13 Times Kate Middleton Schooled Meghan Markle Like A Little Girl

The Royal women are expected to follow a specific level of professional and sophisticated robing as implemented by the Queen. Kate Middleton obeyed royal protocol when she joined the Royal family and began to change her wardrobe to one filled with tweed suits and tasteful dresses. When Meghan Markle joined the Royal family, she was required to do the same thing. Understandably, Royal fans can’t help but examine Meghan’s style to that of her Royal sister-in-law Kate Middleton.

For those who absolutely adore keeping up with the Royal fashion trends, this is one interesting article that shows how many times Meghan Markle has been taken under the wing of Kate Middleton when it comes to what to wear and how to present one's self to the public from the monarch's point of view. so, without further ado, let us take a closer look at their clothing preferences and twinning flares.  

13. Red dresses are something that has been said to be irresistible, and surely, this is something that both Kate and Meghan have intercepted. They both look stunning, and we can see why heads would turn upon them making an appearance. 

12. Navy outfits are something that both the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex have worn in public. Their outfits appear to be tailored and classic, while Meghan’s leaned more towards the trendy, fashion-forward side.

11. Cape dresses are absolutely stunning, and these two certainly know how to grace us with this stylish choice of clothing. While Kate dorns the beautiful white flowing gown, Meghan wears the royal blue color to slim her body and hide her baby bump.

10. Lace dresses have been around for a long time and seem to be a favorite of Kate, and now apparently Meghan as well.  They both look stunning, don't you agree? Which one is your favorite? 

9. Wide leg trousers seem to be a fashion that keeps coming back. We all love those "hippy-style" clothes and these two Duchesses certainly know how to make it look amazing.

8. Pretty in pink is the term here for these two gorgeous ladies who know how to wear classic and feminine dresses. We think they look wonderful in pink, and this color is rather calm and not too drastic, so they certainly blend in. 

7. Burgundy dresses may not be everyone's favorite color, but they're certainly smart and seem to be beloved by both Kate and Meghan. 

6. Everyone loves a good, stylish blazer, and these two princesses really pair it well with their outfits. Which one do you prefer out of the two styles? They're both gorgeous and make a great impression when during trips. 

5. Yellow dresses are bright and perfect for the hotter, summer seasons. They look fabulous on both ladies and we can see they both prefer their own unique style when it comes to shapes and frills. It's absolutely striking indeed.

4. Plaid outfits may appear dull, but there are so many things you can dress them up with. Take look at how these two stylish princesses have utilized this style. They do make the soft shades appear attractive. Even the off-the-shoulder look is great. 

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3. Tartan print is one of those common styles that you'll easily find in the Royal's wardrobe. This seems rather favorable for the women and is Scotland's national colors. 

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2. These Sentaler coats look really lovely and snug for those colder seasons. Here we see both Kate and Meghan wearing the favorite Canadian fashion items. They certainly love this unique brand. 

1. Polka dot dresses are not extremely popular, but when these two have their twinning moments, they make this dress look absolutely trendy. Do you agree that they look fabulous in these little numbers? 

What wonderful outfits, don't you agree? Which ones did you think were the best, and do you have anything similar to their style? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments section below. Make sure to share this with your fashion-loving friends and family, and remember to keep up-to-date with us for more Royal news. 

Source: Fame10


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