Man Grows Beard For 911 Days While Traveling The World, And The Photos Reveal The Struggle

People can do somewhat crazy things when they are young, that to the eyes of the rest of the world could be nonsense. But the truth is that everyone has his or her own ways of enjoying life, right? One manner, for instance, could be traveling for 2.5 years around the world. No, you did not misread!

A couple decided to quit their jobs and set off on a remarkable and worldwide adventure, traveling around our planet for 911 days. What is even more shocking is that the guy decided not to shave until he came back home. Look at this surprising timelapse of his beard and learn some interesting details about their fantastic journey.

On September 2, 2015, a Canadian man named Jon and his Russian wife, Eva, resolved to hitchhike to 33 different countries on our beautiful planet.

Jon, originally from Nova Scotia, has his residence in Moscow, Russia, with Eva whom he tied the knot back in December 2014. It seems that their adventurous spirits brought them together. 

Jon didn’t shave during the entire journey, and later on, he turned his selfies into a timelapse video exhibiting 911 days of beard growth. How do you think it will look at the end?

The mammoth trips had a total distance of more than 80,000 miles. Wow! That's more than what an average person would walk in his or her entire life! How could they do it?

This shocking feat has undoubtedly raised a few eyebrows on the Internet, causing mixed responses. Some folks supported their great experience, whereas others said it was a waste of time and money.

Some Reddit users even wondered how people afford not working for this amount of time. Others alleged that the couple must be wealthy to do so.

Another netizen from the webpage indicated that it must cost at least five generations of ancestors accumulating wealth in the western world. 

As for the money, the very same Jon clarified that they spent around $13,000 in 2.5 years, and they already posted a new video about their expenses.

In fact, Jon told Mail Online that he and his wife had to save a lot during roughly eight months to have enough money for their impressive feat. 

It also depends on how you travel. If you take flights and stay in hotels, it would be much more money. On the contrary, Jon and Eva seemed to have walked a lot or asked for rides, as we could see above. 

This was confirmed by Jon, who told Mail Online that they almost exclusively moved around by hitchhiking and staying with locals for free. That could explain everything!

Nevertheless, the video with the timelapse that was posted on Jon and Eva's channel, CANRUSH, has amassed a whopping 23 million views since it was published on Aug 23, 2018.

Here they are on day 24 and still in Russia, but you can see that a bit more than three weeks have already caused some hair growth on his beard, but this is nothing compared to the final result. 

By day 27, they were still in the frigid European land but did enjoy some beach time somewhere in the country. Two days after, they passed the border of Russia and reached Mongolia.

Wow! Jon's beard has grown a lot in a month, but it still has a considerable length that any man could typically have. 

By day 70, they were in China, one of their stops apart from Vietnam Thailand, India, and Africa in their hitchhiking masterclasses. His beard was still reasonable, though. 

By the time the lovebirds reached Vietnam in the day number 102 of their journey, Jon's beard had already joined his hair on the sides, making his face look funny surrounded by all that hair.

When in India on day 173, Jon looked much older with a longer beard, but the ginger color certainly makes him stand out from the crowd, don't you think? 

The burning heat of Namibia really made his beard grow a lot. At this point, Jon seems to be a caveman with a bit of fun on his side because they apparently went to a refreshing beach in the country.

And after Namibia, the Canadian-Russian couple headed to the American continent, starting in the tropical country of Brazil on day 368.

Then, they moved to colder weather in Argentina by day 457, and we cannot believe our eyes with the size of Jon's beard. Some days later, they were in Chile.

After visiting the south of the continent, they headed north to warmer environments like Peru, Colombia, and Panama. Jon's beard has grown a few inches, and he certainly looks like Dumbledore.

Can you imagine if his hair would have grown as much as his beard? That would be crazy! But that curly hair wig looks hilarious on him.

After traveling to different Latin American countries like Costa Rica and Guatemala, they finally reached the US with a very, very long beard. Don't you think it is uncomfortable to have so much hair?

But the North American country did not receive them well since they were fined $565.50 for hitchhiking in the US. We didn't know one could be penalized for this activity. 

Getting to Canada made them feel like home with the freezing temperatures of the northern country. By day 826, his beard is just unbelievable. Do you think Eva likes his new style?

Finally, they were back to Russia on day 842, and this is what Siberian weather does to a long beard. Jon definitely looks like a modern version of Santa Claus. That must be his job after coming back home!

On February 28 of this year, Jon and Eva got back to Moscow after having the most extended trip of their lives. During those years, Jon’s beard grew like a weed, reaching down onto his chest.

As you could see, Jon's face was completely bare when they started the trip in Eva's homeland. You will notice that this was very much not the case when the couple went back home 2.5 years later. 

While Jon’s friend joked about cutting it all off before time, the beard made all the way through to the end of the trip with an incredible length of 15 inches. Wow!

In September, Jon decided to shave off his beard, and he also posted several videos about the momentous event. It was as if he went back three years in time!

Jon and Eva are certainly two brave and adventuresome young people who were willing to quit their lifestyle and start a trip to 33 countries around the world. Would you dare to do that? Speak up your mind in the comment section and keep up-to-date with more fantastic stories that certainly make our jaws drop. Until next time!

Sources used: YouTube/CANRUSH, Mail Online

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