Details Everyone Seemed To Miss About Ebony Maw In 'Infinity War'

There were so many characters introduced in Avengers: Infinity War that, sadly, there was no time for a proper introduction or backstory for many of them. One of them was Ebony Maw, a member of Thanos’ Black Order, and a powerful supervillain who can move things with his mind. The role was interpreted by Tom Vaughan Lawler, and there are many things they did not show about this interesting figure. Let’s take a look.

The astonishing thing the actor did to get the part

After ten years of immense success, you can probably imagine that getting a part in the incredible MCU is something every actor is vying for right now. Lawler’s agent told him to film an audition tape for the next movie in the franchise, and he knew that he had to do something exceptional to impress the casting directors.

You probably laughed at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War when Tony Stark referred to Ebony Maw as Squidward, the favorite character from Spongebob Squarepants, and Tom decided to dress up as an alien-looking Squidward for his audition tape. He admitted to feeling a bit stupid, but the plan worked, and Lawler got the part of Maw in one of the biggest hits of the year.

The actor had been a massive fan of the franchise since its inception, and he also decided to fit in a marathon of all the movies to prepare for the role. It’s encouraging to hear that someone who portrays an essential character in a saga people adore, also likes the story just as much as the many fans it has attracted over the years.

The Black Order

One of the things we learned in Guardians of the Galaxy and in Infinity War is that Thanos loves “adopting” children, though it is clear that he does not really adopt them so much as kidnap them after massacring their planets and killing their families. Aside from that, he also plays with their minds or tortures them to the point that some of them have turned their backs on their “father”.

Gamora and Nebula are such examples, who were both hell-bent on destroying the Mad Titan. However, others choose to honor him such as Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, and of course, Ebony Maw, who is a vital member of their group. They refer to themselves as the children of Thanos or The Black Order. Maw is so important that he is the only one who Thanos calls by his name.

The Mad Titan called him “The Maw” when he learned that he had perished on the way to Titan due to Iron Man and Spider-Man’s plans. Yes, it might not be his complete name, but at least, it was spoken out loud, unlike the others in the Black Order whom we only know their names because of the comic books.

His abilities

During Infinity War, Ebony Maw exhibited some impressive skills similar to those possessed by the Scarlet Witch, but their sources of power come from very different places. You probably remember him telling Tony Stark that technology and talents were “inconsequential” compared to his own, but in the comic books, they actually have the same abilities, i.e., no superpowers at all.

Even though the villain has access to all kinds of alien technology, he is not particularly gifted with super strength, stamina or any powers at all. So, why does Thanos keep him in such a high position? His talents are actually his intelligence and the ability to persuade others. In the comic books, he was the one who convinced the Black Order to come together.

In Infinity War, he tortured Doctor Strange but was unable to get the Time Stone because of the others’ intervention, but in the printed works, he got into the warlock’s mind and controlled him. Furthermore, in the story, he was tracking Thanos’ son Thane and got Stephen Strange to help with his persuasive abilities.

What happened to him?

As we mentioned earlier, Doctor Strange was saved by the intervention of Tony Stark and Peter Parker, who snuck into the donut ship without Iron Man’s knowledge. He told the kid to come up with a plan, and the young hero referenced one of the greatest space movies in the world Aliens. Spider-Man said that they should use the same strategy as they did in the film.

Therefore, they created a hole on the side of the ship and blew Ebony Maw away into outer space. Culture movie fans will remember that this is what happened to the original Xenomorph in the 1979 masterpiece, and they do the same thing to the alien queen in the sequels. However, some fans wondered if Ebony was able to break into Doctor Strange’s mind.

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After all, the warlock was adamant about letting Tony and Peter die on several occasions to protect the Time Stone, and then we saw him giving the gem to the Mad Titan without any explanation. Could this have been part of the plan all along? In the comic books, his mental abilities are so impressive that sometimes people forget that he talked to them at all.

Therefore, the warlock could have been under the influence of Ebony Maw without any memories of the encounter. During the comic book Infinity, this son of Thanos found Thane and made him watch as his father killed the Avengers, and then he released Thane, betraying his master. However, this was not the only time Ebony was disloyal to the Mad Titan.

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His character is always looking for his own benefits. Thane worked towards defeating his father for his actions, in order to prove once and for all that he was nothing like him, and while we know that this comic and the movie have very few similarities, Ebony Maw’s actions could have lead to the future end of the greatest villain in the MCU for now.

What did you think of this theory regarding Ebony Maw? Do you think this is plausible or is he really dead? Fans will only find out more in Avengers: Endgame, which is set to release on April 26, 2019. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who love discussing the differences between the comic books and the movies. See you next time!

Source: Youtube/CBR

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