Netflix Witcher Series Slammed By Fans After Swaping Characters' Ethnicities

The Witcher is a new series that is going to be released in 2019. Many fans are anxiously waiting because they have either read the novels or have played the video games. Anyway, it seems that it is gaining more popularity by the second.

Some fans are starting to follow any kind of news they can find about the Netflix series. In this opportunity, the streaming service has dropped part of the casting. However, some fans are not too happy with the information that has been given. Let’s take a look.

The beginning

It is important to note that the series is going to be based on the original novels, and not the video games which are their sequel. The other vital bit of information involves where exactly the series is going to start. However, by the age of Ciri, we know they might start from the beginning of the novels in Sword of Destiny or Blood Elves.

Cast so far

Henry Cavill will interpret the main character, Geralt of Riva, who is also known as White Wolf. He will be the witcher that travels the Continent hunting monsters. Even though he does not have a beard, this seems to be an accurate representation of the character. Anya Chalotra is going to be Yennefer, a sorceress that is considered Geralt’s true love, and a high ranking member in the Brotherhood of Sorcerers and a Royal Adviser.

Freya Allan will bring Ciri, Princess of Cintra, to life. She is a witcher to be, and in training with Geralt. The main plot of the series is centered on her since she is supposed to be part of a big prophecy. Because of that, all the other characters are going to protect her. Also, Jodhi May is going to be Queen Calanthe, Ciri’s grandmother. There is as well Mimi Ndiweni as Fringilla, another sorceress best friend to Yennefer.

Then, there is also Therica Wilson-Read as Sabrina (Yennefer’s rival), Anna Schaffer as Triss Merigold (powerful sorceress and another great friend to Yennefer), Adam Levy as Mousesack (a druid, friend and Royal Adviser to Queen Calanthe), and Joey Batey as Jaskier (Geralt’s best friend). Unfortunately, there is no information about who is said to play the Emperor Emhyr and the villain Vilgefortz.

The controversy around some casting choices

As we have mentioned before, Anya Chalotra has been cast as Yennefer and Mimi Ndiweni as Fringilla. These two choices have sparked some negativity from fans that say that they are totally different than how they should look like. As it is sometimes done when casting certain characters, the producers tend to be as accurate as possible when it comes to appearances between fictional roles and actors.

We are not sure why Ndiweni was selected to play Fringilla. However, it seems that the choice was not based on accomplishments or for being a famous actress since she comes from stage play acting. While Anya is from the United Kingdom, this 22- year-old actress actually has Indian heritage and will be portraying Yennefer, which is not the best choice due to her young age to be Geralt’s love interest.

Some feedback on social media

Here we have some reactions from fans of the series about the matter at hand:

There is a stark difference between the fictional character and the actress as stated by Twitter user Wyndham Hardman.

The following are some comments made by fans on YouTube channels, like LastKnownMeal, once they uploaded videos regarding the cast of the series:

YouTube user Ragnar Lothbrok_ stated his opinion regarding the ethnicity of the casting choices made for this series.

Something similar to user Illyasviel von Einzbern, a YouTube user, is making his or her position known on the matter.

YouTube user Vladislav Kolev is going further with his arguments that the character in the fictional world would not be okay with Fringilla's color of skin.

A die-hard fan of the Witcher books and video games, user xxllx86, says that producers should respect Sapkowski's world and not ruin fans expectations.

Another not happy opinion regarding the choices, made by user StormtrooperTHX1138.

Now, the main focus goes to Yennefer's different ethnicity and her young age in comparison with her love interest in the series, Henry Cavill (Geralt). What users 41Djfu#lksdkjfd and DarkMatter280 write raises a unanimous concern among fans.

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Fans are happy with Ciri’s casting

After the original casting for Ciri was made for a “BAME Ciri” (Bame is a black, Asian or minority ethnic), fans were relieved to see Freya Allen chosen for the part. A close as possible match for the role, this actress is from Oxfordshire with small parts in Into The Badlands and The War of the Worlds. Therefore, this opportunity can either make or break her career.

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Netflix signing off multiple seasons

There is a report stating that Netflix is going to approve more seasons of the series. It seems this is likely to happen before season one airs or as soon as it finishes airing. Then again, so says KC Walsh of EIC of Geeks WorldWide, who is a known reliable insider. However, we have to be careful with this kind of news and we will be delighted to hear when it is officially announced, but until then, a lot can happen.

Were you aware of this turmoil happening around a Netflix film? What do you think about the fans reactions to the ethnicity controversy around some characters? Do you agree or disagree with them? We would love to read your comments on the matter. Also, do not forget to share with the Witcher’s fans who cannot wait for its release in 2019. Until next time!

Source: YouTube/Emergency Awesome, One Angry Gamer, and Comic Book

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