Robert Downey Jr. Accidentally Spills Extremely Important Avengers 4 Information

Robert Downey Jr. has played the role of Iron Man for ten years, and he is one of the many reasons why the MCU is so successful. Since Disney placed a lockdown on all information regarding Avengers: Endgame, no one imagined that someone who had been of the franchise for so long would accidentally slip some details regarding the next film. Let’s explore this more deeply.

What did Robert Downey Jr. say?

The release of the first trailer of Endgame was a little bit different than any of the others. There was no announcement on Good Morning America and almost no news regarding the next movie. They wouldn’t even reveal the name until the teaser showed it, and this is particularly weird. Last week, Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal attended Comic Con.

They talked about the main plot points in the story of Spider-Man: Far From Home, and why is it that they can reveal all that information, but everything about Endgame is being kept so hidden? It is clear that the actors were told to keep things hush-hush, but they are all humans, so they are bound to make mistakes every once in a while.

Last year, Gwyneth Paltrow was promoting Remember, and at the time, they were filming Infinity War and Endgame back-to-back. The actress talked about Tony and Pepper being married and having a kid because sometimes, you do not know what is forbidden and what isn’t. The same goes for Robert Downey Jr., no matter how much experience he has in the business.

The actor was working with Audi on promotions, and although, the promo seems to have been edited a million times by the company someone did not notice a specific detail, and we are assuming that even Marvel had to approve this advertisement because it is a joint venture between the studio and the car company.

In the ad, Downey Jr. sits in a car with another person, who seems like a rep for Audi, and he talks about just having to drive this vehicle, and the rep tells him that he has used it already, to which the actor says: “Well, I mean, as Tony Stark in Avengers 4 - out in theaters, spring 2019 - I did.” This is a huge spoiler, though some of our readers might not believe so. 

Aside from the fact that he is confirming that Tony will be saved from his predicament in space, which let’s face it, everyone knew was going to happen because they are not going to kill off the main superhero of the MCU at the beginning of the film without some sort of big, avenging moment, he is also saying that he drove this car in the movie.

The MCU is not one to just add product placements without reason. Of course, Audi was definitely featured years ago in the first Iron Man movies, but as the franchise developed, became its own powerful brand, they have not used these marketing strategies at all. This goes in complete contrast to most of Matt Damon’s movies, for example, where they basically auction off spots for merchandise.

Therefore, stating that Robert Downey Jr. is driving an Audi in Endgame could be a reference to the final scene of the film. It would be downright odd to have the car in the middle of the movie, but placing it at the end could symbolize that Iron Man’s journey has come full circle. Something akin to the “happily ever after”, and let’s remember that the MCU belongs to Disney.

Seeing brands in film sometimes breaks the authenticity of the plot itself, meaning that when something that belongs to the real world appears in such movies, it almost takes you away from the fantasy of it. Some motion pictures have to make deals with companies because they do not have the budget to complete the projects, but that is not the case with Avengers 4.

If Tony Stark actually gets to drive this car in the next film, and it’s a happily ever after moment, then the scene would be his wedding to Pepper Potts, and they drive off to the sunset in a white Audi. That always states that Iron Man survives the coming battle with Thanos, despite the speculation that he might be killed off because Robert’s contract with Marvel expires.

Everyone placed Captain America as the Avengers most likely to die in the next installment of the franchise, primarily because Chris Evans has already said goodbye to the studio, the saga and the fans. But, the first trailer for Endgame, raised rumors that Stark could be another hero that might sacrifice himself to reverse the Decimation.

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It’s evident that he will be rescued some way or another from his current predicament in the Benatar with Nebula, but most fans are placing him next to Steve Rogers as a possible martyr in this war. Iron Man is without a doubt the image of the MCU; the leader of the Avengers. Robert Downey Jr. is the actor with the highest salary in the company.

As it stands, the studio could decide to end his life, and his death scene would be tragic for Spider-Man as some fans state that it could be like Uncle Ben, but they could also let him have his happy ending, finalizing a decade of hard work. Iron Man would pass the torch on to the new set of heroes like Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man, entrusting them to take care of the world.

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This would be a much more uplifting ending for Phase Three of the MCU, as we are expecting a fantastic story for Endgame because things are going to change in the franchise after that film. Furthermore, we have seen Iron Man struggle, be traumatized and have his nightmares come true throughout several movies. It would be nice if Tony Stark could catch a break.

What do you think of this tiny spoiler in the commercial? Could it mean what we think it does? Would you like to see Iron Man retiring and living happily? So many things could happen in the coming movie, and it is so hard waiting a few more months for it. If you liked this article, share it with your friends while discussing more theories centered on Tony Stark. See you next time!

Source: Youtube/Everything Always

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