Japanese Artist Depicts Emotions We Rarely Take The Time To Describe

Avogado6 is a Japanese artist who doesn’t get all the recognition he deserves. Actually, he is not so known by many. However, he manages to create unforgettable illustrations which everyone can feel related to. That’s why today, we bring you this list full of his bests artworks and we are sure that some of them will leave you speechless. Let’s see!

1. Kids are innocent, and they try to save things that should stay in the past just like memories. This kid wants to conserve his snowman, but that will be impossible.

2. It doesn’t matter how strong you think you are, at some moment we all must admit that we can’t keep flying on our own, rest, and ask for some help.

3. Isn’t it contradictory to see that man directing nothing? Silence is as precious as the most amazing music, and we should understand that.

4. Almost every person thinks that the most comfortable place that can exist is their own bed. This picture shows a bit of that sentiment.

5. Sometimes you can feel controlled by your work or routine, and when you lose something that affects your comfort zone, you can feel frustrated and lost.

6. Sometimes when an event affects our lives, we can feel like falling into pieces. Luckily, we are capable of reconstructing ourselves and keep going.

7. As many people say, the only thing we can be sure about is that someday we will leave this planet. This illustration shows us that time has no mercy to us.

8. Faking being happy is one of the most common things. Actually, there is a lot of people who do that, but that’s a mask that it can’t last forever.

9. Fragility is not a weakness, but it is something we all should be aware of. The important thing is to recognize our faults and then turn them into strengths.

10. Routine tire us all and sometimes we feel like if we have low batteries. There is nothing wrong with taking time for ourselves.

11. Life can overwhelm us sometimes, and there is nothing worse than that. We all have felt vulnerable sometimes, and it’s a feeling many can understand.

12. Have you ever locked your heart away? We all hate the feeling of being hurt, and it’s pretty normal to keep distance after a breakup or a disappointment.

13. Time is relentless, and it has the power to take away all the things we love, like our loved ones. And sometimes, memories fade away like dust.

14. Also, people can overwhelm us, with their words, actions or presence. The important thing is to hold all the positive comments and throw away the negative ones.

15. It is okay not wanting to do something. Apathy can be a usual companion for many of us, but don’t let it live by your side every day.

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16. And talking about bad companions, depression can take us down too. This illustration portrays perfectly how it feels like to live with this.

17. Staring at a stranger's eyes is a unique moment that deserves an illustration like this. At that moment, there is no one else than that person and you.

18. Sometimes this is how it feels to work for a business company. You feel like they drain all the energy from you.

19. Social networks can be an escape for many people who actually hate their real lives. It is known that many fake a happy life through their Instagram or Facebook accounts.

20. This artist doesn’t only illustrate emotive situations, but also social ones. This picture represents the education gap that exists in our world.

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It is incredible what artists can do and how they manage to evoke emotions in us. Now tell us, which of these illustrations shocked you the most and why? If you liked this article don’t forget to share it with your artistic friends and stay tuned to keep reading our next interesting links.

Source: Bright Side

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