Boreanaz as Superman – Awesome idea

While we have nothing against Henry Cavill, David would have been a great choice for Superman, and maybe now that Cavill is out, he can step up for any future projects. His characters on Bones was just like the all-American hero except for the lack of flying. He has a new series with Seal Team, so he might not be able to play the man of Steel.

13. Josh Holloway as Aquaman – Not the best choice

Aquaman has never been the most popular hero in the Justice League, but thanks to Jason Momoa, better known for Game of Thrones, people are finally giving Arthur the respect he deserved. Therefore, Josh, better known for Lost, would not have been a good decision. He would not have attracted the fans attention as Momoa did.

14. Jaimie Alexander as Wonder Woman – Good idea

When DC announced a movie about Wonder Woman, fans were hoping that MCU actress Jaimie might take on the role. We all loved her as Lady Sif, and her look fits the part of Diana. However, the actress said that her work for Marvel was her top priority, though her work on Blindspot almost had her backing out of Thor: Ragnarok.

15. Kristen Stewart as Lois Lane – Awful idea

While Kristen Stewart is familiar with big franchises, putting her as Lois Lane could have damaged this saga even more. Lane is the heart of Superman’s story, and he needs someone much better suited with a kind face to give his life meaning. Sadly, Stewart does not show much range of expressions, so it is better that Amy Adams got the part.

16. Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor – Could have worked

Almost all fans hated Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, though we love him as an actor in general. He was never much of villain, while Cranston could have rocked the part perfectly. He was actually in consideration for Snyder’s film and would have been much more threatening than a young-looking Luthor, who was just sad.

What did you think of these possible casting choices for DC? Do you agree with us? We wonder what goes on behind-the-scenes of films all the time, and why an actor gets the part, while another would be better. But, that is Hollywood. If you liked this article, share it with your friends while discussing how the DCEU might be saved. See you next time!

Sources used: CBR, Geeks on Coffee, and CBR

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