Captain Marvel And The Implications She Brings For 'Avengers: Endgame'

After months of waiting to see what happened to the remaining heroes after Thanos’ snap, Marvel finally released the first trailer for Avengers: Endgame, where we saw Tony Stark on the Benatar about to lose the last of the oxygen. Many fans are wondering how he is going to get out of that tricky situation, and there are several theories. Let’s take a look.

A hero to the rescue

Endgame is going to be released almost exactly a year after the viewers saw the Mad Titan wipe out half the universe in his insane mission to save everybody. There are many theories out online regarding the plot, how to defeat Thanos, which characters might die, and much more. After seeing the first trailer, which revealed the name of the next installment, it was clear that Doctor Strange was right.

After giving up the Time Stone to save Tony Stark during the fight in Titan, the warlock told him that they were in the “endgame”, which fueled the theories about certain important characters dying. One of them might be Iron Man himself, the first superhero introduced in the MCU, and arguably the most crucial figure in the saga.

The trailer showed him stranded in space aboard the Benatar with Nebula, but Tony has lost all hope and is recording a message for Pepper Potts, where he reveals that they have no food and almost no oxygen left. Part of the letter was telling Potts that it was “always her”, which makes this first teaser pretty heartbreaking.

The question is: how is Tony going to be rescued? Yes, this might be Robert Downey Jr.’s final appearance in the franchise, considering his contract expires after Endgame, but it would be ridiculous for him to die in such a hopeless manner and right at the beginning of the film as this trailer is suggesting. A hero like him needs a proper sendoff to satisfy the fans that have been faithful for ten years.

Now, Tony is not alone, but Nebula is not precisely the most dependable alien in the galaxy. She has a one-track mind as she tried to get revenge on her sister for being Thanos’ favorite, and in Infinity War, she was shown trying to stop the Mad Titan at all costs. We can assume that she will be working towards that goal in Endgame as well.

That kind of character does not really concern herself with saving others, preferring to keep a single-minded focus on the mission ahead. Therefore, Stark is basically alone in this case. Another hero that could potentially come to Tony’s rescue is Thor, who would use Stormbreaker to open the Bifrost Bridge and possible travel through space trying to find Iron Man.

Furthermore, Rocket Raccoon survived the snap, and he might have a way of communicating with the Benatar to locate Nebula and Tony. The problem here is that none of them know if Tony survived the snap. The God of Thunder and Iron Man did not cross paths at any point in Infinity War, and neither did Rocket Raccoon, who also has no idea that the rest of the Guardians were turned to dust as well.

It’s likely that Thor assumes that Iron Man suffered from The Decimation just like 50% of all life. However, there is someone new that will be introduced to the MCU in only a few months and right before Endgame. Someone who is arguably the most powerful superhero in Marvel: Captain Marvel. We have already seen a couple of trailers of this character.

In them, we learned that Carol has been recruited in to help fight in the Kree-Skrull War, which was taking place somewhere in the galaxy but has suddenly extended to Earth. Captain Marvel will not support any side of the war, instead, she plans to end it once and for all. She is going to play a significant role in the next installment of Avengers because her symbol was shown in the post-credits scene of Infinity War.

However, her origin movie takes place in the 90s, so many fans wonder what she has been doing this entire time throughout the events in the MCU. She might not be on Earth at all, which could fit perfectly if she ends up saving Tony and Nebula. It’s most likely that they have been sending S.O.S. messages since they boarded the Benatar, so Carol could come to their rescue.

Furthermore, because of Robert Downey Jr.’s probable exit from the MCU, Captain Marvel could become the leader of the next phase, and it would be fantastic story-telling for her to save Iron Man from peril as if Iron Man were passing the torch to Carol. For months people have speculated about Doctor Strange’s plan, and what the winning outcome required.

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The appearance of Captain Marvel and her joining forces with Tony Stark could be precisely what is needed to defeat Thanos once and for all. Working together to reverse the effects of Thanos’ snap could also be the symbol that Iron Man is leaving his duties up to Carol from then on, knowing that the universe is in good hands.

The trailer did not reveal much, and it did not give any hint regarding the new female superhero, likely because they do not want to spoil the upcoming movie. They showed two characters that did not appear in Infinity War like Hawkeye, who has taken on the mantle of Ronin, and Ant-Man, who many are wondering how he got out of the Quantum Realm.

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The post-credits scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp showed him stuck in that world because the rest of the team turned to dust due to The Decimation. Therefore, theories state that he will be another critical character in Endgame, and they will use the Quantum Realm to time travel back in time. Either way, we have to wait until April 2019.

What did you think of this theory regarding Captain Marvel? Is there another possible rescuer for Tony and Nebula? All this speculation has fans growing even more impatient for April. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who will be right beside you in theaters. See you next time!

Source: Youtube/CBR

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