All In On Aquaman: Destined To Decide The Future Of DCEU

Aquaman is going to define the future of the DCEU, which has yet to manage anything resembling the MCU with box-office bombs such as Batman V Superman and Justice League. Furthermore, the dark saga at Zack Snyder’s lead was just too serious and the problems when he stepped down as director of JL affected the quality of the movie. James Wan is giving new hope to DC.

Things are looking good

So far, Aquaman made $100 million in its opening weekend in China, and the predictions for the American release are increasing every day. Meanwhile, the reviews are mostly positive, which is something that had not happened for the DCEU since Wonder Woman. James Wan’s new perspective on the world of superheroes is definitely a benefit for this saga.

But, the true test will come once it is released in the U.S., and how will domestic audiences, both fans and random moviegoers, will take to this new film. Furthermore, the final profit needs to be big for Warner Bros. to continue this franchise. They have several releases for the near future such as Shazam! and Joker for next year, as well as Bird of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984 for 2020.

However, Joker is not part of the DCEU, and the others might be independent of the events of Justice League and Zack Snyder’s works. Since most of them are still in development, there might be certain changes depending on the success or failure of Aquaman, where Jason Momoa plays the role of Arthur Curry.

What happens if Aquaman fails?

The bad news always comes first. If the film does not do as well as expect in theaters or the reviews are similar to those of Man of Steel, then Warner Bros. has a big problem on its hand because it means the bad taste of Justice League is still lingering. If things are really that dire, we might get another reboot of the superheroes, where the studio will scrape everything Snyder did.

The only part of the DCEU that works is Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman directed by Patty Jenkins, so they will definitely keep her but start fresh with the rest. Shazam! is different in the sense that the tone won’t resemble JL, while Birds of Prey is Harley Quinn’s story that will stray far from the events of Suicide Squad.

Furthermore, Wonder Woman 1984 takes place way before the events of Batman V Superman. Matt Reeves’ The Batman will probably have a new, younger Bruce Wayne, while there is no news about a movie for The Flash. Instead of rebooting Superman, they are thinking about a Supergirl project. Therefore, the failure of Aquaman means throwing the Snyder era to the trash.

No longer a cinematic universe

The Chinese box-office results give hope that this might not happen, but it is likely that the U.S. response to the film will be mixed. Therefore, if Aquaman does not raise the bar for DC as Wonder Woman did, the DCEU could be declared over. The studio is currently releasing movies that have no plans of interconnecting, and this could be the formula for the DC.

With Joker being part of a whole different brand, choosing not to keep trying to achieve something like Marvel could be the better choice for Warner Bros. It has both benefits and downsides, but standalone movies would be open to creativeness from different directors and exploring comic book arcs that would be overlooked otherwise.

What happens if it is a hit?

The success of this film would mean a possible restructure of what Zack Snyder started. It would also mean that people enjoy a couple of characters from the Justice League, at least. The Flash with Ezra Miller’s humor has proven to be popular on his own as well, so they could turn things around for a sequel of the greatest team of superheroes.

People did not have a problem with the characters themselves, but rather Snyder’s style. Therefore, Justice League 2 could become a future project, but there are no plans yet because no one wants to lose around $200 million. However, if the solo films prove to be successful in the long run, they could give this team-movie idea another go.

DCEU non-fans have been criticizing Warner Bros. for trying to copy Marvel, which was never the answer. Of course, if the sequel gets a green light, it will probably steer clear of Snyder’s first idea. Aquaman sets up for a new direction in DC, and has no concrete links to JL, except for a short mention of Steppenwolf. However, the Legion of Doom does have a place in this story with Lex Luthor enlisting Deathstroke, and Black Manta fits in there.

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Batman and Superman

Reports state that Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill will not be part of the DCEU anyone. Affleck stepped away from The Batman before JL failed, and allegedly, Warner Bros. has no interest in Cavill. It’s unlikely that people would be angry if they both got replaced. However, the success of this new film means a new birth for the DCEU.

Jason Momoa has been seen as Aquaman for Henry’s Superman and Ben’s Batman, so it would be weird, but not impossible, to replace them. Warner Bros. could be persuaded to bring back these actors if JL gets a new lease on life. However, because of the success that Marvel and DC have had with less popular characters, these two might not be the main focus anymore.

Creative freedom

Warner Bros.’s problem was that it never gave the directors carte blanche on their projects for the DCEU. Zack Snyder’s film was heavily changed to fit the studios' requirements, but James Wan fought to do things his own way, and you can definitely tell it’s his work. The movie is just as exciting as Furious 7 or The Conjuring.

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If Aquaman is adored just like Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, it means that giving this kind of liberty to the directors serves DC right. The fight between what the studio wants and what the directors intend might have been what stopped this universe from succeeding. Therefore, should there be another hit movie where the leader had almost complete control, then they should use that formula forward.

Do you think Aquaman will be well-received in the U.S.? Will the DCEU be revived thanks to Jason Momoa? We would like to know your opinion, so leave a comment down below and share this article with all your friends who want to see DC succeed.

Source: Screen Rant

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