27 Photos You Need a Second Look At

There are many photos on the Internet that get our attention in the most interesting ways. Sometimes, people can capture moments worth sharing the wonder with everyone who wishes to see. Here we have some pictures that would surprise you and make you take a second look.

1. We are not sure what is happening in this photo. However, we see a police car taking a swim right on the street. The rain can make the best plans stop functioning.

2. This is one impressive house. The optical illusion makes you think that the house either has a porch or it is missing a wall. It looks just like a drawing from when we were kids, right?

3. It is one impressive bathroom. There is no way this could be true. Anyway, the thought of having this kind of room, even just an illusion, would be very interesting.

4. This must be a mistake. There is no way that a model would let her picture be distorted to this extent, but this kind of advertising is what would make anyone take a second look.

5. Just take a look at this photo, what do you see? We see two women, but there is something weird about it. Taking a second look, they are doing some kind of yoga pose.

6. There are some people that read tea leaves, but in here they are talking about coffee readings. In this case, the owner said that the foam in the cup looks like Jupiter.

7. Gryffindor's colors outside of Hogwarts. True Potterheads would love to have some indicator that they are honoring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

8. There is nothing like an optical illusion when taking a picture. This woman took the right kind of picture where she is taller than the rest of the people in the background.

9. The way to make you think that tissues can float is to get a holder that has mirror-like qualities to reflect back the surroundings. Voilà, we get this special effect.

10. This building gets a new side look with the help of the sun. The shadows of the windows give it the illusion that it is carved or that the panels are jutting out.

11. This ATM looks like it is floating, but that is not entirely true. The mechanism of this machine pushes it out to get fixed or get maintenance. Nonetheless, it is quite the trick.

12. This guy must be really tall, but in this picture, he looks like a giant. It is amazing the kind of optical illusion you can get with the right effects and background.

13. We do not know how this came to be, but usually, footprints on the beach tend to be made in the sand. However, in this case, we have one that looks like it was made from the inside out. 

14. This is a different stone from the rest. It looks like someone grabbed some bricks and kneaded it to make a tiny ball. If you have an imagination, you would have gotten a visual of a very strong person.

15. This cool effect happens with the help of the clear surface of a knife and the symmetrical quality of the fork. When combined, you get the impression that the knife is magical.

16. If we tell you to just look at this image, you would get the first impression that you are looking at what could be a photo from space. However, a second look would make you see the car in the background.

17. It is like two realities are trying to coexist in one world. This artist made some street art in what looks like a booth of some kind. It is very impressive how from this perspective you could get fooled.

18. First look would give you the false impression that the final step is missing. However, on close inspection, it is right there. It is a trick of the angle in which this picture was taken.

19. What do you see? Do you see a bird perched on an old dried out tree or is it the moon? You decide on this optical illusion, but we just have to say it was some expertise from the cameraman.

20. This looks like a painting of sorts. However, we know for a fact that it is actually a river in Iceland. It is amazing what Mother Nature can cook up with just the simplest of sights.

21. This is one tough picture to decipher. On one hand, we have a shore with a dock and on the other hand, we have the clear sky so close to the rest. What do you think is happening here?

22. Snoopy and friends are crossing the street like in a similar theme picture of the Beatles. If you continue scrolling down, you would see the special effect and how it came to be.

23. It looks like someone pulled the plug out on this river. We do not know where this is from or if it is even real. Nonetheless, the cool effect makes us take a second look and appreciate nature.

24. Half and half is what we would call these photo. On one side, there is tranquility and normality. On the other, there is a storm raging with all its might. Hopefully, it was just a captured illusion.

25. This is a Godzilla-sized cockroach. It gives the impression that is one big insect, but we guess that it is a combination of perfect timing and that it was on a car window. Watch out anyway!

26. What do you think about this one? Is the girl under or above water? We are not so sure anymore. It could be either if you look closely at the picture. It is impressive, nonetheless.

27. We have no words for this image. We would leave it to your imagination.

Which photo made you take a second look because the first glance was not enough? We sure have to take a moment to really appreciate what we have around us, especially when it is captured so cleverly. We would love to read your comments on the section below. Share this with your friends that need a break from the hard pace of life. Until next time!

Source: Bright Side

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