A Series of Photos of This Dumb Horse Who Stole The Show Blew Twitter Instantly

Horses are known to be smart, majestic creatures, but then, there are those who aren’t. Twitter user @mckellogs has a thread depicting the way their family prepares for those dreaded snowy seasons and their horse, Tango, certainly needs attention.  

This is rather amusing because Tango is not the smartest stallion out there, and we get to see some of his funny behavioral patterns. So, without further ado, let us have a look at these amusing images.

14. This lazy horse waits for his owners to mow the lawn so that he has a fresh buffet of delicious grass. 

13. Even though Tango has a perfectly warm barn with plenty of hay, he prefers the outdoors and enjoys the snow. 

12. This horse loves to take long naps in the sun, and his most comfortable position is on his back with his legs up. 

11. Tango enjoys playing a good game of "fetch" with his food bowl. He surely is a beautiful stallion! We didn't know horses played this game. 

10. If you use Google Maps, you'll find a picture that resembles a dead horse. Silly Tango! 

9. For a first glimpse, it looks like Tango has been spiked. Thankfully, it is a mere optical illusion, and he is perfectly fine. 

8. When it comes to being adventurous and playing with his owners, a good game of "fetch" with a stick is always optional. Perhaps he thinks he's a dog. 

7. One again, Tango is having his afternoon nap in the grass. This horse sure loves to sleep a lot! 

6. Instead of heading inside for shelter, Tango chooses to stand in the cold looking across at his warm barn. What is wrong with you, Tango?

5. Here is a funny meme that the owner created just for a good giggle. We certainly love to share these fun images!

4. Here is a huge smile from this adorable horse. Have you ever seen a happier horse? 

3. Here is an image of Tango all dressed up. He looks like he belongs to a superhero, don't you think? 

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2. Can you believe that Tango actually carries his food bucket in the hopes of getting treats from the neighbors? What a clever mule!

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1. This is Tango's comfy home. He's all safe and snug in his barn filled with hay. He certainly looks happy inside his shelter. 

What did you think of these adorable pictures? Are you a horse lover? Share your comments in the section below. Remember to share this with your animal-loving friends and keep up-to-date with us for more fantastic pics of the creatures on our planet. 

Source: Bored Panda

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