Joey's and Phoebe's Relationship Makes No Sense To This Day

The NBC sitcom 'Friends' will always be known as one of the greatest TV shows of all time. The chemistry was so strong between the characters that fans often missed moments in the show that just didn't make sense. Joey and Phoebe's relationship is unquestionably a peculiar one that the production never seemed to pin down. We delve into their toxic, unbreakable friendship that led to more ventures than expected, and see why they never ended up together on a serious level other than having the strongest bond of friendship on the sitcom. 

15. Many of the group members in the 'Friends' bunch were close, but none were as close as Joey and Phoebe. They were inseparable and had many dates... Friend dates.

14. Remember how Phoebe was against eating meat and how Joey promised never to touch it again when she was pregnant? Well, he broke his promise by indulging in this food source, going against his word.

13. Every girl dreams of their perfect kiss, and perhaps boys, but Joey was the knight in shining armor to give Phoebe her perfect kiss on her 31st birthday. This would ensure her coming back for seconds. 

12. We soon found out that Phoebe had a twin sister. The funny thing is that Joey once dated Ursula and the two of them had already been serious. This was probably why Joey and Phoebe never really hooked up.

11. At one point, Phoebe had to take measures into her own hands and dump Joey while pretending to be her twin sister, Ursula. Luckily the two of them, meaning Phoebe and Joey and not the sister, remained friends because they had a special bond. 

10. Phoebe loved her guitar and made a compromise with Joey when he wanted to practice with it. She didn't want him to touch it but eventually, she let him use her guitar and he dropped it. We don't blame her for trying to avoid Joey from breaking her guitar.

9. There was one occasion where the two of them got engaged. Phoebe accepted Joey's proposal at one point, but when the misunderstanding clears up, the situation never came up again after. She was really interested in getting married to him.

8. Phoebe just wasn't cut out to be a supportive manager that Joey thought he needed. She worked as his agent at one point, but he ended up returning to Estelle, and the two never mentioned it again.

7. She posed as his agent at one point, which made everything slightly weird because acting as Estelle was not such a great idea, especially because she had died in the previous season. Thankfully, the two of them worked things out in the end. 

6. It was good that Phoebe and Joey were good friends because the night he picked up a hitchhiker in her cab was the night they had the biggest argument of all time. She never stayed angry at him though, so their friendship soon returned to normal and she forgot the whole incident. 

5. There is nothing worse than preparing a wonderful meal or snack and having someone else gobble it up. This is precisely what happened when Joey ate his date's dessert. When there is food on the table, nothing gets in the way of Joey's stomach, and he does not share either. 

4. Even though Joey had a close-knit relationship with Phoebe, he forgot to set her up on a date as promised and then made one major mistake introducing her to a random guy named Mike when he shouted out the name in Central Park and convinced the guy to be his friend. Lucky for Phoebe, he became one of her best relationships ever which led to their marriage.

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3. Although Joey had Phoebe's "back" so to speak, he sometimes acted like her father and took it to the next level when he interferes with her relationship with Mike and makes the situation somewhat uncomfortable. He definitely took things too seriously. 

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2. Not only did we want to see Ross and Rachel together, so did Phoebe and Joey. So they made plans to manipulate the two into getting together by setting them up in on awful blind dates that fail hopelessly, however, Ross and Rachel found out about their schemes.

1. Even though Phoebe was meant to take Joey to the mall, she somehow conveniently diverted that stop when she made a detour to her dad's place first. So, we never got to see Chandler and Joey shopping for presents together. We guess she had some serious commitment issues. 

Is there anything else that doesn't make sense about Joey and Phoebe's relationship on 'Friends' Let us know in the comments section below. Share this with your friends and family and remember to keep up-to-date with us for more interesting fun facts about memorable moments in your favorite sitcoms. 


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