Princess Eugenie's Real Feelings Regarding Meghan Markle

If there are two royals that have made headlines this year and are certainly girls to watch, those have been Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie of York. Without a doubt, they have made a name for themselves and are icons worth admiring. Moreover, they both got married in 2018 with some months of difference.

But now the enigma is whether these female royals get along well. Are they friends or foes? We know you're dying to get an answer about the field their relationship would land, and although none of them has spoken bluntly about the matter, we have some hints that could give us a good idea. Are you ready to unfold them? 

The priorities of the weddings

Engagements and weddings can be very emotional times for people involved, and they can certainly get the best of them. Now, get a picture for a second in your mind that you want to get married but have to wait for your well-known cousin to go ahead first. Well, it seems that this is what Eugenie had to live.

It turns out that Vanity Fair reported that the Princess and her fiance at that time, Jack Brooksbank, wanted to get engaged by the end of 2016, but it was believed Harry would propose to Meghan around that time, so they didn't want to be overshadowed by them and decided to wait. 

To make matters worse, royal protocol dictates Harry has the priority when it comes to weddings since he is ahead of his cousin in the line of succession to the throne. Therefore, a source told Vanity Fair Eugenie and Jack had to wait for Harry to go first. We don't know about you, but that would infuriate anyone. 

Stealing the spotlight

When you become bride and groom, you want to be the center of attention. At the end of the day, a wedding is to celebrate their love, right? Well, it turns out that Eugenie's plans were changed thanks to her cousin's new wife. Apparently, Meghan announced her pregnancy to the royal family ahead of the Princess' big day.

Therefore, Eugenie's wedding served as a venue to congratulate Meghan and Harry more than attention being on the bride and the groom. Well, this sounds like Meghan stole Eugenie's thunder, so we are sure that Ferguson's daughter was not too fond of the former actress at that time. 

Shockingly, Radar Online reported that when Markle heralded the news of her offspring, the bride disappeared, indicating she was close to tears because Meghan stole the spotlight on her momentous day. Besides, the info about the new royal baby reached the public on Oct. 15, only three days after Eugenie's wedding, making everyone forget about it. 

Mom to the rescue 

Maybe, Eugenie and Jack must have been dying to make remarks against their fellow royals, but it might have been impolite. However, nobody could stop Sarah Ferguson to stand for her daughter. Following Kensington Palace's announcement of the pregnancy on a Twitter post, the mother of two took to her social network account.

Just minutes after the official statement, Fergie started posting pictures of her daughter's wedding day, thanking designer Emanuel Ungaro for her emerald dress and welcoming Jack into the family. It could have been a mere coincidence, but it seems to us that Sarah was trying to direct attention back to her daughter. 


We all know that Eugenie is a Royal Princess, and that is a pretty big title to hold. However, she had a serious contender when her cousin fell in love with Meghan. Despite being a commoner, this girl was a mildly famous one. She was the star of Suits TV show, had Hollywood friends, and walked red carpets with stylish outfits. 

So it seems like that combo was much more appealing for the public than a princess marrying someone nobody knew, and ratings could confirm that. The wedding in May was broadcast on TV in 15 different networks and was watched by 29 million people. 

Eugenie and Jack's only appeared on ITV, and around 3 million watched it, as reported by Express. Without a doubt, both weddings were astonishing, but the public made their decision. We are pretty sure that those dissimilar TV ratings didn't make Eugenie very pleased. 

Meghan's style

Despite the lousy decision that Meghan made, it seems that Eugenie was ready to put it out of her head shortly and the occasion was, of course, Meghan's exquisite style. Less than a week after her big day, a Meghan Markle fan posted a picture on an Instagram account, and the Princess of York liked the post.

The image in question depicted the former Suits actress with some elegant earrings by Natalie Marie during her trip to Dubbo. This is an excellent sign because it seems that Eugenie was prompt to bury all the negative feelings toward Meghan. Apart from that, let's be clear; who wouldn't like Natalie Marie jewelry? 

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The upcoming royal baby

It doesn't matter how dysfunctional a family is; there's nothing better to bring them closer than a tender cute baby. We all have hopes that Meghan's bundle of joy could help her create a bond with her husband's cousin, and who knows? Perhaps Eugenie will follow in Markle's footsteps shortly!

Moreover, there is a way the mother-to-be could push the relationship into new territory: by naming her baby (if it is a girl) after Eugenie. But we are not talking about her first name but her middle name, Victoria. According to Ladbrokes, a gambling company, the moniker is a top contender in the bets for Harry and Meghan's child. 

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Family first

Should any bad blood exist, it is said that family will always come first, mainly when talking about a blue-blood one. And we all know that family members don't get along well all the time, and you could ask anyone about it, but they stick together and support each other.

And this is the part where we see a bright side in Meghan and Eugenie's relationship. When the Princess was planning her wedding, a source told Express that she resorted to her new relative to help her with her plans. Eugenie and Jack went to see the newlyweds and ask for advice about decoration and photos. 

Inevitable comparisons

When you're part of the British Royal family, it is almost impossible to avoid associations. There are a lot of relations between Meghan and Kate, and now we have plenty between the former actress and Eugenie, from their styles to their weddings and even their first kisses. Considering this, it is very likely that the Princess keeps distance to avoid negative press. Perhaps, it is a wise decision, but chances are they will never be very close. 

It is hard to tell if Meghan Markle and Eugenie are BFF or rivals, but we would say their relationship lands somewhere in the middle, don't you think? We would love to hear your opinion about it, so drop a message in the comment section and share this article with Royal-loving friends! 

Sources: ExpressThe List, Radar Online, Express, Vanity Fair, Express

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