In 2011 Macaulay Culkin's life went downhill. Now it's 2018, and things drastically changed

Most child actors seem to have a hard time when they grow up, and it is difficult for many fans to see the once cute kid from a great movie become such a mess in adulthood. Some of them get involved in drugs, have trouble with police and more, and Macaulay Culkin suffered from this curse. Here we have some interesting facts about his life.

A child star

Culkin was the adorable kid in Uncle Buck, and then he got a big-screen hit with Home Alone, the story of a child who had to take care of himself after his family went on a vacation to Paris without him. After the success of the film, he was offered a million roles in Hollywood and went on to star in several awesome movies such as My Girl and The Pagemaster.

Other projects included Only the Lonely and Home Alone 2, but after his work in 1994’s Richie Rich, he disappeared from the limelight at the highest point in his career. He came back for a guest spot on Will & Grace, and small things in a couple of movies, but everyone could see that something was different about him.

He has lost an alarming amount of weight, and his overall look was ghoulish. Naturally, people started saying that he was under the influence of illegal substances and alcohol, but they also said that he was sick and had mental issues. His movie choices fueled these rumors as he was portraying characters with psychological problems.

A video even surfaced online that made fans worry about his state mind, but it seems that after all these years, Macaulay is doing much better. The bags under his eyes are gone, and he has gained weight. However, the road to getting better was not easy for this super child star, and the following list reveals some exclusive details.

1. His first kiss in a movie

Culkin was not just another kid actor with a cute look. In the film My Girl, he showed everyone that his talent was off the charts. It’s a story about young love developing, and it was just as serious as any other grownup fling in a film. Furthermore, he had his first kiss with Anna Chlumsky, and they even won an MTV award for it.

2. Bad childhood

Culkin was part of a family with seven kids and his parents, Kit and Patricia, struggled every day to feed their family. His mother was a telephone operator, while Kit was an ex-actor who did not have much experience in the field. Things were rough even from an early age and Macaulay knew that he had to get out of that.

3. Richie Rich

By the time he took the part in 1994’s Richie Rich, Macaulay had actually acquired a ton of money that most people do not see in their lives. Home Alone grossed $467 million, and Culkin was even demanding $8 million just to appear in movies. It is hard to imagine having that kind of money at any age, let alone at 13.

4. Did not know about his money

Now, if we had had all that cash at the age of 13, we would have blown it in a few years. Macaulay’s father decided to take care of his son’s finances so that he would not become a spoiled kid, but Culkin never knew how much he was earning. He knew that he was a celebrity, but Kit sometimes hid how high his salary was.

5. The family business

Macaulay followed some of his family members’ footsteps into the world of entertainment. His father was an actor with a few minor things in Broadway and his aunt, Bonnie Bedelia, was as well. She appeared in Die Hard and the sequel. Furthermore, Macaulay’s brothers, Rory and Kieran, have also stepped into the limelight, and they are honestly more famous than him right now.

6. Black or White

Years later, when Michael Jackson started facing trouble with child molestation allegations, his close relationship with Macaulay Culkin would freak people out. However, in the 90s, everyone loved their bond. The child star was in his Black or White music video, and they would hang out all the time.

7. Saturday Night Live

He was at the height of his career at the age of 11, and he got to host the popular sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, alongside major comics. He is the second youngest actor to appear on the show, as Drew Barrymore was just seven years old when she was given a spot.

8. Bad things at home

At the age of 14, Kit Culkin started revealing his dark side when he was accused of hitting his wife, who was pregnant at the time. Patricia decided to leave him and file for custody of all her kids, hoping that they would never have to see their father again. After a lengthy legal battle, she won her case. But the media had not had enough.

They unearthed evidence that Kit was not a great father for his kids, as he had become a horrible manager. Macaulay even revealed that when his dad got mad, he would be forced to sleep on the sofa. Things were so ugly that Culkin and his siblings started referring to their dad as “stinky”. That is not a real father.

9. First love

In high school, the child star met his first love, Rachel Milner, who was another kid star trying to make it in the world. She is now recognized for roles in Supernatural, Bully, The Black Dahlia, and Penny Dreadful. Milner introduced herself to Culkin, hoping to gain a friend in such a harsh industry, and though he did not notice her at first, they soon started a troubled relationship. They got in married in 1998.

10. Divorced

Unfortunately, they got divorced soon after that, but no one was surprised. However, their marriage was not like Britney Spears’ blunder in Las Vegas. These two kids really tried to work things out, but only made it three years. In 2002, Culkin’s career was going down while Rachel’s was flourishing. They have not married anyone since.

11. First arrest

Nowadays, it is not surprising to see a celebrity getting arrested. It has happened too many times, but a decade ago, Culkin’s arrest was a huge scandal. In 2004, he was in a car with a friend driving at a dangerous speed, but when the police searched the vehicle, they found a lot of drugs. He had to pay $4,000 in bail money.

12. His band

If you are wondering what the former child star has been doing lately, then you might appreciate knowing that he has a passion for music and comedy. His band called The Pizza Underground was created in 2013 and named in honor of The Velvet Underground, but they would change certain lyrics with the word “pizza”. Their drummer would even play on a pizza box.

13. Other projects

It seems that having all the money in the world brings you enough freedom to pursue your weird interests, and Culkin is doing exactly that. He recorded a whole movie on his iPhone, and it was about pizza. He even appeared in the WWE ring. The actor said that he likes doing a cool, small project a year.

14. Blanket Jackson

You might remember Michael Jackson’ son, Prince Michael Jackson II better known as Blanket or Bigi Jackson. It seems that the boy was forgotten by his family and left in his LA mansion. Culkin is actually Paris Jackson’s godfather, and this sparked a crazy rumor that states that Macaulay is actually Blanket’s father, not Michael.

15. Agoraphobia

Because of his upbringing in the spotlight, the actor diagnosed himself with agoraphobia, which is the fear of crowded or open spaces. “Agora” comes from the Greek word meaning marketplace. This is actually a debilitating illness for many people, but we have to wonder if Macaulay really suffers from it.

16. His young look

It was not surprising that his adorable looks got him many roles in Hollywood in Hollywood when he was a pre-teen, but growing up, he lost some of that glamour. He could still be considered handsome and has retained a youthful look. His eyes are asymmetrical, as one is bigger than the other, but Macaulay keeps that hidden with sunglasses.

17. Ignoring his admirers

We have all imagined ourselves as celebrities many times before, but for real stars, all that attention must get tiring. Everything they do gets photographed and scrutinized in detailed descriptions, but Culkin has learned to pay no mind to the sound of his name in public, and he might even ignore his own family at times.

What did you think of these interesting details about Culkin’s life? Is it weird that he was such a big actor and now, most people do not even remember him? Sometimes, life in entertainment is hard and most fans forget the people they “loved” after a while. We would like to know your opinion, so leave a comment below and share this article with your friends.

Sources used: Did You Know, Culture Hook

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