12 Life Savings Facts We'll Definitely Keep in Mind For The Future

We've seen many horror films where people struggle to get out of their cars when they've driven into rivers. You'll always see them in their panic-stricken state frantically trying to open the door to no avail. When it comes to expert advice, the best and of course, the fastest way to exit a sinking vehicle is to immediately take off your seat belt, lower your window, and escape from there. These few seconds count in whether you can get out safely before the car totally sinks, inevitably sticking the door. Here are a few handy tips that will save your life or that of a friend, so take a look. 

12. The ocean is known for its many dangerous inhabitants, and there is much we don't know about underwater life. This octopus may appear to be a beautiful creature, but it is indeed deadly, and not our friend. Those bright colors are warning to stay clear because it has enough venom to kill 26 adults in one go. So, keep this in mind for future underwater expeditions. 

11. When we look at the waves of the ocean, they sometimes seem peaceful and serene, but underneath these square wave brews a deadly system that may look beautiful, but hide powerful cross wave currents underneath that will drown any swimmer. That water does look heavenly though, don't you agree? We'd rather stay clear of those waves though. 

10. Did you know that you can ask Siri to call an ambulance for you in an emergency? This Apple application has proven to be very handy and has saved many lives in dreadful times when the backup is needed. These days modern technology is useful when we have unexpected things happen. 

9. We all love driving while playing soothing beats. Some of us even like to blast the speakers while driving, but did you know that upbeat music slows down your reflexes? Studies show that the safest and best tunes to listen to while driving safely are between 60-80 beats per minute. So, rather be safe than sorry when driving. 

8. We sincerely hope you've never been in this kind of situation, and hopefully, you won't be, but if you are ever in the situation where someone points a gun at you, you should always maintain eye contact. Funny enough, this intimidates the person holding the gun. You may up your chances of them chickening out and leaving or have the upper hand.

7. Many of us have had this unfortunate experience, but if you have not, take this into account because it will be handy in the future. So, if you feel that you're being followed, turn right four times. The chances are, there will be plenty of people around, and that stalker will leave you alone. Let's hope this never happens to us, but if it does, we are prepared. 

6. When accidents happen, we are not always prepared, but if you or anyone around you have suffered injuries that pertain to large wounds, you can use sanitary pads to dress these massive injuries. Just wrap the maternal pads around the affected area and tape it down. It may seem slightly embarrassing, but we'd rather have a good laugh afterward instead of dying from blood loss or infection. 

5. For those who have been in cold weather and icy countries, we've all been guilty of sticking some snow in our mouths but you should never do this when you're stranded in the frozen temperatures as putting cold substances into your body, even when you need water, could increase your risk of hypothermia. Higher temperatures increase your body heat, which is what you want under those circumstances. 

4. Not many people know this, but when someone has fainted, you should never pick them up in the seated position. Always make sure to lift their feet and leave them lying flat on their backs until they have regained consciousness. You should also prevent them from drinking any caffeinated drinks or coffee. Furthermore, you should loosen their belts if they are wearing one. Never slap them or put them into a state of shock either.

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3. We never know when nature will strike, by paying close attention to weather updates we can prepare for what's to come, so make sure to fill your bathtub and sinks with a good supply of clean water before any natural disasters occur. Boiling water will also ensure that all the harmful organisms die which then makes it safe to use.

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2. Many countries experience tornadoes and hurricanes. In case one hits your area, the safest place to hide is actually in the tub. Hide in the bath in case of a tornado. Make sure that you take a large cushion with you to protect yourself from the debris that may fall on you. If you feel that the wind is too mighty that it might take you with it, just clutch onto the faucet.

1. One of the most annoying things is when we buy batteries that don't seem to fit. Here is a useful tip for you: Use some foil to fill the gap in the battery compartment if you don’t have the correct size. The tinfoil is a great conductor of electricity and will disperse the power through the device. 

We certainly hope these handy tips were helpful. Do you think these suggestions would be useful during a state of emergency? Please share your opinion with us down in the comment section below and show your friends and family. Remember to keep up-to-date with us for more life-saving advice that you may need in future.

Source: Bright Side

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