How Thanos Might Meet His Maker in 'Avengers: Endgame', Marvel Theory Gives Hope

Thanos is perhaps the most fearsome villain the Avengers have ever faced, and a foe that possesses the power of the Infinity Stones has to be destroyed as soon as possible. The problem is that our heroes could not stop him when he did not have the stones, so how are they going to do it now? Let’s take a look at several theories.

The Soul Stone

When thinking about Avengers: Endgame, it is easy to get lost in whatever the remaining superheroes are going to do and their involvement in the coming fight. However, most people forget about something important which the Soul Stone is. The majority of the other gems had different names and were seen before in the MCU.

Such as the Time Stone in the Eye of Agamotto and the Space Stone in the Tesseract. However, his particular jewel with the fabric of souls was first seen and heard about it in Infinity War, and it never went by any other name. It would be wrong for people to forget about its existence just because it was not that important until now in the saga.

To obtain this stone, Thanos had to sacrifice his own daughter, Gamora, because Red Skull told him that it was the price to pay. This means that martyrs were actually prominent in this film, and this goes against Captain America’s words about “not trading lives here”. Loki gave himself up to save his brother, and Vision decided to die to stop the Mad Titan from getting the Mind Stone.

Moreover, Doctor Strange had to give up the Time Stone to stop the villain from killing Tony Stark. The Infinity Stones are conscious up to a point, after all, it forced Red Skull into servitude. The reason why it has not appeared prominently in any other movies of this franchise is that it has an important role to play in the coming battle.

The Mad Titan did not use this gem much either, except when he had to recognize the real Doctor Strange from the clones, and then when he went into that orange world to talk to Gamora, but it is unclear whether he did that on purpose or not. Comic books fans know that this jewel can trap souls inside it, and it can trick others into following the wilder’s will.

Because of this, most believe that the people who suffered from the decimation are trapped inside the Soul Stone, just like Gamora seemed to be in that orange scene. Furthermore, they also believe that Thanos is being affected by the gem, as he looked much weaker as soon as the stone was in his possession. It seemed like killing people was starting to wear him out despite all his previous actions.

Is it possible that he was so moved by Gamora’s death to look so sad at the end of the movie? Or perhaps, the stone is doing something to him? In any case, some fans believe that he is the only one who can reverse what he did and that he might be tempted to do so in Endgame. If Thanos cannot stand that temptation, there is a genuine possibility that he might take his own life.

Therefore, Thanos might become his own greatest enemy, and it would make sense for the story to take that route as many have speculated that a new villain might be introduced in the next movie. But, there isn’t enough time to actually kill the Mad Titan and present someone new, unless they are working together, which doesn't seem likely for this villain.

There is also the theory that the Soul Stone will turn against its wielder. Red Skull told them that many had looked for the gem before but were unable to get it. The price to obtain it is too high, and he was not able to get it because he spent his life without knowing love, so he could not give the proper sacrifice. Meanwhile, the Mad Titan made a deal with the Soul Stone.

It is like he gave the soul of his daughter and the promise that he would save the universe, but perhaps that sentient jewel did not realize that his idea of saving everyone was destroying half of them. After all, the Mad Titan could have increased the resources instead of killing half the people, but even the Russo Brothers admitted that Thanos was not entirely altruistic.

Time Travel

In Doctor Strange, we saw how time travel was the answer to everything or going into different planes of existence. Many fans believe that this is going to be a vital aspect of the next film. A lot of the best superheroes and the new ones disappeared after the decimation, but it does not make sense because Marvel already has sequels for them.

Therefore, they are definitely coming back, but the question is how? In Infinity War, there was not much time travel, except for Doctor Strange looking at all the plausible outcomes and when Thanos had to revive Vision in order to get the Mind Stone. This was another evidence of the theme of sacrifice in this movie.


There is a chance that someone might sacrifice himself so that the heroes can travel back in time to stop him. The character that might be chosen for this mission is Tony Stark, as he is definitely the kind of hero that might give his life to save everyone. He spoke to Pepper Potts about having children and the way he treated the young Spider-Man was very fatherly.

Iron Man could be another critical aspect of Endgame, especially because Doctor Strange gave up the Time Stone to save him, which he specifically said he would not do for almost the entire film. Another person that could give the ultimate sacrifice is Captain America, who firmly believes that trading lives is never the option.

During Captain America: The First Avenger, he crashed a plane so that the weapons on board could not hurt anyone else. Thor could also give up everything to defeat Thanos because he lost everything due to the Mad Titan and swore revenge. If he properly wields Stormbreaker than he could be the one to end this villain finally.

Why did Thanos take so long to get the stones?

The MCU has been teasing about the appearance of the Mad Titan for years, but he never actually went after them until now. Therefore, many fans started wondering why, and the Russo brothers stated that Thanos is being watched by big cosmic entities in the universe. They would notice and take action against him if the villain showed his hand too quickly.

For a long time, no one knew where the Soul Stone was, and he had to find them all quickly before these beings decided to stop him. He achieved his goal, so clearly, timing is everything in this case. However, he might have to face the Living Tribunal, the Beyonder, Eternity, Galactus or Annihilus. They might be the ones to take him out for good.

What did you think of these theories regarding the possible fall of Thanos? At this point, people are just speculating because there is no way to know what Marvel plans, but it’s always fun to learn more about characters in the comic books and things most people might have missed. If you liked this article, share it with your friends while discussing what villain comes next in the MCU. See you next time!

Sources used: Youtube/CBR

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