The Royal Family Has Some Strange Yet Strict Outfit Rules for Christmas Mass

There are many rules that the British Royal family have to know and follow. The rest of us, the common folk, just love to look at their lives on the Internet or television. Because of that, some people have taken it themselves to understand their patterns since there is not any kind of manual or handbook where these things are written down.

Recently, this has become a hot topic since there have been some additions to the royalty that are not of blue blood descent, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton. These two have had to adapt to everything that the family has known most of their lives. Nonetheless, these duchesses are on the spotlight and setting some trends of their own, but what will happen now that the Christmas season has arrived and they have to attend mass? Let's take a look.

Hats are necessary

These family members would have to wear hats to this event, as it is custom to any other official ones. Every time we have had the opportunity to see their appearance in such affairs, we see them sporting their characteristic headwear. There seems to be a fascination of sorts in this part of their outfit because there is no stopping their creative and fashionable wear.

We just have to remember how some royal family members looked when they attended recent weddings. Have you ever seen the Queen step out to such affairs without her headwear? The answer is no, but while she religiously follows this rule, we know that Kate Middleton went once without it in 2016. This tradition does not seem so inflexible.

Black will not do

When we think about the color black in attire, we instantly come to the assumption that they are in mourning. To show respect to the person that passed away, we tend to don dark-colored clothing. The royal family would do the same in case of a death in the family. In addition, it is reported that when traveling, they have an outfit ready just in case.

Because of this meaning, no royal member will attend an important event with black clothing on, unless of course, there is unfortunate news of the previously mentioned kind. Consequently, we will not get any royalty donning black to mass. In addition, we do not think that either Middleton or Markle would dare defy this rule on such an important matter.

Clear nail polish

This is something many of us became aware of because of the two royal weddings that have taken place this year. What we are referring to is that the Royals must not have dark or bright color nail polish; it has to be clear. We have seen them sporting natural nails to any events they attend. It is reported that the Queen is a fan of Essie’s Ballet Slippers, au naturel color.

However, earlier this year Meghan Markle made an appearance at the Fashion Awards with black matching nails. It was a sensation among diehard royalists who noticed the Duchess making a statement along with grabbing her baby bump through her dress. Even though Queen Elizabeth deems it vulgar, we see Markle getting away with breaking this simple royal etiquette.

Pants are a hard 'no'

The Queen prefers for the female members of her family to wear skirts and dresses in deference to pants. However, we have seen Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle breaking this rule at not so formal events. Nevertheless, since this following affair is Christmas Mass, we can expect them not to wear trousers, just as her majesty likes.

Pantyhose is suggested

It has been difficult to notice when or if the female members of the Royal family are using pantyhose at formal events. They tend to go with the one that is the least noticeable because they have to comply with the Queen's suggestion, and let's face it; it can be somewhat uncomfortable to have to use them. However, her majesty tends to get her way in many things.

There was one time when Meghan Markle skipped this rule and made some eyebrows go up with astonishment; it was at her engagement photo in November 2017. Nonetheless, the few monarchs before her have fulfilled this part of the protocol, like Kate Middleton and Princess Diana. Therefore, we can expect the royal women sporting a pair when they attend Christmas mass.

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Coats on in public no matter what

As we have seen many times, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle always keep their coats on while they are in public. Even the Queen adheres to this unspoken rule. The reason behind this seems to be that taking off their coat will come across as an unladylike action. Something that goes against their image as Royal members. This seems to apply not only for coats but to coatdresses as well.

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British Designers are best

The monarchs of England have a tendency to support their country’s designers or, at least, those of British descent. Something that we can see in Princess Eugenie with Peter Pilotto, who designed her wedding dress, and Meghan Markle prefers clothes from designer Clare Waight Keller. We cannot forget about Middleton’s infatuation with Jenny Packham. Overall, this can only help promote them in the long run.

What do you think about what they have to adhere to for their formal event this December? We are sure there are some other protocols they have to keep in mind. We would love to read your comments in the section below. Share this article with your friends who are waiting for more news about these royals. Until next time!

Source: Bustle

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