Iron Man Might Already Have The Simplest Answer To The Thanos Problem

The release of the first trailer for the fourth Avengers movie gave us the official name of the film which is Endgame. This word reminds us of what Doctor Strange told Tony Stark after Thanos finally obtained the Time Stone, but there is another moment in the MCU where the word was used, and it might be the answer to defeating the Mad Titan. Let’s take a look at this theory.

Going against Thanos

Doctor Strange used the Time Stone to see all the plausible outcomes of the fight against the Mad Titan and revealed to Tony, Spider-Man and the Guardians that they would only win in one scenario, so many fans are assuming that he gave Thanos the previous gems to ensure that Iron Man would live for the coming battle.

At the very least, people are assuming that Doctor Strange placed all the fragments correctly to ensure that winning outcome. Since the word “endgame” refers to the point in the game of chess where you have to sacrifice essential pieces in order to win, the warlock is also willing to give up everything to save the universe from this foe.

However, this is not the first time that the word has been used in the MCU. We actually heard Tony Stark, himself, say it in Avengers: Age of Ultron. After the events of the first Avengers, where Loki invaded Earth with the Chitauri, Iron Man wanted to build an A.I. that could protect the whole world from any future alien attacks.

The creation of Ultron

This resulted in the creation of Ultron, which seriously backfired for our heroes, and when the rest of the team berated Tony for his actions, he said, “We're the Avengers. We can bust arms dealers all the livelong day, but that up there... that's the endgame." Of course, Stark was completely right in his assumption that something else was coming for the planet.

The Mad Titan with an insane mission came along, and they were not able to stop him. Avengers: Endgame is obviously going to feature the way the remaining Avengers will defeat the villain and reverse the effects of the Decimation, but this is bound to be a hard task, mainly because Thanos is still in possession of the Infinity Gauntlet and the stones.

Furthermore, they lost a bunch of people after the snap, and while they are working saving, they will need something to distract the villain from stopping them. The solution could be using Ultron MK II, the fleet of androids that Tony had initially designed. Some evidence suggests that Marvel thought about doing exactly this.

The Avengers: Infinity War Day One video featured two concept arts that did not appear in the film. One image had Thor and Rocket fighting together, and it was a discarded plot where the God of Thunder would have to kill the Midgard Serpent, and another picture had Tony standing in front of several Iron Man suits. This does not fit with Infinity War in any way, and Marvel has never spoken about it before.

Due to the fact that Infinity War and Endgame were filmed simultaneously, is it possible that this picture referred to a plan from the next movie? It could fit perfectly if you think about it. The upcoming film will apparently be Robert Downey Jr.’s last work with Marvel, so they have to complete the journey of Iron Man before we can say goodbye.

In order to do this, Tony Stark needs to atone for one of his greatest errors, making Ultron, which caused the end of Sokovia and resulted in the Sokovia Accords. This treaty led to the Avengers going against each other, so Thanos achieved his plan at a time when they were most vulnerable.

If this mistake was one of the reasons why they failed to stop the Mad Titan, then having a new, updated version used to, at least, help confront the villain could redeem Stark and complete his story. Furthermore, some fans are speculating that Ultron is not really dead. Reddit user, EmperorJoker, posted his thoughts online.

Ultron might be alive

“So this is my initial theory about Ultron and why I believe he is not dead. First off he's not a human he's a living AI with free will. I believe he lives inside of Vision or kept/had a single drone stay out of the fight. Literally that's all he had to do. He didn't have to do anything fancy he just had to have one body or drone stay out of the fight.”

Moreover, the user goes on to say that Ultron is like a virus inside Vision. “I believe he uploaded himself inside of Vision like a virus and he was why Vision developed a romantic interest in Wanda. In Age of Ultron, it's clear Ultron and Wanda have a strange sort of connection, and he even expressed concern for her.”

“I think maybe he somehow predicted Thanos coming and he realized he wouldn't have to do anything to realize his goal and instead opted for being with Wanda via Vision. I like this idea because it really adds depth to Ultron and adds to his agency.”

He goes on to say that because he is not a living being, he cannot be dead. He could be hiding somewhere online. “He could even be recovered by some random computer geek who finds one of his heads. Ultron was steps ahead of them all I find it hard to believe he is really dead and didn't plan a contingency for his demise.”

This theory is entirely plausible, and many other Reddit users agree. Here are a few of their thoughts:

The original poster decided to answer to the previous comment. 

These people are incredibly insightful.

Answers from comic books fans are always great.

Most people have no idea what happens in the printed works. 

This person has also guessed at the theory that Ultron will help with Thanos.

What did you think of this theory about Ultron? Is it believable? At this point, the Avengers need all the help they can get to defeat the Mad Titan, so maybe Stark’s original idea for this A.I. creation could be the key. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who would to see Ultron’s comeback. See you next time!

Sources used: Screen Rant, Reddit

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