14 People Who Just Fail At Christmas

For many people, Christmas is the best time of the year. Presents, family and joy, are things that perfectly describe what is this season about. However, sometimes things don’t go as expected and Christmas end up being messier than someone would like. This list is full of funny pictures that captured the exact moment when people had to realize their Christmas was never going to be as they dreamed. Let’s see!

1. In the beginning, this Christmas decoration looked like a beautiful and noncomplicated idea, but then, it was a complete fail.

2. In Pinterest, you can find many decoration ideas, but it is very hard to replicate them successfully, and this picture is an example of it.

3. This pancakes looked like a great idea for a Christmas breakfast, but the final result ended up looking so different from the original example that we can’t help but laugh.

4. We all hate when our expectations don’t meet our reality, and this tree looks so terrible that we wouldn’t blame its buyer for wanting to throw it in the garbage.

5. These Christmas cookies don’t get close to the original idea, but at least they tried. Although, we think that the cookie in the left looks a bit tasty… joking, it looks awful.

6. Eating turkey on Thanksgiving day is a tradition, so we feel terrible for the person who ruined the family dinner by incinerating the main course.

7. Someone tried to bake this festive yule log, but nothing went as expected. We are sure that they regretted not having bought the yule log at the store.

8. The person who made this was very excited about creating a cookie reindeer, but he got shocked when he got a little monster instead. This doesn’t look tasty at all.

9. This was supposed to look like a Christmas tree, but in the end, the dish didn’t even look as something festive. Actually, we are sure that no one at the Christmas party took a piece of it.

10. We don’t know what intention the person who bought this had, but we are sure he wanted to scare everyone. If Santa Claus looks like this, we don’t want any gifts.

11. Someone attempted to recreate this Santa’s portrait using cupcakes, but it was more complicated than they thought. At least we hope they taste good.

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12. This woman fell through the ceiling when she was decorating her house for Christmas. Surely it looks like a funny picture, but repairing that hole wasn’t.

13. It is even painful to watch this picture. There is no need to say that someone misjudged the strength of this glass table and thanks to that, ruined a whole Christmas dinner.

14. Someone tried to create a healthy Christmas snack but didn’t even get close to the idea. Besides, this already looked bad in the original idea.

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Of course, Christmas is a beautiful time in the year, but accidents like the ones you saw in this list can ruin a whole season. So tell us, have you ever suffered a Christmas fail? Use the comments section to write that funny and disastrous story. Don’t forget to share this list with others and stay tuned to keep reading our next articles.

Source: Buzzfeed

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