Everything The Avengers: Endgame Trailer Kept Hidden From Us

After months of waiting, the first trailer for Avengers: Endgame finally dropped, and it gave us a tiny glimpse into what is going on with the remaining superheroes after the decimation. There has been a lot of speculation regarding the next part in this story, but there are several things that the trailer did not reveal about the movie. Let’s dive into this.

Captain Marvel will definitely be in the film too

While most of the remaining heroes are the original Avengers from the 2012 movie, others are going to be fighting alongside them to help defeat Thanos. We know it’s probably no coincidence that Endgame will focus on the main six, especially because some of them might be leaving after the next installment. Ant-Man will play a big part in this movie, as we saw him appear at the Avengers’ compound by the end of the trailer, and there is someone else too.

As you might know, the next film in the MCU is Captain Marvel, so it is safe to assume that Carol Danvers is going to appear to help fight against the Mad Titan. Her Binary powers make her one of the most amazing superheroes in Marvel, and of course, our heroes need someone with that kind of ability. Furthermore, her appearance was teased in the post-credits scene of Infinity War when Nick Fury paged her before turning to dust.

Carol does not appear anywhere in the trailer, and this might be Marvel’s strategy because she has not officially been introduced in the MCU, and it would distract from her origin story, which will be the first female-focused Marvel movie. Moreover, the trailer was apparently focusing in the very beginning of Endgame; what the remaining people are doing after Thanos’ snap. Also, Rocket Raccoon and War Machine have to appear.

Scott Lang has gotten out of the Quantum Realm

Just in case you do not remember, Scott Lang got into a tricky situation. He did not appear in Infinity War, but Ant-Man and The Wasp took place around the same time as the post-credit scene seemed to reveal. We saw Ant-Man using a tiny tunnel placed in the van and getting into the Quantum Realm to retrieve healing particles for Ghost. However, when he was ready to come out, the rest of the team are shown as dust after suffering from the decimation.

Therefore, Scott was seemingly trapped with the help of Hank Pym, Janet van Dyne and Hope van Dyne, but we saw him in the trailer with his van in tow. We can only speculate about the way he got out, and a popular theory is that he took a time vortex, which Janet had told him to avoid. However, if you are trapped in the realm without any other means of escaping, taking that route might be an excellent option. We will have to wait to see if this theory is correct.

The plan

From the little we could tell about this trailer, it seems that the remaining Avengers have an idea, as Black Widow tells Steve Rogers that it is going to work. We do not get any more context, but the most popular opinion is that time-travel will be involved in several ways. People started theorizing about this due to leaked photos of the set, where they seem to be recreating the Battle of New York when Loki invaded Earth. The problem is that Ant-Man is there too.

It would seem that if Scott Lang was able to use time vortexes in the Quantum Realm, our heroes will take advantage and explore the past for anything that could help them in the future. They might travel back to several different plots from past films, changing the timeline of events that led to Thanos obtaining all the Infinity Stones. This was obviously not discussed or teased in the trailer because “the plan” is the central theme of the movie.

They all completely changed

We did not see Clint Barton in Infinity War, but we got a glimpse of him in the Endgame trailer, and he has taken on the persona of Ronin, whose reason for existence is the death of his family. From this, we can assume that Barton’s family turned to dust after the snap, but he is not the only character that is different. Another exciting feature was Steve Rogers returning to his clean-shaven look, from previous films.

The promotional art for Endgame has also revealed that Black Widow will be a red-head once again, Captain America gets a new armor like the one featured in the comic books, and both Iron Man and War Machine will be getting new stuff. Another important aspect is that Hulk seems to be in a costume that could imply a Professor Hulk story arc. This suggests that, at least, a little bit of time has passed since the decimation.

The role of Thanos

We did not get to see the Mad Titan exactly, but his armor was revealed placed as a scarecrow, which is something most people did not notice on the ending scene of Infinity War, and we also saw him running his hand with the Infinity Gauntlet along the grass. This suggests that he has taken the life of a farmer like the comic books and is having a peaceful retirement. However, his happiness will definitely not last long.

This film is supposed to be the second part of Infinity War, although it has a new name. Thanos is the villain our heroes will be fighting against, and whatever they do to try to revert the effects of the snap will involve him somehow. Moreover, we saw no hint that there were any other villains like speculation and toy merchandise have suggested for months. We will have to wait and see if a new foe will be introduced.

The return of the victims

Marvel has been adamant that the characters that turned to dust are really dead, but that might not be true. We know that Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy have more films ahead, so they are definitely coming back somehow. The problem here is that the plot might have them resurrected, or they might be reinstated if they travel back in time to change the timeline. It’s obvious why they were not in the trailer, though.

What did you think of these things that did not appear in the trailer? Naturally, the first teaser cannot spoil the most important part of the next film, so we are not surprised that they omitted the most important questions and plot points. We hope the next trailer gives us a little more insight. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who cannot wait for next year’s April. See you next time!

Sources used: Screen Rant

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