Game of Throne's Peter Dinklage Revealed Some Unique Info About The Final Season

“I’m still working with these people man” is what Peter Dinklage said to begin his ‘Game of Thrones’ season 8 promo. Why he started with that phrase is a whole mystery, but it can be speculated that the interviewer asked him to say something bad or compromising about one of his cast members.

Having refused to answer that kind of question demonstrates true comradeship with his fellow actors, especially since they have been working together for the last ten years and when this series finishes, he will still be working at HBO. However, he gives some important details on the next season. Let’s see them.

Tyrion’s development

During the series, it is visible how Peter Dinklage’s character has grown. At the beginning of season one, he was stuck in his ways, drinking, and spending time with women. Beyond that, he was comfortable in the way he was leading his life with no responsibilities and not being part of the politics.

“Tyrion is a happy black sheep. He sort of has figured out his way of survival, but he's not challenging himself I think he's sort of lost” – Dinklage’s reflection

After all the problems and perils he has had to face through the season, on the seventh, he becomes part of something even greater than him, Daenerys’ Small Council. She actually listens to him and his advice because he is brilliant. It has to be noted that by now the character has a lot more freedom because the books have run out since George R.R. Martin has not published anything new.

Even Jaime Lannister has begun to find his moral compass, something that both brothers have been slowly evolving towards with their experiences. They have believed that they had a predestined part to play on their history and now it can be appreciated that they have so much more to give. Ultimately, in the final season, the expectations for them are running high.

The ending

With the final season so near, producers have to end the series as best as they can to keep fans happy. Since it is hard work to try to please everyone, it would seem that showrunners would have to navigate with the utmost care. For this reason, David Benioff and Dave Hill have decided to conclude it. It should be noted that HBO would have kept it running for as long as possible with no care for the money it would cost to maintain it.

Another disadvantage would be that a change in executive producers could be the death of the beloved series. There is nothing like keeping the original creators that already have experience with the adaptation of the books from George R.R. Martin. Therefore, it would appear that this could be the best decision all around. We just have to wait and see if the seven-episode season will deliver the best ending to the die-hard fans content.

Complicated effects

The production of the series has become more difficult with each season. For this one, in particular, the amount of computer-generated imagery needed has fans in a frenzy. Because of the complexity that it is looking to project, it could have hindered the estimated release date, as stated by a special effects supervisor. However, the network declared that the official date is in April 2019, putting fans worry to rest.

Character’s choices

Characters have many choices to make in this final season. This does not mean that they have not had to make decisions before, what it means is that these would be the most important ones ever. For Tyrion, he needs to decide between family and his duties as Daenerys’ small Council member.

Tyrion’s dilemma

During the previous season, Tyrion has been privy to Daenerys decisions and plans to take back the iron throne. He has been looking out for the welfare of his family and his home. Even though, the Mother of Dragons wants to bring a war to those lands that cruelly send her and her brother away to the other side of the Narrow Sea. It is a sentiment shared by almost everyone in her council, except the dwarf.

“If we turned the Dragons lose, tens of thousands will die in the firestorm,” argues Tyrion while Ellaria answers, “It's called war”. This is precisely what the small Lannister wishes to avoid or at least not to lose so many lives. There is a moment when Dany questions his loyalty to her because he keeps being loyal to his family. At least, she believes he is honorable in his word of helping her dethrone Cersei.

After dissuading Dany of war, at least for the moment, the next problem has to do with the army of the dead, concern raised by John Snow. “The army of the dead is real. The White Walkers are real. The Night King is real. I’ve seen them if they get past the wall and we’re squabbling amongst ourselves… we’re finished.” This prompts a change in strategy proposed by Tyrion, asking for help from everyone affected.

The plan consists of capturing a White Walker to bring in front of Cersei to make her believe that it is more than a simple tale to scare children. Something that does not give pause to the new queen. She goes further to say “the dead will come North first, enjoy dealing with them. We will deal with whatever is left of you”. Not exactly a team player in the upcoming fight. Of course, Dany’s advisor looks for her after.

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In the old office of Tywin, siblings reunite for an important scene to take place. They have a confrontation waiting to happen after Joffrey’s death trial where Tyrion was convicted of the act. He is tired of their standoff and invites Cersei to kill him. Something that she refused to do, even though she wants to do end it. Her driving force has always been her family and he is her brother.

However, the queen is pregnant and this is a fact that Tyrion realizes at that moment. That this could be what either helps them or hinders them. We just have to wait and see. What’s more, if Danny makes him chose between killing Cersei and killing innocents to get to her that could make him change his loyalty. This would be Tyrion’s important choice that will set him on his path for the upcoming season.

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Tyrion theory for the death of Tywin

There has been a theory among fans that states that Tyrion is part Targaryen. It says that the Mad King used Joanna Lannister and the product of that encounter was the last son of Tywin. It continues to speculate that this is the reason why Tyrion’s father hates him so much.

However, in that final scene when the dwarf kills him, it becomes more significant if it is just Tywin refusing to acknowledge him. Because if he died for something that he could have spit on Tyrion’s face, as I am not your father, it would not have work.

What would be the most complicated character? Do you think it will be Tyrion? Please leave a comment in the section below and share this article with your friends that cannot wait for the final season of ‘Game of Thrones’. Until next time!

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