Just Airport Things: Crazy Things We Didn't Expect To See Anywhere Else

Believe it or not, the airport can be a very interesting place. Why? Because a lot of weird and unexpected things can happen there. So today, we bring you this list full of crazy moments that only can happen in an airport and they are so bizarre that probably you won’t believe many of them. Prepared? Let’s see what this list contains!

1. A Reddit’s user shared this crazy anecdote: ‘A friend of mine saw this traveler and his falcons at Doha Airport in Qatar. Right, why not travel with them?’

2. These stormtroopers made everyone laugh while they were waiting for their boss to arrive. As you can see, they got really excited when they saw him coming.

3. Resting in the airport chairs can be very uncomfortable, so this man looked for a solution and what better than a hammock? We are sure that everyone wanted to be him.

4. This is one of the cutest pictures you will see today. Just look at this raccoon eating peanut butter. He looks so innocent that it was impossible for the airport security to kick him out.

5. When you have to wait hours for your flight, you start doing any kind of weird things to keep entertained, just like this girl did. As we told you, you can see pretty bizarre events at this place.

6. In the airport, you don’t only find weird people, but also you can witness a lot of emotive moments. Here, a soldier who was waiting for flying home was sleeping with a picture of his girlfriend next to him.

7. There are people who hate losing time, and this girl is an example of it. She brought her typewriter with her and was working ahead while waiting for her flight.

8. And not even complicated travel schedules should change your habits. This man decided to do some yoga while he waited for his plane to arrive.

9. This is a curious picture that makes us wonder the story behind of it. However, there is a question we can’t stop asking: How did they pass the airport security?

10. Christmas also arrives at airports, and this sloth knows it. He looks very different to what a Santa’s helper normally would look like, but he is so cute that we can’t stop staring at him.

11. This woman met Hulk Hogan at the airport, and although she didn’t take the best picture ever, she got a good memory of that day. Have you ever met a celebrity like this?

12. Here is a picture of Ryan Gosling at the airport. It is crazy to think that celebrities also go under airport checks like any other human being. But of course, they look better than us.

13. It seems like traveling with falcons is kind of normal these days. We would like to know if they are easy travelers of if they give headaches to the air hostesses.

14. This is how a bathroom inside an airport looks like. It uses different figures to represent the different looks women can have, and it is amazing.

15. Forget celebrities, this is the best thing you could ever find in an airport. We are sure that a lot of people stopped when they spotted these five puppies sleeping on the floor.

16. This picture captured the moment when a soldier reunited with his family after a long time. It is a emotive picture that warmed our hearts and made us smile.

17. Here is another reunion between a father and his little girl. The father couldn’t be happier. After all, this was a moment that he waited a lot for.

18. A lot of people have to sleep in the airport while they wait for their flights, and sometimes the fatigue causes them to rest in bizarre positions to get some comfort.

19. Every time you feel you are having a bad day, think about this picture, and you will change your mind. If adults get bored at airports, imagen how kids must feel.

20. And talking about getting rest while waiting for flights, there are people that is a lot more creative than the rest and try weird things like sleeping inside a camping tent.

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21. Why are these penguins going through the airport check? Since when airlines started selling tickets to animals? Well, we just hope they had a good flight.

22. This man came up with the ultimate idea to avoid losing his luggage, and what better than printing your face all over your stuff? It is an idea that we all should imitate.

23. As we said, airports are the perfect place for many sentimental moments, and this picture is an example of that. This man proposed to his girlfriend, and it was perfect.

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If you liked this list, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends to make them laugh a bit. Now, we would like to know which kind of interesting situations have you ever witnessed in an airport. Tell us your story in the comments section and don’t forget to stay tuned to keep reading all our next articles.

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