Strangest Rules That Queen Elizabeth II Enforces On Her Family

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning monarch in British history, and as the person on the top tier of the royal family, she gets to decide almost everything regarding the customs and the protocol they should all follow. Some rules have been around for centuries, but she has created others for herself. Here we have some interesting requirements she makes her family obey.

1. They cannot eat starchy foods or garlic

Queen Elizabeth II tries to follow a specific diet, or rather, she has certain things that she does not like placed on her meals. A chef of the royal family revealed that the monarch does not eat starchy foods like potatoes and spaghetti, and garlic is not her favorite either. 

In fact, the Queen has basically prohibited the use of garlic in the kitchens of Buckingham Palace. No one will never smell or taste that delicious ingredient in that mansion unless the next king or queen changes the rule. However, it might just be that garlic gives people bad breath.

2. Everyone has to stop eating when she is done

When it comes to formal dinners with the Queen, everyone must follow her indications and treat her with all due respect. There is one rule that all royals and outsiders have to comply when in her presence during dinner.

Once Elizabeth II is done with her meal, everyone else at the table has to put their cutlery down. You might want to ask for seconds, but that would be completely rude. The rest of the family probably learned to eat quickly.

3. The bag on the table indicates that it is time to leave

People not only have followed her eating schedule, but everything else is dictated by the monarch. She gets to decide when it is time for an event to end or when she wants to leave. This happens in most families where everyone follows the matriarch’s lead.

If Elizabeth II places her bag on the table that means it’s time to leave the party or end the event. However, if a guest needs to step away from the table or leave the function earlier than expected, they may do so without worrying.

4. Prince Philip is always behind the Queen, literally

Prince Philip married Elizabeth II more than 70 years ago, and you might have noticed that in pictures, he is always behind his wife. This is because of the Order of Precedence. The Queen is obviously the highest member of the royal family, and so she must go ahead.

This rule was not actually set by the monarch herself, but she has continued the rule her ancestors designed before her. It serves to remind everyone that she is the true ruler of Britain and that women run the world as Beyoncé would say.

5. They all belong to the Church of England

While the rules about who they date and marry have eased in modern times, as evidenced by Meghan Markle’s acceptance into the family, they are not allowed to change religions or go to other churches.

Elizabeth II mandates that they all stay true to the Church of England. This is not exactly a hassle, as no one can imagine any of the Windsors changing their beliefs, but it is an old-fashioned rule because religious freedom is such a hot topic.

6. A formal outfit requires a hat

Americans might find this confusing, but a formal ensemble is never complete until the women don a hat. That is why you have seen the girls, such as Princess Beatrice and Eugenie, rocking headwear to royal weddings.

This is a tradition that started in the 50s, at a time when women were not allowed to show their hair in public. Queen Elizabeth II still believes in this look, so she has continued the rule, and we must admit that some hats are gorgeous.

7. Never use the word “pregnant”

One quirky rule that the Queen mandates is a ban on the word “pregnant”, and probably its variations. She simply does not like the sound of the word and does not allow anyone else in the family to say it, at least in her presence.

The role of any monarch is to provide children, so this seems a bit weird, but to the monarch, the word sounds off and rude. Instead, she uses the phrase “in the family way”, a term that dates back to the 17th century.

8. They accept gifts, but the Queen decides what to keep

One of the rules the family has to follow is accepting gifts from the crowds, but Elizabeth II gets to decide what and who keeps a certain present. It has been reported that they do not keep them all. They are, instead, donated or thrown away if it’s food or flowers.

Some presents are placed in storage until a decision is made, but in any case, the Queen is the one with the final say on the gifts’ destiny. We have to wonder how remarkable an offering must be for the royal family to keep it.

9. They will not give out signatures or take selfies

Aside from the fact that Queen does not really like cell phones, it is improper for a royal member to stop and take a picture with a fan. Furthermore, a selfie means that the admirer would have to turn his or her back on the important person, and that is even ruder.

Meanwhile, while the selfie ban is most for practical reason, the prohibition on autographs is a safety measure. It would be easy for anyone to forge their signatures based on them. We wonder if the family really does not have a selfie in their phones.

10. Her purse on her right arm means that she does not want to talk

Clearly, everything the monarch does with her bag is a subtle clue to indicate something she desires. When Elizabeth II passes her handbag from her left arm to her right, it means she is done with that particular conversation.

The people around her have to follow this rule, and we would all love having the power to stop uncomfortable or awkward talks, especially if it is such a subdued signal that does not make you look impolite.

11. They cannot take food or drinks from strangers

This is another safety measure as there is always danger in eating or drinking something not knowing its origins. They won’t even eat something given to them by a friend, which is a little much these days, but you can never be too careful.

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12. They cannot show PDA

The royal family shows love to each other in many ways, but a strict rule they must follow is not touching too much in public. You will never see Queen Elizabeth II smooching her husband at a formal event. They have to maintain decorum.

13. There must be a royal procession

For any formal event, the family must arrive in the order of succession, which means that she and Prince Philip go first. For example, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex cannot enter a gathering if Prince Charles is not there yet.

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14. Christmas dinner is a must

Queen Elizabeth II places great importance on family time, and Christmas dinner is a big deal for the Royals. William and Kate once attended a Christmas function at the Middleton’s home, but that was an exception.

15. She can drive without a license

Certain rules do not apply to the Queen, and one of them says that she can drive without actually getting a license. This is because most documents in the UK are given on behalf of the Queen, so it would be silly for her to allow herself to drive.

What did you think of these quirky rules? Would you be able to follow them if you got the chance to join the royal family? We would like to know your opinion, so leave a comment down below and share this article with all your friends that love learning about royalty.

Source: Cheat Sheet


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