These Sleeping Cats Could Revive The Coldest Of Hearts

It is well known that dogs are very popular; they are just one of the sweetest animals ever! They are loyal, lovely and funny… but what about cats? They have their own charm too. These furry friends are the cutest and craziest sleepers! Let us show you how beautiful these kittens are with the photos we have for you! They will wrap you with their sweet paws! Don’t believe us? Check it out!

1. This sleepy cat is one of the most cute things you will see today. His face make us wonder what is he dreaming about. We hope he had a sweet dream. 

2. He just begun his yoga classes but he seems very comfortable in them these days. I wonder why…

3. We’ve all had this look on a Monday morning heading to work. It’s just that this little kitten really doesn’t like Mondays.

4. A Reddit's user posted this picture and said: "The cat from the seat next to mine fell asleep. We all laughed and took this pick! He even snored!"

5. What a cutie! Gymnastics with fur! He was obviously making an effort for this photo and he nailed it!

6. “What a shame the TV fell on its own”, “Yeah, right, on its own, hehehe”. Said the two cats before going to sleep.

7. Imagine coming back home and seeing this cutie pie snoring on its belly. Nothing better! This is a picture that can brighten someone's day. 

8. Just sleeping like any other day when you wake up at the exact moment your cat gets into your bed, between your wife and you.

9. Just doing some stretching first thing in the morning in order to begin the day with a bright side and with the right paw!

10. We’ve all ended up like this after a great party! It’s just that this one really had a blast! Back sore guaranteed!

11. When your human buys you the warmest and most comfortable bed of them all but you decide to sleep on the window uncomfortably happy!

12. This usually happen when you try on some S sized clothes and you are an XL size! Someone needs some shapewears!

13. He took the trouble of rolling all the paper out, making a bed out of it and then sleeps on it. Now we know why we run out of paper so fast.

14. A Reddit's user said: “I was wondering what that smell was. I couldn’t take out of my head that I just smelled something fishy but seems like it was just my feet”.

15. They say playing Mozart is the best for sleeping babies, who says it’s not for kittens as well? The fastest way  to do it is to sleep directly on the CD. Great!

16. This happens when you are playing hide and seek and get tired of waiting being found. “Hurry guys!! I’m not a grape, is not that hard!”

17. This must be the best room ever for cuddling in winter! This if you are a little beautiful kitten, of course.

18. When you are the ugly duckling of your family but still have the love of your favorite brother!! Furry hug!

19. When they said “Puss in Boots”, they meant something like this right? Literally a kitten inside a boot.

20. Has it not happened to you that you wait so long for your human to wash you that you simply fall asleep in the weirdest way? No?

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21. We think this cat is thinking something like: “Human! Stop thinking about my beauty. Go get my meal ready for when I wake up from my nap!”

22. In today’s class we are going to teach you how to bake a cat’s bread. The ingredients are a cute kitten and a baking pan.

23. This is the result of having some photos taken to immortalize your beauty from all angles. Turns out your best side are your paws!

24. Seems like somebody forgot to teach them good manners when eating. Like, one of them, not sleeping on your plate!

25. This seems to be the only place where you can rest without disturbs such as being pulled your mustache or your tail.

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Did you fell in love already? Now, they make it hard to choose which one was the cutest, right? Write in the comments which one was your favorite! We loved them all! We hope you loved these cat picks because they are simply the best! Next time you see a sleeping kitten, be sure to take a picture and bring joy to your day!

Source: Bright Side

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