Dreams That Never Came True: Celebs Who Almost Got To Be Disney Princesses

Many children around the world wish to become princesses one day, and who wouldn't? Living as a blue-blood member must be fantastic, and this is even confirmed by monarchies from different countries and, of course, Disney. Since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was premiered in 1937, we all wanted to be in Snow White's shoes. 

And although for many of us this dream would be a far-fetched idea, some people actually had the opportunity to become Disney royalty, but their hopes were dashed. We are talking about actresses that auditioned for the parts, but their dreams never became a reality. Do you want to know who they are? Scroll down and discover them!

1. Idina Menzel

The singer, actress, and Broadway star wanted to try her luck in Disney when she auditioned for Tangled to be the voice of Rapunzel, but she lost to Mandy Moore. However, that was not the end for Idina. She did get to be a Disney Princess, but not the one she wanted in the first place.

It turns out the casting director recorded the song of the audition on her phone. She then used the recording of Blackbird by The Beatles to prove that the American singer was the ideal one to be Elsa in Frozen. Do you know the song Let It Go? Well, we have to thank Menzel since she was the reason why Elsa had such powerful pipes.

2. Megan Mullally

We are sure you remember Megan for her part in the comedy Will & Grace, but did you know that this girl can sing as well? The actress auditioned to voice Elsa in Frozen when the concept of the movie was entirely different. According to Josh Gad, the voice behind Olaf, the original name of the film was Anna and the Snow Queen.

Moreover, the film was not about sisterhood, and Elsa was quite an evil character. So as the concept evolved to the adaptation we all know, Mullally was changed for Menzel to voice the Queen of Ice. We have no doubt she could have been a great princess, though. 

3. Reese Witherspoon

Some actress did not lose one but two chances, and one of those was Reese. The first time was during a project called Rapunzel: Unbraided that she was meant to executive produce and star. However, the idea was scrapped, and some years later we got Tangled, but she couldn't land the leading role here either. 

Then, Witherspoon was cast as Merida, the Scottish princess in Brave, but she had a disadvantage against her: the accent. Therefore, she was forced to quit the movie, and Kelly McDonald, who is from Scotland, replaced her; she was perfect for the part. 

4. Jodi Benson

The actress and singer did and didn't miss her opportunity in Disney. She voiced 1989's Ariel in The Little Mermaid, and then, she was considered the perfect fit at first to play Belle in Beauty and the Beast some years down the road. However, she lost to Paige O'Hara because her voice was too young.

Producers wanted a more mature edge for the nerdy princess, and the seasoned Broadway performer had that trained voice they were looking for. But it was not all bad news for Jodi. She borrowed her voice for both Ariel and Belle in the show House of Mouse that aired from 2001 to 2002. 

5. Deanna Durbin

If you are from younger generations, maybe you wouldn't know who Durbin is. She was a great star from the 30s and 40s that had a mature voice and an exceptional acting talent. Being a money-making actress for MGM, it is no surprise that she was a shoo-in to be Snow White in the first princess movie from Disney, but Adriana Caselotti took the role.

However, things apparently worked out for the best as Caselotti only earned $970 for her part, was not invited to the movie's premiere, and what was even worse, she did not receive credit for her work as Disney wanted to keep voice actors as a secret in order not to spoil the fantasy. Therefore, her experience was far from being a fairytale.

6. Lea Salonga

We could say that Lea was half a princess, and you'll understand why once we explain it. Do you remember A Whole New World? The beloved singing voice was Salonga's. But that's not all. When Mulan was being produced, everybody thought that Lea would be the chosen one for the Asian princess, and she was... kind of. 

She was Mulan's singing voice, but Lea did not get the whole deal because her voice was too high to pass as male. As you might recall, Mulan pretends to be a man when she was in the army, so it didn't work for that part. Therefore, Ming-Na Wen ended up as the voice of the princess in the film. 

7. Margot Robbie

When Disney was producing Cinderella as the first animated classic with a live-action treatment, actresses were lining up to get the part, since they not only would borrow their voice but they would also perform the role. One of those was Margot; she was a major contender, but the character was ultimately given to Lily James. 

Yes, we know it was a total change for her from trying to be a Disney Princess to actually getting to play a supervillain. As you might know, Robbie starred as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad a few years later. So it seems that things worked out for the best for the blondie. 

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8. Natalie Portman

Perhaps, you think that Portman is already a Disney princess now that the Star Wars franchise belongs to the leading provider of entertainment, but no, she is not. However, the Israeli actress did have her chance in Tangled as well. Animator Clay Kaytis told The Daily Mail they wanted someone different that could portray Rapunzel.

They wanted the character to have quirky qualities and unexpected behavior rather than being aloof and princessy. And we could totally see Natalie doing so, but she wasn't meant to be. And we are very glad she did not get the role because Black Swan was released that same year, and this movie won her an Oscar. 

9. Whitney Houston

The whole world remembers well this iconic singer, but what not many know is that, apart from singing, she was also a gifted actress. She was a fairy godmother in 1997's Rodgers and Hammerstein Cinderella, a movie adaptation for TV from the original 1957's musical with the same name. 

Whitney was supposed to be Cinderella when the movie was set to be produced in 1993, so by the time the shooting really got going four years later, the I Have Nothing singer felt too old to be the princess. That was when she decided to be the fairy godmother and got TV star Brandy Norwood to be Cinderella, becoming Disney's first African-American princess. 

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10. Alicia Keys

Brandy Norwood could have broken stereotypes becoming the first Afro-American princess in real life, but Alicia Keys wanted to be the first animated one as Tiana in The Princess and The Frog. The No One singer wanted the role so badly that she went to auditions three times but didn't make the cut. 

Eventually, Aniki Noni Rose voiced Tiana. Keys' interest was surprising as she has been very vocal about Disney's classics. She told Net-A-Porter that Snow White is "totally sexist and misogynistic. There's nothing wrong with a woman who chooses to stay at home with her family… but it's the way it's spoken about."

As we could see, Disney has made us believe that dreams always come true, but for these Hollywood renowned actresses and singers, they did not. Most of them lost the chance for something more significant, but for some others, being a Disney Princess was not in their fates. What do you think about this article? Tell us what your opinion is in the comment section! 

Sources: The List, Refinery 29, Daily Mail

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