Robin Might Be Batman’s Biggest Mistake As Shown By ‘Titans’

The season finale trailer for Titans is focused on the feud between Batman and Robin, and it is also one of the problems of the DC Universe series. This first season centered on Dick Grayson, who is making a life outside of Batman’s shadow, and while this battle might give a conclusion for his story, it also revealed how lacking it was regarding the development of the other characters. Let’s dive deeper into this.

A show about Robin

On the first episode, Dick Grayson was revealed as a police detective in Detroit, and he met Rachel Roth/Raven in his line of work. Her mother was killed by a man who spoke about her future and her mysteriously evil father as if he knew more than anyone. Both Grayson and Roth start looking for answers, which led them to Kory Anders/Starfire, a woman with amnesia that only remembers that she was searching for Rachel.

They later team up with Gar Logan/Beast Boy, who ended up falling for Rachel and helped escape from a convent where she was sent for safety measures. All this happened throughout four episodes, which takes up most of its ten-episode season. Then another five episodes were spent without properly discovering the problem with Rachel’s father and Kory Anders’ character.

On the next to last episode titled Koriand'r, they did nothing to further this plot, and episodes Jason Todd, Donna Troy, and Hank and Dawn were used to develop the backstories of characters that were already presented or add new characters. But, the new people were shown when Dick Grayson was far away, working out his own issues. The main struggle of this series is the fact that it is not a show about the Titans but instead centered on Robin.

The rest of the characters seem to be window-dressing for the real plot. Raven’s story only mattered in terms of developing Dick Grayson’s self-exploration. In fact, episode seven, Asylum, was supposed to be about rescuing Rachel’s mother from “The Organization”, but Grayson’s delusions and the destruction of his Robin suit took most of the screen time. Furthermore, there is clear evidence that Robin cannot keep Batman’s identity safe at all.

No point in having a sidekick

Another vital flaw the show has brought to light is that Bruce Wayne should have thought twice about recruiting a teenage sidekick like Dick Grayson. It might not be a plot hole, and we are not saying that one of the greatest heroes in DC Comics is stupid, but the focus Titans has placed on Robin, is only showing how having him as Batman’s sidekick is more a burden than a boon.

Of course, Robin is skilled in battle and is not vulnerable because he can take care of himself, but the problem is that he cannot keep his mouth shut about Batman’s real identity as Bruce Wayne. In fact, having a sidekick at all was almost the kiss of death for the secrecy of this vigilante. Let’s analyze this part a little better.

The history of Robin is unknown

Titans started with Dick Grayson maintaining his self a secret of it had been some time that he had not used the Robin costume. As mentioned earlier, he just minded his business as a detective for the Detroit Police Department. He is the orphan son of a circus family, and when they died, he was fostered or perhaps adopted by Bruce Wayne, a billionaire of Gotham City.

Using flashbacks, the series showed how Grayson and Bruce met, or at least, the story that the world knows about these two. No one really knows why Wayne wanted to foster a kid, and even Dick calls his time with the billionaire a circus. But the point here is that the relationship between them is public record, and probably gossiped about by most of the citizens.

If Robin’s identity gets out, then Batman’s does as well

If you go forward to when Dick Grayson offered to help Roth, he did not need to be cautious because his job would explain why he was assisting, but once the others joined in around Rachel for their own reasons, it seemed like the subject of his alter-ego could come up at any point. In episode five, it is revealed. The team was suffering due to their foe, and Dick went away.

He came back in his uniform as Robin, and so he revealed that Bruce Wayne was Batman. It is a turning for the Titans teams, for sure, as they realized that the cop was more than just a policeman, but Bruce Wayne’s famous sidekick. However, it is also when Batman’s identity was compromised, and what should have been an excellent moment for DC Comic lovers, became a disaster that could have ended both characters’ lives.

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It does not take a genius to connect the dots and figure out that if the cop that decided to turn his back on his wealthy foster father Bruce Wayne is Robin, then it is obvious who Batman really is. Batman and Robin were already famous for their crime-fighting adventures, and even the citizens of Gotham could have Google-ed the name “Dick Grayson” and discovered the truth.

Episode six sealed the deal

The one titled Jason Todd tried to argue that just because Dick Grayson is Robin doesn’t mean that Bruce Wayne is Batman. After the reveal, a family friend from Haly’s Circus asked him if Bruce Wayne knew about his identity as Robin, and yes, Dick could have taken the persona without his foster father’s involvement, but when Jason Todd, Bruce Wayne’s second adopted son came as the new Robin, well, there was no going back from that.

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Additionally, both Robins call each other “Dick” and “Jason”, as well as talk about a “Bruce”, which is an oversight from the showrunners. Batman could have picked better-suited sidekicks, but adopting these two ensured that anyone, including a villain, with a computer, could figure out their real identities in a heartbeat.

What did you think of the main flaws of the show? Is it too obvious that Bruce Wayne is Batman at this point? The show airs every Friday on the DC Universe streaming site. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who are fans of Titans. See you next time!

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