Reasons Why Clever and Beautiful Women Stay Single For So Long

Many of us have wondered why so many gorgeous ladies out there prefer to remain single or are not interested in rushing when it comes to having a family. Even though they may joke around this topic, the roots of the problem are much more profound than we expect. More and more beautiful and smart girls prefer not to be in relationships. There seems to be about 50.2 percent of Americans who are single, which is approximately 124.6 million people, and there is more single than married women in the US. Come take a look behind this fascinating study to find out why. 

7. Modern women have become independent

We respect those women who have been fighting for their rights and have made significant changes in the world. Numbers have increased regarding women getting jobs that are on par or better than men who have claimed their independence. They no longer need to ask men for help with physical work because they can easily call a service and pay money. Sometimes, this has proven to be a faster method whereas you'd have to wait for your husband to fix a problem.

6. Women have more free time and freedom

Instead of the traditional cooking at home for a husband and several kids after office work, women just prefer to spend their time on themselves, and they should. It seems more engaging to go to a spa, a beauty salon, shopping or a master class of self-development than to take care of kids or clean up after a man. Not that it doesn't come with its rewards, but honestly, who wants to do that routine on a daily basis? 

5. The emotional stability levels have increased amongst women

When people laugh about strong single women with cats, it is actually not a joke at all. Women have become tougher, more emotionally stable, and definitely more educated. Thanks to the modern world, they have been granted approximately the same opportunities as guys. They are no longer afraid to stay single without means of sustenance. Back in the day, you would have been better off waiting for an equal person, rather than sharing a bed with a man who you don’t love nor respect.

4. Some modern women prefer alternative relationships

Nowadays we are certainly not afraid to show our preferences when it comes to relationships. We can live as we see fit without the stress of judgment when we pick a partner of the same gender or have free ties. Apparently, this seems to lead most people into not getting married and just living together instead. There is nothing wrong with that either.

3. The standards have been set higher 

Now, when you earn your own money, have a degree or 2, take pride in your appearance, and develop yourself in other fields, you expect a man who won’t degrade you or bring you down to a lower level in your life. Surely you can’t accept a man who refuses to appreciate your efforts. If they cannot show support, giving you quality on every level, then we would agree that it’s easier to stay single and continue to just take care of yourself.

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2. Men have become more insecure when it comes to attractive, intelligent women

When men see an elegant, individualistic, and bright woman, they are not as ambitious about taking the first step, because, in their minds, they think that this fantastic woman couldn't possibly be single. Apart from that, it is rather embarrassing, and no one wants to get turned down. Sadly, most women never take the first step because they already do enough by themselves in their life. So gents, it's up to you to make that move. 

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1. Fairytales are a thing of the past 

Sadly, the level of confidence a woman has toward a man is much lower because of modern standards and the era of consumption. Nobody wants to suffer from a broken heart, and how many tales have we heard about women being betrayed? Since childhood, we’ve watched movies where a woman is a self-made professional lady who runs her own company or is just extremely victorious at work in general. Thanks to the modern world, our priorities have changed, and we've succumbed to them. 

Do you have an awe-inspiring friend who is still single? Let us know in the comments section below. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Share this with your friends and family, and remember to keep up-to-date with us for more inspirational articles and news. 

Source: Bright Side

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