Home Alone Cast Have Changed Beyond Recognition: What Are They Up To Now?

Home Alone was a movie that came out around Christmas in 1990. Almost everyone saw how Kevin was happy to be alone and later was devious enough to contend with two burglars. We just enjoyed the comedy film so much that many of us must have watched it a couple of times at least, especially around the Christmas Holidays.

Most of us continue to picture our favorite characters as they were in the movie and we tend to forget that they went on with their life. Some of them have careers, others have died, and many other details you may not know about them; it is no surprise since 28 years have passed. So let’s take a look at how they are.

1. Kevin McCallister – Macaulay Culkin

Who has not seen the iconic pose of Kevin with both hands on his cheeks and screaming? As we said, it was very famous especially combined with his innocent good looks. However, today, he has changed a lot. Maybe, you would not even recognize the little McCallister.

He stopped acting around 1994, but that does not mean that he has not been busy. He wrote an autobiography book titled Junior, which was published in 2006. He created the band the Pizza Underground, where he was the vocalist; and as of 2016, he has continued with his acting career.

2. Marv Merchants – Daniel Stern

Marv, as he was better known, was the not so smart second half of the duo of bandits that targetted Kevin’s house in the movie. We loved to watch him get what he deserved through small Kevin antics. But after Stern declined to continue playing the role after Home Alone 2, he starred in other movies like Bushwhacked, Little Monsters, Very Bad Things, and others.

He also gave his voice to narrate The Wonder Years and the main character in Dilbert. He branched out to directing and writing screenplays, like Barbra’s Wedding, Danny, several episodes of The Wonder Years, and two episodes of Manhattan. Also, he likes to sculpt in bronze.

3. Peter McCallister – John Heard

John Heard played Kevin’s father, Peter McCallister, who leaves his son behind without knowing it at first. He was a great actor with many leading roles in movies like Deceived, Chilly Scenes of Winter, Heart Beat, Cutter’s Way, Cat People, and C.H.U.D. He also had some acting roles on some television shows like CSI: Miami, Prison Break, The Chicago Code, and some others.

He was married several times; however, each of his three marriages resulted in divorce. He had a son with then-girlfriend Melissa Leo and two more with Sharon when they were together. Unfortunately, he died of a heart attack in 2017 after recovering from back surgery and his son Marwell, with whom he was distanced, died the year before he did.

4. Heather McCallister – Kristin Minter

Heather was Kevin’s oldest cousin. Just like in the movie, we know little about her personal life. The only information we can find about her is that she was born on November 22, 1965, and that she is an actress with many movies and television shows. Her list is so vast that we invite you to look it up if you wish to see her again.

5. Old Man Marley – Roberts Blossom

Blossom portrayed Marley, who was the town’s scary legend. He was known as the “the South Bend Shovel Slayer” because it was said that he had killed almost all his neighbors from the block. He later corrected Kevin about the rumors, even though he saved him from the burglars, ironically, with a shovel.

In real life, he was an actor and poet. He starred in theatre, film, and television. Some of his known works are Deranged, The Great Gatsby, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Escape from Alcatraz, Christine, and The Last Temptation of Christ. He retired from acting back in the late 90s, and he spent his last days in a nursing home in California, where he died in 2011.

6. Buzz McCallister – Devin Ratray

Kevin’s older brother, Buzz, acted like any typical teenager who does not think his little brother is cool. Therefore, he fights with him over the smallest disagreement, causing poor Kevin to be sent to the third floor for his punishment. Ratray, the actor who interprets the oldest McCallister’s son, is also a singer and songwriter. He has gained some notice with his roles in Nebraska and Blue Ruin.

7. Linnie McCallister – Angela Goethals

Linnie is the third child of the McCallisters and like Buzz gets mad at Kevin over the pizza incident. On the other hand, Angela Goethals, the actress, has starred on several independent films and TV shows like Phenom and Jerry Maguire. She went to Vassar College to get a B.A. in French. After her hiatus from acting, she came back stronger in 24 and Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.

8. Uncle Frank – Gerry Bamman

Gerry Bamman portrayed the cheap Uncle Frank. The 77-years-old actor has a long list of movies, television series, television films, and short films. He is well known for The Secret of My Success, Old Enough, Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, and many others. Bamman was married to Emily Mann with whom he had a son, Nicholas. Because of his old age, he retired from acting in 2015.

9. French Ticket Agent – Hope Davis

For Home Alone, her role was a small one; she was the ticket agent at the airport in Paris. However, since then, Hope Davis has had a successful acting career with movies, television shows, and theater. Davis has received two Emmy Awards for In Treatment and The Special Relationship.

She got married a second time to Jon Patrick Walker, with whom she has two daughters. You might have recognized her as Maria Stark in Captain America: Civil War. In this opportunity, she was Tony Stark’s mother for the scene where she met her sudden death at the hands of the Winter Soldier.

10. Gus Polinski – John Candy

John Candy, a Canadian actor, got the chance to be Gus, a driver who gave a lift to Kevin’s mom. He was also a comedian with many Hollywood movies under his belt like Stripes, Splash, Cool Runnings, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, and a range of other films. However, he suffered a heart attack while on the set of the Western parody Wagons East! in Mexico, 1994.

