Seems The Royals Prefer Meghan's Family Over Kate's For Christmas

It cannot have been easy for an American former actress to adapt to the many rules that come with joining the royal family. They have strict protocols for everything such as what condiments to avoid and when to wear a tiara, but it seems that Markle gets away with more things that Kate Middleton never could. There are many reasons why, so let’s break them down.

1. Tradition

Aside from the rules, this noble family also has traditions that go back decades and Christmas is no exception. As a rule, they have to spend the holidays with their grandmother and the rest of the royals, but even the Duchess of Cambridge has broken this rule in the past.

She and Prince William spent one holiday with the Middletons, but Meghan is not given this luxury as she would have to travel far away to spend Christmas with her mother. On the other hand, it is easier for Kate because her parents are nearby.

2. Pippa Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge and her sister, Pippa, have demonstrated a beautiful bond over the years, but this is a bit tricky. While Meghan Markle is estranged from most of her family except her mother, Doria, Kate remains fond of her family.

The problem is that Pippa has caused some scandals due to her partying. According to inside sources, Kate’s sister has been seen going clubbing and getting rowdy several times in Paris, and the palace has chastised her for it. Therefore, she has definitely never been invited to Christmas.

3. Rebuke

Adding a new member to the family can be difficult because all parties have to adapt to someone completely foreign, and according to reports, Kate is not the only one struggling to Meghan’s presence in their life. Allegedly, Markle and Pippa Middleton do not get along either.

Meghan wasn't in Pippa's wedding ceremony, though other guests were able to attend with their partners. Therefore, when it was Markle’s turn down the aisle, Pippa was not in Meghan's wedding reception. They won't be eating Christmas turkey together anytime soon.

4. Uncle

Pippa is not the only Middleton that has caused controversy in the past, contributing to the family’s ban on all important events. In 2009, Kate’s uncle Gary Goldsmith was booted from Buckingham Palace for his weird and embarrassing conduct, but he was invited to the royal wedding.

However, that could have been an exception, so it is unlikely that he will be invited to any other events hosted by the royal family. Furthermore, some paparazzi reported that seriously outrageous things happened at Goldsmith’s million-dollar mansion in Ibiza.

5. Separation

Prince William and Kate Middleton have a lovely marriage, and this year, they welcomed their third child, Prince Louis. It’s almost impossible to remember that their relationship went through some serious ups and downs in the past. They even broke up once.

Meghan Markle gets press for being a commoner, and Kate was one as well, though her family has a significant amount of money. However, it was speculated that the couple broke up because Kate’s mother used to be a flight attendant. The Duchess’ upbringing was apparently a source of jokes in for some in the palace.

6. Costume

Her former job was not suitable for royalty, but allegedly, even Kate’s mother’s current profession is frowned upon now. She and her husband own a party store called Party Pieces, which also sells Halloween costumes. One year, they even sold out of zombie ones.

However, the problem was that one of those zombie designs was called “Sleeping Zombie Princess”, and that was seen as disrespectful to the royals, especially because Prince Diana died in a car accident when Princes William and Harry were just kids.

7. James Middleton

Most people forget that Kate Middleton also has a brother called James, and just like Pippa, he is not the kind of person that will ever be invited to any formal events hosted by the palace, especially Christmas. While most people in the Middleton family have gone to college or the military, James has not.

Of course, you can succeed without either of these, and James left school because of his dyslexia, but he has not done well. He has had several failed businesses, which he opened thanks to one bank loan and money he received from his uncle, Gary Goldsmith.

8. Scandal

One time, James decided to wear one of Kate’s dresses which was black with white polka dots, and the public had a field day with those pictures. Furthermore, he has also been seen wearing a French maid outfit, and those are his tame partying days.

During his time at Edinburgh University, he and Pippa were part of the Starfishes hockey team which would party more than practice in the ice. He was seen inebriated on many occasions and attracted a lot of attention that simply does not comply with royal behavior.

9. Thomas Markle

While Meghan and her mother, Doria Ragland, have a close bond, this is not the case for the rest of her family. There was a considerable drama surrounding him right around the time of her wedding to Prince Harry, and Thomas talked to the British media almost every day.

He would talk about Meghan, even though they do not have a close relationship. He has used hyperbole to state that Meghan is unhappy in her marriage, though they do not speak to each other. However, Doria could easily spend Christmas with the Royals, but we doubt she will, and the rest of the family can stay away.

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10. Prince Charles

The Queen might be the ultimate say in all matters, but Prince Charles can suggest things to his mother as he is the heir to the throne. Allegedly, Charles and Doria Ragland get along rather nicely as they got to know each other at the royal wedding.

It’s a bit surprising considering that Prince Charles and his son had a strained relationship when Harry was growing up, but lately, they have become close. His father supported his marriage to Meghan completely and wanted Doria to feel welcome.

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11. Changes

While most of the rules of the royal family have stayed the same for many years, some have changed over time. Many policies have been modified like the rule that state that male heirs surpassed their big sisters in line to the throne.

Now, Princess Charlotte gets to keep her spot despite recently getting a baby brother, so maybe Queen Elizabeth II might decide to change some of their Christmas traditions to include Doria Ragland, and make the crown seem more modern.

What did you think of the differences between Meghan and Kate’s families? They both have odd relatives, but it’s clear that the Middletons have caused more scandals. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who are betting on Markle’s baby name. See you next time!

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