Otters Show Their Babies When They Are In Danger To Make The Enemy Feel Mercy

The University of California did some recent studies which declared that humans experience the same emotions as animals do when they see each other. Not only do they relate to other animals as being "cute" or "dangerous", but there are also many interesting facts about animals that resemble human behavior that we are not aware of. We've captured some of these moments for you, so have a look and be amazed! 

20. Did you know that sea otters hold hands while they are asleep? They do this to prevent drifting apart while floating. That is really sweet!

19. When faced with danger, otters show their babies to make the predator feel compassion for them. This is really amazing, don't you agree?

18. We know that squirrels bury loads of acorns, but did you know that because of it thousands of trees are planted every year, these little guys can't remember where they left their stash. Cute creatures! 


17. This is really fantastic! Dolphin not only have a language of their own, but they also have names for one another when calling out.

16. This cute puffin couple mate for life. Once they've found their ideal partner, they live together for the rest of their lives once they've built a home on a cliff.


15. Here is a mindblowing fact. Oysters can change their gender. Their decision is based on which one is considered best for mating.


14. We love seahorses, and these magical creatures mate forever. You can tell which ones are partners because they hold each other's tail.

13. Adorable male pups will sometimes let female puppies “win” when they play together just so that they get the opportunity to know them better. What a sneaky pooch.

12. We don't know much about this little guy, but apparently, the quokka is considered the world’s happiest animal. He sure does look happy!

11. Like most of the animal kingdom, cows make best friends with other cows, and when they are apart, they actually suffer from anxiety issues.

10. Contrary to believe, not only do penguins mate for life, they actually spend a lot of time searching for that perfect pebble to present to their partner as a "proposal". How romantic!

9. Did you know that octopuses love to collect shiny objects and crustacean shells in order to build a garden around their caves? This helps them stay "undercover" for protection and is rather pretty.

8. Here is something totally amazing that we didn't know. Little chickens communicate with each other while they are still in the egg through a system of sounds. Did you know that? 

7. These beautiful red pandas' tails are naturally bushy, which they use as a blanket during the colder months to keep warm while sleeping.

6. Like Eskimos, polar bears also greet each other by using the “nose-to-nose” method. They do this when they want to ask the other bear for food or other favors.

5. Just like humans do when they're infants, baby elephants suck on their trunk for comfort. That is just too adorable for words. 

4. When grizzly bears grow up, they retain their bond with their mother and set up a den close by.

3. Baby koala bears get carried on their mom's back when they've outgrown the pouch. They are adorable!

2. Cats have many gestures, and one of them is the headbutt. When they do this to you, it's a sign that you are trustworthy.

1. These chirpy little squirrels actually adopt and take care of other baby squirrels if they are orphans. That is really heart-warming.

These were indeed some fantastic facts. Did you know about any of these facts? Which one surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments section below and remember to share this with your friends and family. Make sure to keep up-to-date with us for more fun facts! 


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