How Body Language Explains The Truth About Relationships and Why It Matters

Body language is the most crucial part of the conversation. Believe it or not, we communicate more things with our gestures than with our words. For example, if we say that we are happy but don’t smile and keep a straight face, people won’t believe us. That’s why today we will show you how to understand the body language and how you can use it to guess what your partner is trying to hide or communicate.

If you realize that your significant other meet your eyes and holds your gaze for a little longer than he/she is supposed to, and also does it constantly, you can be completely sure about that person has feelings for you.

You must pay attention to what does your partner while they are talking to you. If you notice that they turn their body to you while speaking, that’s a big sign. It doesn’t matter if their legs are closed, if their toecap is turned toward you, is because they like you.

If a woman bends her body to talk to you while keeping her back straight, it might be because she feels attracted to you. Besides, she is trying to look good.

In the opposite case, men try to look dominant and strong. They will try to invade your personal space by putting their arm over you or leaning in a wall.

If you notice that your hands casually touch each other frequently, it is because both of you are trying to get closer without even notice. This is a big sign to pay attention to.

A really cute fact that you might not know is that if a person stares at you after telling a joke, is because they really want to see what it is going to be your reaction. Of course, it is because that is the reaction they are interested in.

Most men don’t smile frequently, so if you notice that a man is always laughing by your side, it might be because he is trying to make a good impression and to be nice with you.

If you notice that a person is acting like you do, having the same gestures and using the same impressions, it is not because he or she is your fan. Actually, it might be because that person likes you and is copying you subconsciously.

Now, things are going wrong if…

If when you try to talk to your significant other your body is turned to them, but they don’t do the same, and it seems like they try to keep distance, probably is because they don’t want to talk with you.

There is a big sign that indicates that things aren’t going like they should, and is when your partner turns into a cold person. If your second half avoids intimacy, his kisses are quick, and stopped being romantic, you need to talk urgently.

If you are trying to be funny and you don’t receive a smile or at least a minimum feedback, is because that person is not interested in you. If that person keeps a serious face, stop wasting your time there.

Pay attention to your partner if they keep their arms closed while talking to you. If they seem distant and don’t even look at you while you are talking, you should ask what is going wrong.

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Also, pay attention to if your partner is being nice to you. If a man doesn’t follow simple rules of etiquette like opening doors for her girl, is because the romanticism and appreciation in the relationship are fading away.

It is very important how a couple communicate. If you love someone, you will be nice with them even at telling them that their hair is messy. If your couple rudely does this, you should reevaluate your relationship.

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Now that you know these signs, do you think that this could help your relationship? Any tip is always welcome, so the best thing you can do is to apply this with your significant other and try to fix the problems your relationship may have. Don’t forget to share this with other friends who might need these pieces of advice and stay tuned to see our next articles!

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