Ludicrous Perks That The Royal Family Has Access To

Being born into royalty comes with many advantages that other people cannot even imagine. Aside from fame and money, there are several tiny details that most common folks have no idea; from having the tidiest shoelaces in the world to never having to squeeze toothpaste onto the toothbrush yourself. Here are a couple of those perks enjoyed by the British royals.

1. Their shoelaces are ironed

This might seem like the weirdest thing to most of us, but it is important to understand that royal people have rules that date back hundreds of years, and aside from having to look presentable at all times, they have to maintain a strict code of conduct. Prince Charles has three valets that tend only to him and are in charge of choosing his whole outfit.

They pick out all the clothes for the prince, but they are also responsible for ironing the shoelaces in all his shoes. It is a little odd to imagine, especially if the strings are not flat, but if you are someone that was born into this kind of privilege, then you come to expect this kind of things. Everyone in the family has their shoelaces ironed as well.

2. Queen Elizabeth II can prohibit jokes

It has been reported that the Queen has a dry sense of humor just like many British women, but if the long-lasting monarch ever dies, no public TV network will be able to feature anything funny as a symbol of mourning. The BBC has to follow a 12-day ban on all humor after her death and her funeral. They also have to announce the tragic news and immediately start showing documentaries about her life.

All these videos are pre-recorded, and everyone at the station has black suits and ties handy just in case of a national emergency, so they will be ready when the time comes. The British royals are very important to the people of the United Kingdom, so we can imagine that everything paralyzes in the midst of news like that.

3. Queen preferences for palace food

Being the personal chef of the royal family must be a great honor, but it is safe to assume that it comes with many responsibilities and a sense of pressure that other jobs don’t have. The Queen has a very strict rule about certain foods that are served; she banned potatoes, rice, pasta, and anything to do with carbs.

4. A member of staff will wear your shoes first

Queen Elizabeth II has a personal staff member whose job is to break in her shoes so that she never has to suffer from using new, stiff footwear. You will never see this monarch complaining about her clothes during a formal gathering, and she cannot ask to change in the middle of a ceremony. Therefore, this is a great idea.

5. Their clothes are not washed in machines

The invention of washing machines was certainly one of the great breakthroughs of our time. It saved us all from destroying our hands by cleaning everything by hand. However, Prince Charles and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, cannot have their clothes washed this way. Everything has to be hand washed. They do not send their clothes away because stores would keep them as mementos.

6. They are particular about snacks

It is hard to imagine royals enjoying treats at all because of their stoic personalities, but Prince Charles likes to eat cheese and biscuits after most of his meals. However, he is very picky about the temperature, and the staff has to maintain them in a warm pan to keep them to his liking. This seems a bit frivolous, but that is the life of privilege.

7. A different kind of wake-up alarm

Queen Elizabeth enjoys waking up to the sound of Scottish bagpipes, and a professional piper will play some tunes outside her window from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. This seems like it would irritate at some point, but if that is what she likes, well the staff has to comply. We have to wonder how the rest of the family feels about this particular oddity.

8. Their sandwiches do not have corners

Another frivolous request regarding food, but it turns out that the British royals cannot be served sandwiches with sharp edges like all of us eat every day. The corners are cut to make them round. There is a rumor that says this started because Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband, thought it was bad luck to eat things shaped like coffins.

9. The Queen owns all kinds of sea creatures

Elizabeth II owns all the dolphins, whales and porpoises that get within three miles of the shores of Great Britain. Furthermore, the law states that she can eat them, but no one has ever seen her actually partaking in this odd right. If the Loch Ness monster is nearby, does it mean that she owns it too?

10. She owns swans as well

The Queen also owns all the swans in the United Kingdom, well almost all of them, specifically those on the River Thames with the Worshipful Companies of Dyes and Vintners. Every year in July, the ceremony called “swan upping” takes places where they make sure all those gorgeous birds are healthy. Moreover, she is the only person in Britain allowed to eat swan meat.

11. They do not squeeze toothpaste on their own

As we mentioned earlier, Prince Charles’ many valets have several duties, and one of them, Michael Fawcett, revealed that his job was helping the Prince of Wales with his nighttime hygiene regiment. In other words, he had to squeeze toothpaste onto Charles’ toothbrush every time, so that the prince could brush his teeth.

12. The Queen does not need a license

Elizabeth II does not exactly drive herself everywhere, but the point here is that she is only the person in the country that does not need a driving license. She has been seen driving every once in a while, and allegedly, loves it. But, no one should be concerned about her technique because she has been doing it for ages.

13. The bills are paid by the state

They might have a bunch of money, but most of the royal family’s things are paid by the Sovereign Grant, which is “provided by Government to the Royal Household in support of the Queen’s official duties”. This includes the maintenance of their properties and the salaries of the staff. No wonder they have so much money!

14. The Queen can sail any ship

Another privilege that seems a bit odd is the fact that Queen Elizabeth II can take any ship in British waters, and sail away. You might be surprised to learn that she has done it on several occasions.

15. There is no need for identification

Aside from not having to own a driver’s license, the Queen requires no form of identification. Her face is on the money, so it is safe to assume that all citizens know who she is. But, apparently, policemen cannot ask her for one because she simply does not have it. This is because British documents are issued on the behalf of the Queen.

What did you think of these interesting facts about the royal family and Queen Elizabeth II? Did you have any idea that they were so privileged? We would like to know your opinion, so leave a comment down below and share this article with all your friends who are in love with the concept of monarchy.

Source: Reader’s Digest

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