27 Pictures From Owners Who Walked in on Their Pets Not a Second Too Soon

Pets are great companions for sure with their loyalty and lovely habits that make us fall in love with them. However, they can sometimes act like naughty children when they are home alone. When they are left to their devices, they can really make mischief in the kitchen, the living room, or even in their owner's bedroom.

Therefore, things can certainly get out of control. Well, in our compilation today, we have a bunch of furry friends that were caught red-handed while misbehaving, so let's take a look. We have to warn you that this article can have an overload of cuteness; are you ready? 

1. It seems as if that little kitty was saved by the bell (or we should say the owner) from being involved in something not so good. The cat was definitely between a rock and a hard place.

2. This kitty doesn't seem worried that her owner arrived home early. She has the sausages, and there's nothing you can do about it. Would you dare to take them away from her with that malignant glance?

3. One owner let his dachshund go out to the yard, and a minute later, he found the pup there. This dog really knows how to relax, right? He just needs a six-pack and a barbecue to complement the pool party.

4. Well, there is nothing strange in this picture. We only see two little cats... playing on the bed people-style. Perhaps, these kittens have spent too much time watching their owners at night.

5. If this is not to be caught red-handed, then we don't know what would be. We guess humans are not the only ones who pickpocket purses. This pooch has nasty habits, but his shocked face is priceless. 

6. There are many things you can't have when you own a cat, and one of those is paper walls or windows. You gotta choose between them. The owner of those kitties found it out too little too late. 

7. This little one went nuts with daddy's magazines, and he knows he is now in big trouble now, but just look at that face! We bet he regrets doing that. Could you forgive him? We could, for sure! 

8. Some people get really anxious when they are left home alone, but this dog took anxiety to a whole new level. His face just says: "I'm so glad you're home, human, I missed you."

9. What is the best thing you can do when you know that you screwed something up completely? Just act casual, and pretend that the mess is not there. Maybe, just maybe, your human might not notice it. 

10. Don't get the wrong idea from this pic. This animal duo here was simply hugging, not doing anything naughty. Otherwise, can you imagine how bad a mix of pug and a black-and-white kitty would be? 

11. This feline friend is just hanging around, literally. Or Perhaps he has a clothing complex and is pretending to be a scarf or a furry sweater. "Wear me, human!"

12. The only way to justify this mess is if the little dog lived in a cold area and was just looking for a warm place to get cozy. Otherwise, why on earth did he destroy that cushion?

13. This is the face of a bunny that knows he shouldn't be sitting on the couch and still managed to get up there. Well, maybe his fur color can help him disguise himself with the sofa. 

14. This doggie had a brand new bed to sleep soundly, but his owner found this in the bathroom last week. What is your opinion about it now? It doesn't look that comfy anymore, and the dog knows it. 

15. This cat does not like to drink water from his bowl. He prefers the one that comes from that machine humans open a lot. Well, the most important thing is to keep yourself hydrated no matter what, right?

16. This fancy puppy maybe thought that if her mama could wear some makeup, why couldn't she? She only wanted to look pretty, and we cannot deny she looked adorable but was caught red-pawed, literally.

17. "Hey, dad! How are you doing? Nothing new here. This box? Oh yeah! You looked hungry, so I only wanted to get you some cereal for your breakfast. That's it!"

18. We never imagined that a cat could be such a good pastry chef. Here, she is just trying the mix to make sure it tastes good. That's what a good baker does, right?

19. One owner entered his home and wondered why there was so much trash on the floor. Seconds later, he discovered the reason why. We guess that big friend needs some help with the lid of the trash can.

20. When an owner goes home and finds his pets acting like this, it cannot be a good sign. Sadly, he hasn't discovered what the dog and the cat broke or what mess they did yet. Good luck with that!

21. Those jeans look very comfortable on that horse, so we don't understand the long face. Oh! Maybe she doesn't like the color or the way the piece of clothing looks on her elegant legs.

22. This smokey dog does not look guilty at all. In fact, he seems very proud of himself and appears to be enjoying his new feather blanket. We just hope the feathers didn't come from a real duck. 

23. If you tell us that you had seen a dog practicing pole dancing, you have to be lying. Oh! Maybe it is a misunderstanding! This little ball of fur just wants to be a fireman. 

24. Look at those adorable faces! This photograph can be interpreted in many different ways, but let us say that, in this case, the black-and-white kitty is only teaching his sibling some wrestling moves. 

25. Poor doggie! It was so hot outside that she needed the right place to cool down for a while. The meat? Oh! That just happened to be in that strategic spot. We just wondered how she managed to get in there. 

26. Well, we cannot hide what was really going on here with Ernie in such a position, but sadly neither of them seemed to have enjoyed it. Ernie looks traumatized, and the kitty has a startled face.

27. Oh, come on! After everything we have seen on this list, this isn't the worst thing a pet can be caught doing. Maybe, she was starving and sneaked into the freezer to find a tasty treat like some fish sticks. 

What do you think about the naughty mishaps of our best furry friends? Have you ever spotted your pet doing something improper at home? Tell us what your opinion about the article is and share with us any animalistic anecdote. Don't forget to share this adorable list with others. Until next time! 

Source used: Brightside

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