18 Years Later, Woman Meets The 'Egg' She Donated In College In All-Too Ordinary Circumstances

There are many stories that move our hearts, and this is one of them. A college student had an old picture of a woman, and it was the only clue she would have in her quest to find her. Luckily, she also had the support of her friends and family, so everything turned out wonderful, and here we have the tale of a young person who reunited with the woman that donated an egg.

Knowing about her origins

At a very young age, Elizabeth Gaba was told about her conception, which happened thanks to egg donation and the use of a surrogate. Her parents were always open with her and answered all her questions regarding the way she was brought into this world. She was always grateful to the person that made her existence possible.

At the age 18, she finally made up her mind about looking for the woman who had so generously given part of herself so that a finally could have their little girl. She would later find that this woman did not only share half her DNA, but also her voice. Gaba did not have much information about this mysterious donor from the get-go.

The only thing she knew was in the file released by the fertility clinic that her mother used in order to obtain her dream. Even then, those documents did not reveal much. They showed the birth year of the egg donor which was 1977, the college she attended which was USC with the name of her sorority Alpha Phi, and it also included a beautiful picture of her in a pool.

Most fertility clinics pay these women between $5,000 and $10,000, and they need the girls to be between the ages of 26 and 32. Another stipulation is that they have a college degree, but since all of them have an education, Gaba could not possibly use that information as a starting point. According to Daily Mail, by 2010, more than 18,300 women used donor eggs.

It was almost impossible for Elizabeth to find the egg donor at this point, but she was surprised to learn that the woman had attended the same school where she was studying, the University of Southern California. Her major was music just the same as Gaba, which is more than just coincidence, surely.

Gaba took her search online, looking at anything that could help in her quest. Furthermore, she requested help from her manager, Amanda Newman, who began looking as well. They were trying to pinpoint the year the egg donor graduated and perhaps reaching out to some of her sorority sisters through the internet.

Their online search paid off because the internet is magical. Amanda had sent the only picture she had to the sorority girls she could find, but on the fourth message, she suddenly realized that it had to be the woman in the beautiful picture. Newman immediately contacted Gaba and asked her to sit down because she had big news.

Meeting Amy Throckmorton

“I found your egg donor, and she [was in] SoCal Vocals!” It turns out that this woman also belonged to the same A Capella group that Elizabeth had joined. They were only 18 years apart. Her name is Amy Throckmorton, and she is a mother of three. The egg donor talked about this wonderful reunion to KTVU at some point.

“We have so many similar quirks. But the fact that she sang in my old A Capella group was mind-bending.” They continued talking online until they decided to meet and sing together. Throckmorton goes on to say, “Meeting her was wonderful and surreal.” She recorded their singing session and posted it on Facebook with the words:

“Funny story. In college, I was an egg donor for an infertile couple. Today, I met that egg. She goes to my college and sings in my A Capella group. It was a crazy and wonderful day! I’m so excited to know her and especially freaked out (in the best way) to hear our voices together. Skip a minute or two into the video to hear us sing together. Genetics, man!”

Amy obviously remembered her decision to donate an egg back when she was in college. Not many women would be that selfless because, for most, it is like having a child out there that is not really yours. “I wasn’t squeamish about the medical procedures (lots of self-administered shots, etc.) and I liked the idea of helping a couple who couldn’t have children of their own start a family.”

Eighteen years ago, Amy went to a fertility clinic to sign all the documents regarding her donation, and one box asked if she would be amenable to contact later on. She checked the box, knowing that at some point a parent or a new person could come along to meet her. At the time, she did not know if any of her eggs have been chosen for implantation, though.

Throckmorton decided to get to know Gaba, and she even introduced her to her children. She also stated that they will keep working on their bond. “I do think we’ll continue to have a relationship. She’s a really cool chick and I’m so excited to know her.” Elizabeth is also excited about the prospect of maintaining close contact with Amy, who is now 41 years old.

It is not always this easy

The subject of donation is a bit tricky still, and while Amy and Elizabeth had a happy ending, it is not always the case. The world of fertility still has trouble with the subject of the children meeting the donor parents. Some studies even found that telling kids about their conception through donated eggs or sperm affects them negatively.

In 2009, Oxford Academic studied the difference between telling a kid about this at a young age and telling them when they got older. 37% of the children that were told in their infancy were confused, while 27% were just surprised. The percentage lowers as they get older. They did not find solid conclusions between the ages, but they stipulated that it was better for them to learn the truth at some point.

What did you think of this heartwarming story? Do you think that fertility issues are still treated a bit too taboo? We would like to know your opinion, so leave a comment down below and share this article with all your friends who love random real-life anecdotes.

Source: Life Daily

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