Unpleasant Things About Rachel Green We Passed Off As Quirks

For fans of the favorite TV show Friends, you'll undoubtedly remember that gorgeous character, Rachel Green. For the majority of the show, Rachel surely gave it all up to be on her own. If you remember correctly, she went from being wealthy to totally broke.

In her case, she chose freedom and love instead of prosperity. Luckily, she had her five best friends to support, and although they had their own fair share of problems, they always stood by her. Rachel may look perfect, but believe us, she is far from it. Let's take a closer look why.

20. She is the laziest roommate you'll ever encounter. So any hopes of keeping a neat and tidy home is out of the question.

19. She is known to have a "silver tongue" and lied during her annulment. So Rachel certainly cannot be trusted. 

18. When Monica and Chandler moved in together, Rachel was extremely angry. We think she had a jealous streak, don't you agree? 

17. Poor Barry was left standing alone at the altar when she got cold feet. That is a dreadful thing to do to someone! 

16. She never batted an eyelid for Ross until he was involved with someone else.  

15. She was untrustworthy and told everyone about Ross's "Princess Leia" fantasy. This definitely belittled him.  

14. She was not fair when it came to rules on dating because Rachel asked Ross not to date other people, but excluded that rule for herself.  

13. She was possibly the worst driver ever! Those who drove with Rachel were lucky to still be alive. 

12. She played it hard-to-get and then ignored Gunther entirely. Why tease the poor guy in the first place? 

 11. When it came to her sisters, she had absolutely no sympathy. That showed that Rachel was somewhat self-absorbed.  

10. Rachel never wanted to switch with Phoebe. This is just something that was one of her unforgivable traits.  

9. She actually convinced Bonnie to shave her head. That was a sneaky move, Rachel! 

8. When Phoebe wanted to go running, Rachel didn't want to join her. She certainly didn't want to spend quality time with anyone. 

7. She blatantly tried to stop Ross and Emily from getting married. She certainly got in the way of Ross's happiness.  

6. We find it funny how she pushed everyone away but got jealous when Monica and Chandler got engaged.  

5. She ignored the one-year celebration plan that Ross had and didn't see his efforts.

4. She had the audacity to invite Mark over after she broke up with Ross. That was really mean, Rachel! 

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3. If you're looking to hire Rachel, keep in mind that she is one of the worst employees you'll ever have.  

2. Rachel was so thoughtless that she stole Jean-Claude Van Damme from Monica. 

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1. When she was in high school, Rachel was a real bully. This is something that didn't surprise us really. 

What do think about Rachel after these facts? If you have any comments, feel free to share them below. Remember to share this with your friends and family and keep up-to-date with us for more interesting facts when it comes to those favorite TV stars. 

Source: Screen Rant

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