JK Rowling confirms long-suspected Harry Potter theory about Hermione Granger (and 10+ more confirmed theories)

The Wizarding World created by J.K. Rowling is so in-depth that many fans have come up with outrageous theories over the years, and some of them have even come true. The following list has several of these confirmed notions and one about Hermione Granger.

1. The Tale of the Three Brothers

Every Harry Potter fan knows this tale, but this theory states that Tom Riddle (the wand), Snape (the resurrection stone), and Harry (the cloak) symbolize the three siblings while Dumbledore represents Death.

2. Pure love

It is hard to imagine that Dumbledore once followed Grindelwald in his quest to overpower muggles, but the reason is that he loved him. Dumbledore later saw the true nature of his friend’s way and changed his mind.

3. Rappaport’s Law

This law states that wizards cannot marry muggles, and it was made after the daughter of a member of the Magical Congress revealed top-secret information about wizards to his friend, a No-maj from a family of known witch hunters; ones responsible for the Salem Witch Trials.

4. Education

Fans speculated for years about different magic schools, and Rowling revealed on Pottermore that they were correct. Some of those schools are Ilvermorny (North America), Koldovstoretz (Russia), Mahoutokoro (Japan), Beauxbatons (France), Hogwarts (UK), Castelobruxo (South America), Durmstrang (Eastern Europe), and Uagadou (Africa).

5. No wands or brooms

It was revealed that wizards could use magic without wants by Hermione herself, so fans wondered about flying without brooms. It was stated that they worked much the same way to channel a wizard’s magic and let them fly.

6. After a long battle

People theorized endlessly about what happened to everyone after the Battle of Hogwarts, and also about Harry’s weird name choices for his children. Rowling said that they represented the most vital aspects of the war, and how they affected him.

7. Family

Harry and Dudley hated each other growing up, but in the seventh book, we saw Dudley change a bit. Later on in life, they developed a cordial relationship, and their children actually became close friends like a normal family.

8. Frank and Alice

Neville’s parents were not overly discussed in the books, as they were in St. Mungo's after suffering from the Cruciatus Curse. Fans would write fan fiction about cures though some would write sad tales about Neville taking his new bride to meet them. This was confirmed later on.

9. Chocolate Frog card

After defeating Voldemort, many fans wondered if the famous trio would make it into the trading cards from the Chocolate Frogs. This was later confirmed, and it must have made Ron happy to see his own card.

10. No graduation

Ron and Harry were offered positions as Aurors in the ministry after the Battle of Hogwarts, but Hermione went back to school to finish her seventh year. This was a commonly accepted theory which was confirmed in The Cursed Child.

11. The great Dumbledore

For years, it seemed that no one but Dumbledore could sense that Harry and his friends were under the invisibility cloak, but fans always wondered how he did it. Mad-Eye Moody could see-through the cloak and it was confirmed that Albus could too.

12. Snape

In the final book, we learn the truth about Severus and his love for Lily Potter, but some fans took issue with this story because it seemed to redeem a man that had committed a bunch of crimes in his past. They said that his background was just supposed to humanize him.

13. Playing with goats

Aberforth had been punished for using weird spells on a goat, and fans came up with all sorts of sordid things related to it. It turns out that they were right, and he was reprimand for the kind of thing you are probably thinking of right now.

14. No letter from Hogwarts

A popular theory was that Riddle affected the Muggleborn department by destroying the military and that is why most of us did not get our Hogwarts letters at the age of 11. Rowling said that the books and the films were our Hogwarts letters.

15. Dead characters

We lost a lot of good people in the final installment of this series. This theory states that the characters who died represent someone from an earlier time. Like Tonks and Remus represented Lily and James, leaving Teddy an orphan like Harry.

16. Not the best couple

Everyone was rooting for Ron and Hermione to get together, but some people said that their volatile personalities would cause them trouble. Rowling confirm this and said that they would need to go to muggle counseling to solve their problems.

17. The next generation

Before the release of The Cursed Child, people theorized about the next generation, especially Teddy Lupin. People wondered if he would inherit Tonks’ powers and Remus’s curse, and they said that he would be in Hufflepuff. This was later confirmed.

18. Tuition

People often wondered how poor families, like the Weasleys, or orphans, like Tom Riddle, were able to attend Hogwarts in the first place. Theories stated that tuition was free and covered by the Ministry of Magic, and they were correct.

19. Fame

Some fans theorized about the Potter’s money which seemed like too much, and they stated that the family line has passed down the money for ages. This was sort of true because Harry is a descendant of the Three Brothers, the creator of “Sleekeazy”, and a Potter who made money from pottery.

20. Immortality

Tom Riddle was around 71 years old when Harry killed him, while Dumbledore was almost 200 at the time of his death. It was later confirmed that that is the natural lifespan for wizards, so Tom died way too early despite his efforts to live forever.

21. Not everything is black and white

Unlike other novels for children, this series did not make everyone simply bad or good. Harry was obviously good and Tom Riddle was evil, but fans wondered about other characters. Rowling confirmed this in a Twitter thread, saying that no one was just one.

22. Evil

One theory about the Dursleys states that the Horcrux inside Harry turned them against him, and another one states that they were just cruel without reason. The latter was confirmed because Potter is not a Horcrux himself, so the piece of the soul would not affect the others.

23. Arthur Weasley

In the Order of the Phoenix, Mr. Weasley was attacked at the Ministry, and Harry witnessed it. Fans theorized that he was actually supposed to die, and Rowling confirmed it, saying that she changed her mind. She decided to kill Sirius instead.

24. No socks

Dumbledore told Harry that he saw himself with a pair of socks in the Mirror of Erised, but no fan actually believed him. In the final book, it was revealed that Albus would see his happy, healthy family living normally.

25. Blood

It was revealed that most pureblood families are connected in some ways, but fans said that if this is true and they do not marry muggles or muggleborns, the race would have died quickly having to choose a relative to marry. This was confirmed by Arthur Weasley and evidenced by the Gaunt Family.

26. Hermione Granger

Fans longed wonder about this theory, which J.K Rowling later confirmed, and it started after people read The Goblet of Fire, in which Viktor Krum pronounces her name wrong. They said that the author had included the passage because no one knew how utter the name.

What did you think of these confirmed theories? Did you have an inkling about them while reading? Luckily, J.K. Rowling has revealed so many things about her story that were not included in the books. Leave a comment down below and share this article with all your friends who love Harry Potter.

Sources used: The Gamer, Cosmopolitan

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