Real Life of Sarah Ferguson That Only a Few Are Aware Of

Sarah Margaret Ferguson, best known as Fergie, was born on October 15, 1959, and she became renowned around the world when she walked down the aisle with Prince Andrew, the Duke of York and son of Queen Elizabeth II. Even though their marriage ended, she has never been able to escape the scrutiny of the public opinion, but here is the rarely-told truth about the famous Fergie.

1. She is unforgettable for everything but her school work

Even before joining the royal family, she was famous among her friends for being an all-around likable person. An official biography stated that in boarding school she was known for playing practical jokes on people as well as playing in the corridors and even starting food fights in the cafeteria. She was excellent at sports like swimming and tennis, but her academic work was less than stellar.

Despite that, she was named “Head Girl” after a vote from her classmates. After high school, she attended a secretarial college based in London. Furthermore, her acceptance interview had a description of Fergie that read: “Initiative and personality which she will use to her advantage when she gets older.”

2. Diana Spencer was her cousin and one of her closest friends

No one in the royal family received as much loved as the Princess of Wales did throughout her relationship with Prince Charles, and she and Fergie had a tight bond, but it could be difficult at times. Town & Country revealed that they are cousins, related to William Cavendish, the 4th Duke of Devonshire, but it wasn’t until 1980 that they became friends.

As Diana learned the ropes of being royal, she turned to Sarah for support. In 1996, the former Duchess of York wrote an autobiography and said, “[Diana] was two years younger than I, and I strove to support and protect her as I would a younger sister—as I still do today, as a best friend." However, due to Ferguson’s charisma, Diana would sometimes feel envious.

3. The attack

Her wedding to Prince Andrew was just as magical as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s special day. She met the prince when Diana invited her for a “dine and sleep” at Windsor Castle. However, being royal came with many problems that Sarah was not entirely prepared for due to the many negative parts of being in the public eye.

She was attacked in New York City by a member of the Irish Republican Army while she was there to attend a Broadway benefit. The protester allegedly screamed, “Murderers 3/8,” at her. Luckily, Fergie did not suffer any injury, and though she assured everyone she was fine, it must have been a scary occurrence.

4. Royal life can make you lonesome

In the 80s, Sarah was the envy of every girl in the world after marrying Prince Andrew and becoming the Duchess of York. She was also loved by the public and even the royal family was fond of her. In 1988, Princess Beatrice was born, and two years later, Princess Eugenie came to the world, giving Fergie more reasons to be happy with her life.

However, things were not as happy as they seemed, because her husband was away from home too much due to his work as a naval officer, and after a while, this caused a rift in their relationship. Thus, the tabloids went crazy with her alleged affairs, and in 1992, she and Prince Andrew called it quits. Their divorce was finalized in 1996.

5. Her relationship with the rest of the family

After her divorce and the problems with the public’s scrutiny, her relationship with the royal family went downhill. She was captured topless with the American financial manager John Bryan during a trip, and the images were put out there by the Daily Mirror, a British gossip magazine. Her image plummeted, and even Princess Margaret told her, “You have done more to bring shame to the family than could ever have been imagined."

Despite all the time that has gone by, things have not cooled down, and Sarah was not even invited to Prince William and Kate’s wedding in 2011. Fortunately, she does not let things like that get to her. “I understand that they didn't invite me. I think it's a new chapter and a fresh page." Furthermore, she was invited to Prince Harry’s wedding, so it seems that things are better now.

6. So many scandals

Even after she left the royal family, the British media could not let her go. In 2010, a recording where she “negotiated” giving some people the ability to get close to her husband was released. She allegedly told the callers to wire her around $653,000 to HSBC bank, and said, “That opens up everything you would ever wish for. I can open any door you want, and I will for you. Look after me and [Prince Andrew will] look after you… you'll get it back tenfold."

She later apologized publicly, stating that it was a horrible incident on her part, and nothing came of it. Moreover, her sincere apology improved her public image. In 2012, she went undercover to expose the sad state of a Turkish orphanage, and Turkey even asked for her extradition, though the United Kingdom refused. However, she cannot go back to the country for fear of getting arrested.

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7. The Oprah documentary

In 2011, the Oprah Winfrey Network released a documentary titled ‘Finding Sarah’, which talked about the scandal surrounding the leaked recording. In the series, the former Duchess revealed that she wanted to move on from that occurrence. She told Dr. Phil McGraw that, “I really don't want this to be all about the tape.” It also showed many sides of her life that most people did not know.

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8. A great mom

No matter what happened in her own life, Sarah is an involved mother, who maintains a tight relationship with Beatrice and Eugenie. In 2011, Fergie told Harper’s Bazaar, “The only thing I know I've done 100 percent right is to be a good mother. I'm proud to say I'm the best mom I know." She was also seen beaming this past October happily during Eugenie’s wedding.

Did you know these facts about the Duchess of York? Do you think her problems with the press were justified? Being in the public eye is awful, and it is probably hard to trust others. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who cannot get enough of the British Royal Family. See you next time!

Source: The List

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