Local Newspaper Made An Unfortunate Typo And The Internet Went Wild

Even though it's not okay to make fun of typos published in media posts or headlines, it happens, and the public makes those corporations aware that they've spotted the mistake. One of these typos made by Post-Journal, a local newspaper in Jamestown upstate New York, had an awkward moment. Come take a look at what the people had to say about this hilarious moment. 

Following the unfortunate event, we got behind the actual story which was from Associate Press where they praised Roberts for her performances in the new movie Ben Is Back, as well as the Amazon series Homecoming.  It seems that the 51-year-old is discovering a new life in a variety of roles away from the romantic comedies we all know her for, and it is this, not her "holes", that we should be talking about.

Perhaps Julia would have taken this as a compliment, as our bodies tend to move towards gravity the older we get. On a serious note, how is it possible to make such an error when it comes to mistaking the H for the R? Could it be a disgruntled employee, perhaps?

Even though the newspaper later published a correction, but without an apology, the damage has already been done, and this small town publication had suddenly gone global. So, in keeping up with the media, this was something people were not going to miss out on, and Twitter became a trolling-point for mocking the writers and editors of this newspaper.

16. This was a shocking headliner for many readers. 

15. Even those on The Ellen Show got informed about this news. 

14. This one aims to make fun of the editors and how negligent they are.

13. Then, poor Julia has to suffer the brunt of the media. 

12. Of course, body shot is an essential addition to the commentary.

11. Some even made jokes that Julia was hinting at something else.

10. And we could never honestly believe our eyes when we read these typos.

9. Well, we know Roberts was not involved in editing that column. 

8. Then, some just have to go a bit too far with their opinions. 

7. Then, we have these kinds of tweets which are, of course, poking at the actress. 

6. At least some people out there have a sense of humor. 

5. This is also true! Has this ever happened to you before?

4. Sadly, this is not great for the company image. 

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3. Then, we get those smart-Alecks who simply bring humor to their posts.

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2. More "food" jokes posted on the media. 

1. If you're a regular typist, you'll know this fact to be true. 

What did you think about this silly mistake made by a professional company? Do you feel that an apology was needed? Share your opinions with us in the comments section below, and remember to keep up-to-date with us for more exciting mishaps that involve the stars. 

Source: Bored Panda

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