The Reason They Revived 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine': 10 Facts Only a Few Know

Some series are so good that fans cannot wait for the next season to come out. In addition, these fans need to know everything they can about it, every little detail of the characters and more.

Sometimes, they tend to forget that behind the roles, there are normal people with their own life, habits, and many other details. Here we are going to see some facts about the cast of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ that you might not have known about.

1. Went to school together

There is a parallelism between actors and characters, Jake and Gina went to the same elementary school and so did Andy Samberg and Chelsea Peretti. This would mean that their relationship was not hard to create when it came to the familiarity. Also, Chelsea went as far as to confess that she had a crush on Andy during a 2014 interview on Conan. Here is what she said:

“I used to call his house on like those old-timey phones that we used to have. I would call and hang up, call and hang up as some young girls do. Irritating young girls.”

2. In ‘I Love You, Man’

If we had to look back at this 2009 movie, we would see that every actor has become well known within the movie industry. Therefore, it is no surprise that Andy Samberg has acted with Joe Lo Truglio before. In the above mentioned movie, he was Lonnie and in the series, he is Charles Boyle.

3. Rivals on screen

Joel McKinnon Miller and Terry Crews have been together on screen previously. However, in ‘Friday After Next’, they are on opposite sides of the law. Miller is Officer Hole and Crews is Damon. Although they have not been able to forge a special connection, like Andy and Joe on the earlier point, maybe they could have exchanged some words.

4. Crews’ debut

Terry Crew was unknown back in 1999. The first time the world saw him was in his screen debut in ‘Battle Dome’ where Crew was T-Money. He was a fighter that gained some popularity fighting his way through the competition. This series was a combination of ‘American Gladiator’ and professional wrestling.

5. Loves dancing

Amy Santiago does not know how to dance and everyone in the series knows it. However, actress Melissa Fumero is actually a professional dancer. She made it known via a tweet that she taught ballet while in high school. Another unknown detail is that there could be someone else that has kept his or her hobby hidden.

In high school I taught tiny humans ballet basics - from Twitter feed melissafumero

6. Another dancing professional

Stephanie Beatriz, who portrays Rosa Diaz, is another actress on set that had hidden dancing talents. She disclosed that she was a member of L.A. Municipal Dance Squad, which has performed in half times for all-female basketball games. The particularity of these groups is that they are made of actresses, models, and writers. There is a movie, ‘The Pistol Shrimps’, which is based on this type of dance quad.

7. Previous law enforcement experience

The actor who portrays Captain Raymond Holt has had previous experience being part of law enforcement. Andre Braugher was in the television series ‘Homicide: Life on the Street’ where he was Frank Pembleton for six seasons. From what can be gathered, Pembleton and the Captain are total opposites; something that is advantageous when it comes to interpretation, being the unusual and hot-temper homicide detective that he is.

8. Old Spice Buddies

Terry Crew and Isaiah Mustafa are good friends. It is unsure if they became friends before or after being together in Old Spice commercials. Those ads were an incentive for women to buy deodorant for their men; that way they could be like Mustafa “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like." While Terry just wanted the men to get them for themselves. This detail was unveiled at Reddit AMA in 2015 by the same Terry.

“Old Spice Body Spray will make you smell like power!” 

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9. Twin daughter of Terry Jeffords

In the series, Terry Jeffords’ twin daughters are called Cagney and Lacey. Those names come from a 1980s TV show titled the same as the two girls. In it, the two protagonists are female police officers Christine Cagney and Mary Beth Lacey, who not only combated criminals as partners but also had to deal with the sex-dominated workplace. They tried to bring it back to the screen in 2018 but could not make it.

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10. What happened to Daniels?

Detective Daniels only appeared on the pilot episode and is a total mystery. The only facts known are that the detective in question is female and that she is only good to bring the morning coffee. Therefore, no one knows what has happened to her and a quick search on the Internet does not reveal anything. This makes us believe that she did not make the cut to continue in ‘Brooklyn Nin-Nine’.

Did you know any of the above-mentioned facts? Were you aware of these particular reasons for reviving the show? We know that it has been picked up by NBC after Fox canceled it and they must be confident of their continued success among fans. What we know is that we cannot wait for the next season in January 2019. We would love to read your comments in the section below and do not forget to share this article with your friends that love 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'. Until next time!

Source: Screen Rant

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