Rocket Raccoon Taking The Blame For 'Infinity War'? Theory Suggests It's Possible

After The Decimation, Rocket Raccoon is the only character from Guardians of the Galaxy left, and he really had it coming because the events of Infinity War might have started because of his silly last minute decision. Now, that he is alone to think about his actions, we wonder what his role will be in Avengers: Endgame. Let’s dive into this a little more deeply.

The sole Guardian left

His whole team was turned to dust after Thanos’ snap, except for Gamora who was physically killed in Vormir, and so he had to watch Groot die once again in the ending scene of Infinity War. He might be feeling justifiably guilty for his actions which resulted in this tragedy, and his absence from the first trailer for the fourth Avengers seems to imply that the others have discovered what he did.

There is some evidence to indicate this. Most people might not remember well, but Rocket committed a crime in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 which led to the destruction of the universe in Infinity War. Yes, Star-Lord is somewhat to blame also because they had a solid plan to take the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos, but at least, he was fighting for a loved one.

The robbery

It might have seemed like a silly and utterly in-character action from Rocket Raccoon, but he had no idea what would come later. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 started with the group as some of the best mercenaries in the universe; a complete contrast to who they were in the first film. They were tasked by the Sovereign to kill the Abilisk, who was about to arrive in one of their worlds.

The reason the Abilisk was coming is that it is naturally fascinated by the Anulax Batteries possessed by the Sovereign. These artifacts are some of the most amazing sources of power in the galaxy, and these golden people could not lose them to a monster. Rocket, as he usually does, noticed these objects. He has always been a thief, after all.

The battle was incredibly fascinating, and fans loved it, but they were able to achieve their goal, and get what they were after in the first place. Their reward was not money, though, they were doing this job for Gamora’s sake, so they could have Nebula, the fellow daughter of Thanos, and bring her to the Nova Corps so that she could answer for her crimes.

However, that price was obviously not the only thing on Rocket’s mind, who decided to steal from the Sovereign, taking as many batteries as he could for himself right under the nose of that empire with advanced technology. This was a crime the empire noticed right away, but at least, Rocket and Drax were able to laugh about it.

The Sovereign retaliated

Once Peter and Gamora, the only guardians with at least a little bit of morally and sense of self-preservation, realized Rocket’s crimes, they were immediately scared of what the Sovereign would do to them, and they were angry at the raccoon for his careless actions. They knew that the empire would hunt them down for not honoring the deal.

Unknowingly, Rocket had made the guardians enemy number one of this amazing clan. This is basically the plot of the whole film, and it led to The Decimation. Ego, Quill’s father, showed up to help them, but the team is not convinced about him. Meanwhile, the Sovereign hired Yondu and the Ravagers to kill the guardians for their crime against them.

This all needed to happen so that Rocket would finally accept his newfound family, and the robbery was an obvious plot device used to fuel a simple film, not unlike the rest of the superhero movies out there. However, fans of Guardians of the Galaxy only want to see their favorite heroes and not worry about the credibility of the story.

Nebula escaped and faced Thanos

If this was not a cinematic universe but just a standalone film, it would be fine. However, Rocket’s crimes led to Thanos finally gathered the Infinity Stones and working towards an insane goal of wiping out half of the universe. The MCU has Rocket to thank for this massive tragedy, and not many characters actually know about it.

Eventually, Ego’s story arc became the focus of the film, but an important aspect is often forgotten. The reason the guardians took the job with the Sovereign, in the first place, was to get Nebula, who was being held by the empire. Gamora and the rest want to see her facing justice after what she did in the first movie.

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They planned to go to Xandar and give her to the Nova Corps when they were attacked by the Sovereign for Rocket’s stealing the batteries. They almost perish, but Ego showed up to save the day. They end up destroying Milano and land in a forest world. They split up, and Rocket and Groot were left to guard Nebula, who escaped once the Ravagers arrived. However, she says that all she wants to revenge on the Mad Titan.

A huge debate about among fans is the reason why Thanos decided to find the stones during Infinity War and not before. Many theories were presented, but the writers of Infinity War revealed the truth in the commentary of the movie. The Mad Titan waited all this time because he needed someone to find the Soul Stone, which no one knew where it was.

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He had to have an inkling about the location of each gem to actually act, and there are theories explaining that he had to act fast collecting them all because higher beings than him might be on the lookout and would act to stop him. As we know, Gamora knew where the Soul Stone was, and she told Nebula. If Nebula had been given to the Nova Corps, then Infinity War might not have occurred.

Did you realize that Rocket’s actions set all these events in motion? They say that crime does not pay, and poor Rocket learned that the hard way. If you liked this article share it with your friends while discussing if he is really to blame for this. See you next time!

Source: Screen Rant

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