The Secrets Behind A 50 Year Old Man Who Still Looks 20

A photographer from Singapore named Chuando Tan seems to have attracted a lot of attention. In fact, he's drawn attention from the whole world to himself for not only taking amazing pictures of other people but images of himself. So, you may be asking why are his pictures so interesting.

The reason being is that Chuando was born in 1967, which means he is 51 years old now, but the thing that has made him a spectacle, and we express this in a good way, is that he looks 20 years old! You may even call him the new Dorian Gray. So, let's take a look at what the secret is and how to avoid that mortality bug.

Let's start at the beginning 

Tan is well known for his work as a model in the 1980s, and he even pursued a pop-singing career in the 90s. However, his singing career didn't really last, and this is why he chose to turn to another activity that he could enjoy, such as photography. 

On one random day, instead of posting his usual images of models and other works, he decided to post one of himself, and that's when everything started. The photographer stated in one of his interviews: 

“I started an Instagram account because some friends told me that clients these days would want to know how big a social media following a photographer had. In order to pepper my account, I posted several photos of myself to share my thoughts in captions.”

The first thing users notices was that despite him being 51 years of age, he has not changed since his earlier pictures. Many boil this down to genetics, and others say he has a secret in the place where he lives. Perhaps this is because Singapore is known for its clean, fresh air, good medicine, and high-quality products. Those of course, are just mere guesses. So, let's see what his daily routine comprises of. 

A healthy breakfast to start the day 

When it comes to eating, Tan sticks to the principle "you are what you eat", and believes that the health condition of a person, as well as his or her appearance, depends on a percentage of 70% food intake, and 30% exercise.  

That’s why he eats 6 hard boiled eggs for breakfast with only 2 yolks to avoid cholesterol. Additionally, he drinks a glass of milk and adds avocado with berries to his meal on occasion. This certainly sounds delicious and nutritious and is a great way to start the day.

For the rest of the day, apart from eggs, he eats chicken with rice, grilled vegetables, and fish soup during the day. Like all of us, Tan admits that his weakness is ice cream, and this is why he eats it in the first half of the day, but very seldom.

Something we should take note of is what he avoids, and that is coffee and tea, but he makes sure to drink plenty of water. He doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink alcohol, and eats a salad made of fresh greens for dinner. That does sound healthy!

He works out for 90 minutes a day

Tan's gym routine consists of strength training four times a week, or at least 3 times if he runs out of time due to his schedule. He spends a maximum of 30 minutes on this activity as your cardio is meant to be your longest workout session.

Strength exercise is always followed by cardio; however, due to a knee injury, he avoids jogging but walks at a fast pace on a treadmill. Furthermore, he tries to swim every day and attends a swimming pool in the evenings for an hour swim.

He enjoys life to the fullest

This may sound rather trivial, but many of us do what we want that makes us happy when we want, right? Who knows, perhaps the secret of eternal youth is enjoying life. Everything that you do affects the psyche and, therefore, the whole body. Tan says:

“I have tried many different jobs and stopped at what I really like. I love people, love communication, love to set up a photo shoot, and love to take photos. If you do what you don’t like, then you’ll be feeling bad and, of course, it won’t strengthen your health.”

When it comes to skincare products, he's natural

There are thousands, no, millions of skincare products to chose from and very pricey indeed! But do they damage your skin or improve it? Some people are convinced that Tan gets plastic surgery and uses some unique cosmetics. Nope, this guy is all natural. He says:

“I have sensitive skin that’s why there are only 2 things I use daily: gel face wash and moisturizing cream.”

He was once gifted with a Botox procedure and decided to try it, but he didn't like the effect. He's made it a point to never visit any cosmetologists since then. However, Tan admits to one thing, and that is he does use hair dye because of his gray streaks. He can't be completely perfect!

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He makes sure to bath early

Tan's personal routine includes him going to bed before 11 PM and waking up early each day. He is positive that working at night and watching movies after midnight doesn’t improve the health. He stops eating 5 to 6 hours before sleep in order to get a good night's rest. Chuando says:

“Trust me, going bed early is worth it. Having had enough sleep, you’ll be able to do more things during the day rather than if you work at night.”

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Now, let's find out his secret!

We often look for the most complicated, most expensive solution to what is usually the most simple. Find work that you love, make sure to have a healthy diet, get full-time sleep, and exercise.

Jared Leto, Chris Evans, Margot Robbie, and many other celebrities stick to a similar lifestyle. Don't you agree that they also look younger than their true age? Especially when they claim to have never had plastic surgery! 

Does this sort of lifestyle look familiar to you? What lifestyle do you stick to? Do you know friends and family that live by this routine? Tell us in the comments section below. Remember to share this with your friends and family and remember to keep up-to-date with us for more amazing ways to stay fit and healthy!

Sources: BRIGHTSIDEThe Straits Times

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