11. Megan McCallister – Hillary Wolf

In the movie, Megan was Kevin’s second oldest sister. She was volatile, being mean and caring at different times. In real life, Wolf is a former child actress that was known for her characters in Home Alone, Home Alone 4, and Big Girls Don’t Cry… They Get Even. However, by 2000, she had given up acting for her passion in Judo, making the U.S. Judo Olympian team twice. Now, she is married to her longtime boyfriend and has two sons.

12. Officer Balzak – Larry Hankin

Larry Hankin had the role of the officer Balzak who received a call from Kevin’s mom. He is still an active actor even though he has 78 years. He appeared in many movies and television shows. Some of his most famous works are Escape from Alcatraz, Running Scared, Billy Madison, and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. He was also Mr. Heckles in Friends.

13. Jeff McCallister – Michael C. Maronna

Jeff was the mean brother that Kevin had, portrayed by Michael Maronna. He was well known for his role in The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Slackers, Home Alone 2, and 40 Days and 40 Nights. However, after some ads and a comedy reel with President Clinton in 2000, Maronna has not taken on any more fame for which to be recognized. He has gone behind the screen as an electrician on films.

14. Aunt Leslie - Terrie Snell

Leslie was Kevin’s aunt and was married to Frank.  She does not have that big of a role in the movie. This seems to happen to the actress, Terri Snell. She appears on some episodes of a handful of television shows like Cries from the Heart, Beverly Hills, 90210, Unlikely Angel, ER, Strong Medicine, and Veep. Apart from Home Alone and Home Alone 2, we can say she was a party guest in the movie Rumor Has It… She branched out to a manager.

15. Rod McCallister – Jedidiah Cohen

Rod was Kevin’s cousin. He was not that well known in the movie because of his short lines and screen time. However, Cohen, who portrayed that character, has appeared on Home Alone 2 and No Vladimir. Apart from that, we know Jed married actress Kate Dawson in 2007 and is the co-founder of RocketHub.com. He also graduated from Harvard in astronomy and astrophysics.

16. Sondra McCallister – Diana Rein

Diana got the part of Sondra, Kevin’s cousin. In real life, she became a musician after some roles in the Home Alone series and Dennis the Menace; and some small supporting characters on short films like Bright Eyes, Three Rooms, Wingman to name a few. Gypsy Gift is particularly special for her because not only did she get a part, she also wrote the story.

17. Fuller McCallister – Kieran Culkin

Kieran Culkin portrayed Fuller, Kevin’s younger cousin and known for bed-wetting. In real life, Culkin started with this movie and Home Alone 2 as his first experience acting. Later, he got his big break in Igby Goes Down, for which he was nominated for Best Actor Golden Globes Award and won the Critics’ Choice Movie Award. He is currently part of the cast of Succession and married to Jazz Charton since 2013.

18. Tracy McCallister – Senta Moses Mikan

Senta Moses was part of the Home Alone cast as Kevin’s cousin. We probably saw her a handful of times throughout the movie and the sequel. However, in her life, she has starred in many TV series like Who’s the Boss?, Baby Talk, Running the Halls, California Dreams to name a few. Some of her latest work has been for Badge of a Quitter. In this one, she was a writer and producer as well as actress.

19. Check Out Girl – Tracy J. Connor

On Kevin’s adventure to the supermarket, he encounters the cashier Sally who was portrayed by Tracy Connor. Apart from being an actress, she is also a writer in Hands Down. Some of her most known movies are Dutch and For Pete’s Wake!. She also appeared in Huff and In Living Color, which are television series. As of 2007, she has not been very active.

20. Brooke McCallister – Anna Slotky

Another cousin of Kevin was Brooke, who was Anna Slotky in real life. She starred on Sister, Sister, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Doctor, Doctor and Get Real. That final movie was her last acting job as of 2000 because she actually became a lawyer that works for Barnes Law LLP, a firm in Los Angeles. She is also married to James Reitano since 2011 and had a son in 2012.

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21. Kate McCallister – Catherine O’Hara

Kevin’s mom, Kate, who we got to experience her long journey to get to her son back in America after flying out to France, was portrayed by Catherine O’Hara. She has a long trajectory as an actress with some works worth mentioning like Waiting for Guffman, The Life Before This, and Schitt’s Greek. She has won a Genie Award and a Primetime Emmy Award. She married Bo Welch and had two children.

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22. Harry Lime – Joe Pesci

Harry Lime was the smart part of the bandit unit that was entering vacant houses for the holidays. However, Kevin managed to outsmart them and to capture them for the police. In real life, Pesci is a very famous actor in a wide range of genres. He was in My Cousin Vinny, Raging Bull, The Good Shepherd, and The Irishman to name a few. He has won prestigious awards for his movies like the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Did you imagine how each of our favorite characters from this movie continued with their life? Who shocked you the most? We want to read your comments in the section below. Also, don't forget to share it with your friends that loved Home Alone and are planning to watch it this holiday season. Until next time.

Source: YouTube/BIG STAR-X

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