2019 for Libras: this year is going to be very different

The seventh sign of the Zodiac is ruled by Venus, and similarly to Gemini and Aquarius, this is an Air sign. All predictions point to a wonderfully imaginative and inventive 2019 for Libras, and your luckiest months fall between February and April, when your significant other or close friends could bring you certain advantages. Here we have an overview of the 2019 horoscope for Libra.

The decans

The first decan falls between September 23 and October 3, and it’s ruled by the Moon and Venus, which indicates several obstacles regarding traveling, taxes, and examinations. The second decan will be between October 4 and October 13, commanded by Saturn and Venus, and the people born on these dates want to be famous in other countries.

So they’ll start learning a new language or start a career abroad. Finally, the third decan falls from October 14 to October 23, overseen by Jupiter and Venus, and 2019 will bring family gatherings, and renewals that could mean a new office or house. From April to August, you might have opportunities to understand new things in your personal life.

Chances, Limits, Assets, Love, Profession, and Fitness:

Venus will be in the sign of Gemini from April to August, which will help to express yourself, and when Jupiter gets into Libra on September 25 until October 2020, you will see many chances for improvements. However, it is important not to spend too much, which could negatively disturb your friends and your hobbies.

In terms of money, there are no more foreseeable problems in 2019 but be careful between May and June. On the other hand, you could earn some extra cash in September, and it could increase until December. The beginning of the year shows great relationships that bring luck and chances. Meeting new people will be beneficial, and by the end of the year, you could meet a special someone.

Saturn is entering your career section in 2019, so there might be several problems in your profession. You might not get the jobs you want due to low qualifications, or even your age. In March, you will make a decision that could distress your life. Between May and August, you will have the lowest energy, and your health will be at an all-time low.


This is the month to be self-confident, but you must not mind those that call you forceful, as they are only jealous that they cannot trample you with their negativity. Others will enjoy this new side of you that knows how valuable you are to the world. It is time to let it all out there and be the best you can be.


This month will be the perfect time to show off your charisma. There is also the chance of a feud with someone, but it will invigorate you to put people in their place. Your job is the top priority, but your social life will also be active because you love having a great time with your pals. Your Valentine’s Day will be fun!


Sadly, this period will be very hard for Libras because your sense of direction will be messed up. Some people will receive inspiration for a new idea or a new goal, but others need to stay away from fights during mid-March. The rest of the people born under this sign will have no real purpose but to wait for next month.


Taking risks could prove beneficial this month, so take every opportunity handed to you, expelling all those self-deprecating thoughts that might reach your brain. If the risk does not pay off, you need to move on, knowing that things don’t always work out, but there is always tomorrow.


You will be the most talkative person in town this period, as your energy levels will skyrocket, but you might face an important choice this month. However, it will probably be something advantageous. Remember to watch your words during any Memorial Day parties because you might say something wrong, though you can talk your way out of anything.


This month, you will receive advice or help from an older person or someone above you at work. This will be beneficial for your future goals, and you might even form a bond with this older individual. However, the gifts given to you could prove to be expensive in the long run, and this person will come to collect.


Those people born right after Virgo will be cheery and energetic all July, but those born later will be directionless this period, as it might seem like they have amounted to nothing in their lives lately. To avoid being this depressed, you could turn to alcohol, but that is not the best option. Just move on!


The beginning of this month brings a cheery attitude and lots of energy that will increase charisma, but later on, things could turn bad, and your forlorn dispositions could lead to others thinking badly of you. However, if you were born right on the cusp of Scorpio, do not worry because you will not suffer from this.


You will be the life of the party during the ninth month of the year, especially those born on the cusp of Virgo. Some people might criticize you for hogging all the attention, but that is just envy. If you were born later that year, you might be less cheery, despairing about your ambitions and how to make them happen.


We have reached this sign’s birth month, and you will charm everyone during your birthday party. However, this is if you were born at the beginning of the month, because those born on the cusp of Scorpio will not show their inane charisma to anyone until later. People born on the cusp of Virgo will make great job decisions.


Aside from being a great guest during the Thanksgiving celebrations, there is not much excitement this month. Apart from showing off their charms, Libras can also be very cute. However, this natural cheerfulness that attracts some could be the cause of problems with jealous types.

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The holiday season could have Libras on edge for those born on the cusp of Virgo, but there won’t be many problems that you cannot talk your way out of. Some Libras could be very lucky this season, so most decisions could prove fruitful. Sadly, Scorpio cuspers continue with their bad luck this month as well.

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Individualities, Ruling Planet and Symbol

Libra is also known as the sign of the Companion, where peace and harmony the main goal, and this makes you a great friend and partner, who likes having people around. You can handle crises without much drama, but you cannot tolerate startling noises in the morning. You are awesome as negotiations, but need to learn how to be alone.

Venus is your ruling planet, and it’s also the only one that comes out with the Sun as the “Morning Star” and appears with the Moon as the “Evening Star”. Venus, which also rules Taurus, is often seen as Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of Love. Your symbol is the Scales of Justice, which values stability and equality.

What did you think of the 2019 Libra horoscope? Are you excited to ring in the New Year? We hope this information helps you throughout this new period, which will be filled with many opportunities. Leave a comment below and share this article with your fellow Libras.

Source: Yearly Horoscope

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