Details Fans Seemed To Miss About Cull Obsidian In Infinity War

Marvel fans like to dissect every single detail in the MCU, and while sometimes they find funny Easter eggs that are just there for entertainment purposes, other minutiae are precisely placed to hint at something coming. Sometimes, an object that appears for only one second and was seemingly inconsequential can reveal a lot about the next film or connect with another movie.

An Easter egg

Finding these little clues and unusual objects in the franchise can be really fun. Every director likes to include little tidbits from the rest of the movies or things from the comic books that might never see the light otherwise. Many fans believe that something about Cull Obsidian in Avengers: Infinity War was a reference to an upcoming film.

Sadly, one of the greatest motion pictures of 2018 did not have time to explain the intricate backstories of the members of Thanos’ Black Order. In fact, most of their names were not even mentioned. However, in the comic books, each of them has an interesting background, but due to the many characters that appeared in a 2-hour movie, it is not surprising that creators did not expand on the bad guys.

Furthermore, the Black Order did not have the Supergiant, and they also renamed the Black Dwarf. In the comic books, Cull Obsidian was the original name of the Black Order, and it translates roughly to “midnight slaughter” which seems way cooler, but apparently, Corvus Glaive thought that they should change their name.

In Infinity War, the Back Dwarf was known as Cull Obsidian, and he was the big fellow accompanying Ebony Maw during the invasion of New York to steal the Time Stone from Doctor Strange. In astronomy, a black dwarf is a white dwarf, a celestial object similar to a star, which has cooled so much that it can no longer produce heat.

Since Supergiant, another term in astronomy, was completed eliminated, it seems that the MCU does not like using space names. In any case, Cull Obsidian is, of course, not Thanos’ real child. Just like Gamora, he was kidnapped from his home, and, for some reason, pledged loyalty to the Mad Titan. He is a huge monster, like the bad-guy version of the Hulk, but more alien-looking.

However, his intimidating stature and awful looks were not what drew the audiences’ attention. It was his outfit. It’s a tiny detail that no one really notices when he starts fighting, but when Ebony Maw and he first got to New York and they encounter Doctor Strange, Wong, Bruce Banner, and Iron Man, Cull Obsidian is standing quite still.

This particular Easter egg stands in contrast to the black and gray color scheme of the Black Order, and it’s a sash wrapped around his waist. This piece of fabric was a little too familiar for Marvel fans with its red, blue and gold colors. We are referring, of course, to Captain Marvel. This might not be too surprising for fans, considering that Captain Marvel is the next movie in the MCU.

There is a lot of hype regarding this film because it will be the first female superhero-centered project in this franchise. The success of 2017’s Wonder Woman had fans clamoring for Marvel to shine a light on the amazing women in their stories, and we are glad that it is coming just a few months before Avengers: Endgame.

Furthermore, there are many theories regarding Carol Danvers, and her participation in the fourth Avengers movie, as the post-credits scene showed Nick Fury paging Captain Marvel right before he turned to dust completely. It is safe to assume that she will play a massive part in the rescue and winning outcome of the coming battle against Thanos.

Regarding the sash on Cull Obsidian’s waist, since Captain Marvel travels through space all the time, she had probably encountered the Black Order before which brought to fans’ minds many questions regarding that battle, and how this huge alien took the sash from Carol in the first place. However, later on in the movie, it seems that the piece of fabric might not be Captain Marvel’s colors after all.

Not what most thought after all

In the battle of Wakanda, it appeared to be purple, gray and orange, so it seems that the lightning of the previous scene played tricks with everyone’s eyes. However, part of the speculation regarding the sashes of Cull Obsidian was actually accurate. Many fans stated that the alien liked to collect mementos when he defeated a foe, and this is correct.

According to artist Wesley Burtt, it’s an essential part of Cull’s character, and he also said that most of his armor was actually collected from previous fights. The creators had many original ideas for this alien’s character design. In one of the early discussions, he was going to wear a belt with hanging skulls, and shoulder pads made from jawbones.

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However, they changed it to the colorful - but not red, blue and gold - sash. It might not belong to Captain Marvel after all, but it is a souvenir from someone else, and many of us wonder who. The Black Order has been following Thanos and destroying many worlds for years, as we saw in the flashback when they killed half of Gamora’s people, so there are plenty of options.

Marvel’s Phase Four timeline, with its many untitled projects, has fans wondering if they might do something with the Eternals. In the comic books, these beings are a high-evolved version of humans, so they have amazing superpowers and have been out there for thousands of years. They might have run into Thanos’ Black Order.

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Furthermore, it was revealed that the Mad Titan is the offspring of an Eternal and a Deviant, which explains a lot about Thanos’ character since the Eternals are essentially good and the Deviants are the complete opposite. Since we have not seen the Eternal’s uniform in the MCU yet, there is no way to tell if Cull Obsidian’s sash belonged to one of them. We will have to wait.

What did you think of this Easter egg that many got confused? Do you still believe there might be some relation with Captain Marvel? Perhaps the light was tricking people on the scene in Wakanda, and maybe, we will find out in the next movie. If you liked this article, share it with your friends that can spot these tiny details a mile away. See you next time!

Source: Youtube/CBR

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