Santa Was Proposed To Become Gender Neutral: Internet In Complete Disarray

For generations, we have all known Santa as that white-bearded and overweight man depicted with a red and white suit and a black belt. This is the concept we have all had since we were little, but with the modern days we are living now, and the feminist wave we are experiencing, don't you think this concept is a little bit out-of-date? 

If you could rebrand Father Christmas for our present days, what would he look like? Well, it turns out this is the question that a company asked on an online poll, and you won't believe your eyes when reading the answers. Now, the whole Internet is arguing that Santa should be gender-neutral or female. We have all the details of this shocking news covered in today's article. Check it out!

A bit of history

For everybody, Santa Claus is that old man that delivers presents through houses' chimneys if you behaved well during the year, but do we really know where he comes from? It is very controversial to determine whether Santa was a real person because he has had several incarnations since the 4th Century.

However, many historians indicate that the figure is based on a Christian bishop from a small Roman town who dressed up to bring gifts to Dutch children in early December. Eventually, literature from the 19th century and the media transformed the bishop into the chubby man with a white beard, black boots, and a red suit that we know.

Now, in the 21st century, we are revamping the Old Saint Nick into a character that is more appealing to younger generations, and that is adapted to the modern and feminist times we are now facing. And who is better to give some ideas than the general public?

The company behind the controversy

This was precisely the idea that a company called GraphicSprings had. This UK-based business is "a free logo maker that allows entrepreneurs, small business owners, startups, and not for profits to create professional logos in minutes," as the description reads in the company's website.

The survey

But in October, the British business decided to spark controversy on the Internet when it released a poll asking more than four thousand people from The United States and the United Kingdom what Santa would look like if he were rebranded today. The suggestions are just surprising!

Using Google surveys, GraphicSprings gathered the responses of people ranging from 18 to more than 65 years old during October and November of this year. The idea was to get the suggestions to include them in their new graphic that was posted on the company's website.

The ideas

People got very creative and suggested that Santa should wear skinny jeans, black shades, a backpack, and trainers as part of his new and modern winter attire, without leaving out his classic red bobble hat. As for the physical appearance, he should be in better shape, have tattoos and a more modern hairstyle and beard.

And, of course, we cannot forget adding an iPhone, a hoverboard, and a tablet with Amazon Prime as part of his accessories to make him look tech-savvy. Technology should also help Santa with transportation, so now he has a flying car, ditching his traditional sleigh and reindeers. Is this the future face of Christmas?

The shocking suggestion

But these proposals are fairly regular when compared to the last section of the survey where the company asked about Father Christmas' gender. The three options were male, female, and neutral, and for the first alternative, the percentage was 72.2%. However, 108 people answered "female", giving this choice a 10.6%. 

The commotion

And last but not least, 174 respondents went for "gender neutral", giving the option a 17.2%. It is also curious that responses were even for the US and the UK, being slightly higher for the American country in the first choice, whereas the percentage for the second alternative was more significant in the UK. 

Without a doubt, this results ruffled quite a few cyber feathers, creating a stir among netizens. But surprisingly, the controversy did not start with the online survey. Some weeks ago, two women signed up at a Christmas festival in England to portray the character. 

So the combination of these two events has made the topic of Santa's gender quite hot these days, and social networks have been the hotbed for a mixture of opinions from people who have strong feelings about the genre of our beloved fictional character. 

For that reason, we decided to compile some of the best responses we could find on Twitter. There were hundreds of opinions from folks that literally had nothing better to do, but we picked our top ten. Just have scroll down to check them out!

1. Let's start with the first one who defends a male Santa. The person who wrote this tweet certainly has a point. If we change Saint Nicholas, who else will we be forced to change? Not Disney Princesses, please!

2. Some people feel that feminism is just pushing the limits of ordinary things, like this girl. It is a bit tiring that everything has to be gender-neutral now in order not to offend anyone.

3. Well, this Twitter user definitely has a point. Many crucial things are going on around the world, and people are concerned about Santa's gender. Was this meant to distract us from something serious?

4. Sadly, this seems to be the reality of our American society, and perhaps not only the American one but communities around the world. What is going on, people?

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5. We really enjoyed the somewhat funny comment of this user regarding the controversial topic. We think people totally forgot about Mrs. Claus. Should she be a man or a lesbian?

6. The image is quite hilarious, and we think it would be like that if it ever happened. We guess many people were disgusted at the results of the survey.

7. Again, we have another netizen bringing up the fact that there are more serious issues like hunger and wars, but people don't seem to get over the gender-neutral matter.

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8. Perhaps, the answers from that percentage of people were the result of not understanding what true equality really means, or at least that is what this Twitter user believes.

9. And we couldn't leave out a humorous meme from the fabulous Phoebe. We could totally see her saying that in real life with her high-pitched tone of voice.

10. And we have to close our top ten with this straightforward message from a Twitter user. It was an excellent way to finish up this debate once and for all.

After considering all these opinions and the results from the poll, what are your thoughts about this controversial issue? We would love to hear them, so drop a message in the comment section, and share this article with others to get to know their opinions as well. Until next time! 

Sources: GraphicSprings, Diply, Fox News, Newsweek

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